Regret the Rejection

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Kiara Evergreen has been through hell. She's seen her father die, her twin kidnapped and her mother suffer through depression. To top it off, the Alpha of her pack has it out for her. Her mate, the son of said Alpha, despite having harboured feelings for her is too much of a coward to accept her. Instead, he does what an idiot would do. He rejects her. So she decides enough is enough. She has suffered enough to last for a life time at the hands of her old pack. It's time to quit for good. But what happens when she unexpectedly meets her childhood friend on the way and he welcomes her into his pack? Finally it looks like destiny has been kind enough to grant her a life of peace. But is that really so? Sometimes, mistakes are made in a haste. Sometimes, the wrong words are spoken when anger blinds you. What do you do when your past and the future you have in mind clash? Enter the WereWorld where wars, attacks and deaths are a common occurrence. Where your own family might turn against you and strangers might turn out to be best friends... Join Kiara as she embarks on her journey in the hope of finding her lost sister and the true love she always dreamed to have ...

Fantasy / Romance
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00. Werewolf World

“Fell down again, Bella?"

"No, Emmett. I punched a Werewolf in the face."

-Stephenie Meyer

Many of you may not be very familiar with the Werewolf World. So I decided the best way to tell it would be by giving you a brief note.

The Werewolf world is run by the four people. These people are called the 'Were Guardians' and they are immortal.

There are many packs in the Werewolf world and they are guided by the Guardians. In America there are four wolf packs namely:

1. The Blood Hound Pack

2. The Dark Wolf Pack

3. The Wolverines Pack

4. The Black Stone Pack

A Pack is lead by the Pack Alpha. The Beta is the second most important member of the pack, followed by the Gamma. The Luna is Female the one who assists the Alpha in the duties of the pack.

The pack also includes the Deltas and the Warriors. The Warriors are the Pack Protectors and they guard the perimeter of the pack.

The Omegas are the lowest members of the pack and they are the ones who are in charge of the pack house management.

Demoting a person to an Omega is the worst form of humiliation in the Werewolf world.

There are three things that affect a werewolf :

The first is Wolfsbane. This drug causes immense pain to the werewolf after which the wolf inside the human doesn't respond for a long time. It also restricts shifting and is only used in the most extreme cases.

The second is silver. Silver has the ability to poison the blood of a werewolf. If the amount of silver injected into a werewolf is more, it can cause death. Spears and arrows made of silver were generally used in wars.

The third is moonstone. In the old days, moonstones were used to invoke the Moon Goddess as well as counteract black magic. However, have no medicinal properties. In modern times, it is seldom used.

There are a few special type of wolves. These wolves are said to be chosen by the Moon Goddess herself and they are given (any) three powers.

These wolves are either pure black or pure white in colour. The Black wolves are generally male and have mostly Alpha blood in them. The White wolves are females and may or may not have Alpha blood in them. However, it is not necessary that all Alpha wolves are black.


A werewolf matures at the age of 18 and it is also called the coming of age year. When the son of an Alpha turns 18 he is given the position of Alpha by his father.

Once he is declared Alpha, he begins to possess the special Alpha aura around him. However, he may also claim the position of Alpha if his father passes away before he turns 18.


The mate bond is the strongest bond in the world. The mates are destined to love other the most in the world and one cannot imagine a life without them.

The mates are chosen for each wolf by the Moon Goddess herself. Each wolf recognizes his/her mate at the age of eighteen.

Rejecting your mate can cause him/ her the worst pain imaginable. The rejection could nearly kill the wolf if he/she is not strong enough. The Mate-Link opens once the mates have completed the mating process.

Human mates, while a rare occurrence are not completely unheard of. Just like mates who are given a second chance, their cases are very very rare.


Each member of a pack are connected to each other by the pack link aka the mind link.

Members share their thoughts with each other and are also capable of blocking unwanted people.

The pack- link breaks when the werewolf quits the pack.

When a werewolf leaves an old pack and joins a new pack, he/she must be welcomed into the new one through the Initiation Ceremony on the night of the full moon. Only when he/she completely joins the pack, do all the connections to their old pack break away.


This bond is between twins since they shared the same womb.

A Twin-Bond matures at the age of eighteen or perhaps a bit sooner in some wolves. It is the second strongest bond after the Mate Bond.

As a werewolf, a person has two forms i.e humanoid and wolf-like in humanoid form, he/she can talk to his/ her wolf . The wolf voice can be considered similar to one's conscience. It is the wolf within who recognizes one's destined mate.


The rogue are outcasts or rebels. Generally, they roam alone as they are thrown out from the pack because of their actions.

However, they pose a serious threat if they join together and attack a Pack.

Currently, the rogue wolves are under the leadership of a black Rogue wolf who calls himself Rogue King.

The first full moon of the new year is called the Wolf Moon. This was known by early Native American tribes as the time of the year when hungry wolf packs howled outside their camps. However, nowadays it is simply considered an auspicious time of the year for werewolves. (For instance, the next Wolf Moon will take place on the 28th of January 2021.)

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