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Sedition-conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a monarch or state After the loss of her mate, Vannese is exiled from her pack and forced to join the lethal force that is The Unseen. A pack of rogues who's main aim is to end the tyrannical rule of the vampire race. Blinded by rage and full of grief she is a force to be reckoned with, after all hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. 'Happiness is what we all want, Happiness is what we all need, But who will make me happy? Who will hold me when I weep? For my happiness was snatched away, The one thing that truly belonged to me.'

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter One

She looked at the castle menacingly, her wolf growling in her mind. This was where her targets lived, the people responsible for her grief. Vannese was on spy duty, a task she was given as punishment for her reckless behavior.
Her wolf snarled in her mind, they would remember the she wolf's provocations.

'Another one on the list.'

The castle grounds had people moving in and out, nothing out of the ordinary. She was bored with nothing more than her thoughts for company.

'Get back inside the perimeter'

Her alpha ordered her. With one last glance at the castle she walked away. The amount of time she'd spent idling away wasn't healthy for her, thoughts of things better left forgotten entered her mind. Her parents, she recalled how they had turned their backs on her. The words still haunting till date.

'You are no longer our daughter,' her father had spat harshly at her, disgusted at her actions.

They too, were on her list.

She continued walking barely focused.Soon she reached the camp. When her own family wanted nothing to do with her this pack of misfits took her in and gave her a place to call home.

"Enjoyed your walk pup," Valine stood there provoking her further. Vannese had never understood why this particular female held so much animosity towards her.

"I'm not in the mood, where's Zyair?"
She knew starting up an argument with her would proof fatal. After all she was the self declared luna of the pack and she would pick a fight with any female that posed as a threat to her position.
Just then Zyair came, he was a handsome man. At the height of 6'2 he was well built, obsidian eyed with jet black short hair. Most females in the pack wanted him and many found their way into his bed but none held his mark.
In spite of his prowess in the seduction department he was a force to be wreckoned with. Vicious, ruthless and unremorseful all this made him worthy to lead a pack of rejects and he led them well.
"Knock it off Valine, she already served her punishment," He'd gone easy on Vannese. What she had done would have earned anyone else a whipping. Actions that could lead to their exposure were dealt with the harshest punishments but for Vannese he was lenient.
Everyone thought that Zyair was in love with Vannese but the truth was that their feelings towards each other was purely platonic in fact they saw each other as family. Even their wolves recognized each other as siblings.
"Come with me, Vannese," Zyair wanted to know what she had observed.
They entered his tent.
"Anything new?" Zyair asked.
"The same old, nothing interesting happened,"
"We need to have someone on the inside. I was thinking you and Valine could go in and look for anything that might be useful to us."
"No. It's either she goes alone or I go alone but we will not do it together." At this Zyair growled at her.
"I'm not asking, Vannese you need to both set your differences aside. You will go together, infiltrate the castle and find out what we need. Do I make myself clear?"
She was angry her wolf almost ready to challenge Zyair, it was because of this that she nodded and left immediately without dismissal. If she let control her they would be in deeper trouble.

She shifted and ran as far as she could, slipping to the back of her mind as her wolf took over. If they were far away from the lands she wouldn't go back and kill those who had irked her preferring to hunt in order to release her agression.
Soon she had spotted her prey. Chasing it down and killing it,the wolf was satisfied and so she ate to her fill. Having calmed down the wolf relinquished her control to her human counterpart. Vannese sat in her human form reminiscing. For so long all she knew was pain, it had been a while since she smiled, since she felt truly. All those who robbed her of her life would pay, that was the one thing that kept her going, revenge, sweet,long and cold revenge. She returned to camp packing up and getting ready for the next day's journey.

A new day. Vannese had just left camp waking through the forest each of them silent. They both had their reasons for doing this, one because the alpha had forced her and the other because she wished to prove herself worthy, she wanted to be his queen.

"How exactly are we supposed to enter the castle?" Vannese broke the silence. They had been given the order but not been told how to execute it. Most likely Zyair expected them to sleep their way into the castle.
"I'm not your mother pup," Valine replied viciously.
It looked like once they entered the gates they would go their separate ways. That was fine by Vannese, why anyone would think they could work together with this female was beyond her.

"Understand one thing pup, once we're past those gates we are nothing to each other."
"For once we agree on something,"
They continued walking. Another issue had presented itself, how were they supposed to get in. Armenelos was the capital city,it was not a home to just anyone who wished. Vannese was aware of this, luckily she knew that many caravans travelled through the city. Mostly slave merchants who traded with the castle, a fact she had meant to share with Valine but decided not to. Let the she wolf choke on her pride.
Suddenly she stopped pulling out ropes and old rugged clothes she had borrowed from the other wolves.
"What the hell are you doing!?" Valine was angry, she did not understand the delay.
"This is my ticket in,"
Soon Vannese was ready, her chestnut coloured hair covered with leaves and dirt. Her clothes dirty and reeking, her whole body covered in dirt. She tied rope to each of her hands and rubbed them on her skin.
"Slap me.hard."
"With pleasure," Valine opted to punch her in stead. Either way it had the desired effect, tears springing to her eyes.


Valine walked on not bothering to see what happened afterwards.

"You're going to die." She said as she left.

With that Vannese ran through the forest. Thorns embedded themselves in the soles of her feet. She kept on running through the pain it was the only way to make her story believable. The main road was now visible, a few paces away. When she reached the road she looked left and right. No sign of any cars, that meant she would have to ran again to the main gates and pose as a lost slave.
The tarmac was hot from the midday sun, exhaustion quickly enveloped her but she couldn't stop here.
We need to move
Reminding herself of her goal she started running again. The distance she covered was a long one,so long that when she reached the gates exhaustion overcame her. She collapsed.

"Can you hear me?" A voice asked her. Slowly she opened her eyes. Panic filled her just for a second before she remembered where she was. Men dressed in uniform surrounded her, five of them to be exact. One of them was kneeling besides her.
" How did you get here?" One of the guards who were standing asked her.
She needed to recollect her lies quick.
" I don't remember, m-my m-master ,I don't know where he is." That wasn't the story she was supposed to tell, but she had panicked. Fainting had made her disoriented.

Adan stood behind the girl, something wasn't right about her. She reeked, yes but other than her smell and the amount of dirt on her, nothing else screamed slave. He was the head guard and he had seen many caravans go through here none of them of would ever leave a slave behind. She looked well fed, not emaciated like the rest of the slaves looked. Her story didn't make sense either, this girl was clearly lying. Dario his second in command and the one who was kneeling beside her looked at him.

'I call bullshit'

Dario mind linked Adan. They all could smell that she was a wolf.
"Bring her up to the watch tower," Adan commanded them.

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