THE horror killer clowns

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A mysterious killer is on the loose.

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Chapter 1

He was running towards the fence it was Tom from few days he was listening some strange voice at the back of its window he tell all the things which was happening with him to his sister Bella so they planned that when you will heard this voices so woke me.At night he woke him at night 3:o clock they take two torches and a pan and a hammer to defend him self they went outside they saw a shadow of two man suddenly Tom fell on the ground and it make voice they ran.Tom started chasing him but they were running fast and some times later they were out of the sight the tom come back he tell to her sister that they were clowns now they hurriedly went to their bed.At morning they late woke up their parents dad Minho and mom Diana his mom asked why?do you wake up late Tom said that they were reading novel and comics but Bella did not said any thing when they do break fast and they were watching the TV so Bella asked that why do you said lie to mother.Tom said it is good to said lie because it make our life easier.Bella said it is very bad habit now Bella go from there and went to the kitchen and tell all the thing to her mother and then mother went to the TV room and scolded Tom and appreciate Bella. now they open the news that two clowns are kidnapping children and killing them now they are planning at night the tom see someone on his window he hurried to and some one put a piece of cloth and he was unconscious at morning the tom was not on his bed his sister saw every where but he could not find him now tom eyes open he was in a jail . the next part is coming soomn
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