Desmond Hunt Stories: The Primus

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Entry 11: Surprise!

The way back to Juliana’s home was through eating one of Avalon’s apples. A single bite and we were transported back to the rooftop. The full moon was still emitting its glow on the city.

With the spell in our possession, it was time to go back to the Triskele and figure out what a Shrimp is.

In the morning after, Juliana decided she would be staying behind. She had other plans before we barged into her life. Rossie and I thanked her for everything she’s done for us and said our goodbyes, afterwards we gave Emmet and Juliana privacy to say theirs.

We waited with Ian in a coffee-house nearby Juliana’s. Rossie wanted to buy reading material for the flight and went to a bookstore located across the street.

Ian and I sat silently, doing something we haven’t done in a long time- people watching. We used to do it every Friday afternoon at the Aurora. Closing my bar after Ian left, was another knife to the heart.

Ian asked me if the man to our left looked familiar to me. It took me a few moments to understand who he meant. That man reminded us of one of my bartenders. We used to joke we should fire him because he would constantly spill drinks, but agreed he was just clumsy, overall he was just a good guy all around.

I looked at Ian, he knew I was still angry with him. I asked him to stop doing what he’s doing, we can’t pretend we are who we used to be.

Ian became upset with me, he just wanted to feel like before. That just made me more upset in return. We began arguing that he made a choice, he needs to live with it, because I am done living my life constantly thinking about him, I will not pretend for him.

Luckily Emmet joined us and Ian and I were forced to stop. We paid for our coffee and went to retrieve Rossie from the bookstore.

We hopped into a cab and drove to the airport.

I remembered the last time I flew with Ian, how different it is now, sitting in two different rows. The flight back was short.

When we arrived at the Triskele, Ian thought he would be joining us, but I stopped him. I told him he needs to stay away from the school and said I’ll call when we find answers. He understood and left without saying another word.

What lied ahead surprised all three of us.

Eloise was waiting for us in the courtyard. I went to give her a hug and asked why she came back early. She held my hand and took us with her to the gardens.

My entire family was there, drinking wine, laughing with each other. It has been a very long time since I’ve seen my family like this.

All of them felt bad I was spending the holidays on my own so they all returned. My parents grabbed me and held me tightly in their arms. They apologized for even getting on the plane towards their destination, on their pit stop they decided to buy tickets back to Greece, so we can all be together during these times.

I noticed Rossie and Emmet were amused. Eloise made it clear she’s expecting them as well to join us in celebrating together on New Year’s day.

As for that night, my father announced they planned to sit around a bonfire and there will be more wine to drink.

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