Rise of the Demon King

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Darkness has come to the Kingdom of Dremivia. The Bringer of Chaos, Master Mage Alabam seeks to create a god among men; one who will bring about the end of days. When betrayed by his King, Magnus is given an incredible choice. A choice that will ultimately change his life forever. But is this a blessing in disguise as promised, or something much, much darker? Princess Rochelle is known far and wide for her incredibly good looks and wild spirit with countless suitors vying for her hand and title. Unfortunately for them the Princess’ heart belongs to another; a forbidden lover. Rochelle’s dreams of happily ever after suddenly fade when she is forcibly betrothed to a selfish Prince in a strategic effort to increase the Kingdom’s army, wealth and power. Will she be able to take charge of her own destiny or will it be decided for her? After watching as his parents are betrayed and slaughtered before his very eyes by his own Uncle, Prince Quaven is on a mission of retribution and will not stop until he gets vengeance. Even if it kills him. An Elven Princess is desperate to prove herself to her overbearing father. As the next in line to assume the Gardennian throne, Madeena must find a way to show that she is not merely a beautiful ruler, but a formidable warrior as well. One fit to rule. And soon all of their paths will merge as they are forced to fight for their very survival.

Fantasy / Erotica
Bec Middleton
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Prologue - The Darkness

The Darkness...

It has always existed in some shape or form in the mystical Kingdom of Dremivia, no matter who sits on the throne.

The Darkness is everywhere you turn. It spreads like wildfire and engulfs everything within its path, with no sense of remorse and no understanding of the meaning of 'mercy'.

It lies in wait for the perfect time to strike and snatches away every last remaining ray of hope until there is nothing left but pain and despair in its dreadful wake.

The merciless and cruel Master Mage Alabam is a loyal servant of the darkness and has been labelled 'Nykracha', roughly translated as the ‘Bringer of Chaos’ by all of mankind.

Having lived for over a thousand years, Alabam has managed to travel between realms and across entire worlds; he has seen many things in his time.

Civilizations come and go in the blink of an eye. Entire races wiped out in trivial wars for lust and power, many of these wars he himself had been a contributor to.

And of course, he has seen death.

It is believed that Alabam possesses unlimited dark power which he utilises to cause chaos and destruction everywhere he ventures.

As a follower of the ancient ways he seeks out chosen mortals who are worthy of his dark talents and gives them the tools they require to fulfil his evil purposes.

That is to spread hatred, anger and fear.

And after many years of searching for the next suitable candidate to corrupt, it would appear that he has found his next target...

Thirty year old Magnus William McRae is a loyal soldier and an honourable man who is currently fighting under the rule of a greedy and self-absorbed King named Leofilliah.

The daring soldier possesses great strength and bravery with exceptional fighting skills and no sense of mercy. Magnus, it seems, is the perfect choice for Alabam to mould in his image.

With the evil Master Mage’s powers and guidance, Magnus was prophesised to become ultimately unstoppable.

And very soon a series of events would unknowingly be set in motion to bring the entire Kingdom of Dremivia crumbling to its knees.

For the darkness... it comes for us all.

It is merely a question of when...


Readers beware - Some scenes in this story have extremely graphic violence, course language and even forced sex... read at your own peril... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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