Desmond Hunt Stories: The Primus

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Entry 10: Avalon

Night has arrived and the full moon follows. The five of us were led up by Juliana to her rooftop. She needed to have a clear view of the moon.

Juliana opened the water from a hose and flooded the concrete floor. The moon reflected on the now watery surface. She took out a switchblade from her back pocket, and proceeded to slice her right hand, her blood spilled on the moon’s reflection.

The reflection instantly turned red.

Juliana advised we should hold our breath. Although warned, we weren’t prepared for the floor to become a pool, we dropped right into it.

We were underwater, remembering to hold our breaths.

Beneath us, the seabed glittered in a golden hue, Juliana signaled us to swim down, the opposite direction of our instinct. The seabed allowed us to go through it.

we raised our heads and inhaled fresh air into our lungs, we were in the middle of an ocean, it was daytime.

In front of us, an island covered with trees. We swam to the shore, and reached the trees, up-close we saw silver-golden apples hanging from them, the moonlight reflected on them, they were glistening.

We arrived in Avalon.

Juliana led us through the trees. In a single line, we treaded one after the other, no twists or turns. Our guide stopped at a clearing, the only one we encountered.

Juliana was waiting for something, or someone...

A young white-haired woman stepped out of the trees. She welcomed Juliana back to Avalon, and inquired about our identities. Juliana took her aside and spoke with her. I noticed that she was suspicious of us but it seemed Juliana is respected here.

The woman introduced herself as El, Avalon’s librarian.

She walked up to me and asked what book we were looking for, I tried to describe the Primus to her and I explained we needed to remove it from my school.

After a few moments of contemplating in silence, El asked if she could hold my hand. I gave my hand to examine, she looked at my palm’s lines. As she examined them, I could her face like an open book, she giggled, frowned, became sad and happy. I wondered how much could she see from the simple lines on my palm.

El did so with each of us, including Juliana. She informed us, we are linked to each other, all five of us, we should try and stay together.

She has given us permission to enter the library and raised her hand. A white frame appeared from thin air. She wished us good luck on our endeavor and retreated back into the trees.

Emmet and I agreed El is a bit strange even for our standards. Juliana nodded in agreement and continued through the door first.

We passed through the door into the Avalonian library.

It is a room with crystal walls. Beyond the walls it was daylight, but no sun to be found. The room was floating in the sky. In the center, a floating crooked clear-crystal, with veins of gold.

Juliana instructed us to place our hand on the crystal and imagine the Primus, she told she would be staying behind to wait for us.

The four of us did as we were told.

In a blink of an eye I found myself alone in another room. This room had concrete walls, no windows, the only light source was a single candle placed on a simple wood desk. Next to the candle was a book, and a chair to sit on.

This library doesn’t allow you to take books home with you.

I sat down on the chair. The book in front of me was very similar to the one my grandfather had. A red cover with gold floral.

I opened the book, on the inside of its cover was written “A. Fox”. I turned the first page but it was blank, as if no one ever wrote in it. A clean, new book.

I could feel someone looking at me. I didn’t need to look back to know it had four eyes. I turned to see it. The fox was smaller this time, about the size of a regular fox, it almost seemed cute.

It wondered why it took me so long to visit it again. I apologized politely, I didn’t want to upset it.

It knew why I was in the library, it said it would give me the spell needed to remove the Primus but under a condition. I must open the other book back in the Triskele and visit the fox, it gets lonely when it is only me who can communicate with it and it is tired of being alone.

The fox knew the spell needed to remove the Primus? This entire I could have asked it back in the Triskele. The fox sensed my frustration. It said that I’m not the one that needs to be in the library but someone else from my friends had to.

I tried asking who but instead the fox made me make a promise before I am given the spell.

A promise to the fox to reopen the book more often. I promised. It smiled, pleased I was willing to spend time with it, like a child.

I asked the fox how long it has been alone. Its answer was heartbreaking, it doesn’t understand time anymore, all it wishes is to stop being on its own.

I took an opportunity, I asked to know what exactly the Primus is. The fox smiled again, it said not yet, but one day I will know the truth. Until then I should be content with the spell I need, it looked at my left pocket on my pants. I reached inside and took out a piece of paper that was not there before.

The fox sent me back to the crystal room. Emmet, Juliana and Rossie were there, Ian was not.

Emmet said he was given a red book with gold floral but the book was empty, just like mine. He didn’t get any information. At some point, he was sent back to the crystal room.

Rossie kept to herself in the corner, she looked disoriented. Juliana whispered in my ear she came out after Emmet, but Rossie said she had the same experience as Emmet.

I walked over to Rossie but Ian interrupted with his return. I asked him what he found.

He found nothing, it was the same as Rossie and Emmet. An empty room and no book.

Since we got what we needed, we went back through the door to Avalon.

Once we left the library, I opened the piece of paper the fox placed in my pocket. The spell seemed pretty easy to perform, it required three witches, and one ingredient.

However, that single ingredient none of us have heard of before. The spell requires something called a Shrimp. What the hell is a Shrimp?

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