Desmond Hunt Stories: The Primus

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Entry 12: Another Key

It has been almost two weeks since my family surprised us with their presence at the Triskle. What surprised me the most was the fact, none of us argued with each other, I would go as far and say we rather enjoyed the company.

My cousins, Rossie and Emmet got along and my father along with his brothers acted as children again, they teased each other, laughed together, they were having fun.

On the last day of the year, Eloise, my mother and Leo were preparing dinner for our family, without using magic. I know my mother is a great cook, which probably eases the mind when you think of Eloise in the kitchen. Without magic, she can make potatoes in the oven catch fire.

As I sat with my uncles, Rossie asked if she could steal me away, they joked she could also keep me if she wanted.

I got up and walked away with Rossie. We talked about how peaceful it has been, and she decided my family is wonderful. I told her I don’t know those strangers, but I hope they stay.

Rossie was leading us to the gates of the Triskele. I asked her why she took me here.

Regardless of what happened with Ian, it doesn’t make sense he’s a bad person, he shouldn’t be spending the holidays alone. It felt like I was repeating this countless times, but he made his choice. Why should I reward him for it?

It’s not about rewarding, Rossie answered, it’s making tomorrow easier. As long as I carry this grudge with me, it won’t leave on its own.

I kept thinking about what she said all the way to the guest-house Ian was staying. I arrived at his room’s door. I tried to knock but my hand wouldn’t make contact with his room’s door. I tried

a few times but every time I stopped myself.

If I do this, would it mean I can forgive him?

I have never loved someone as much as I love Ian. There used to be a time I would go to the end of the world for him. We had a silly pact if one of us were to be abducted by aliens, the remaining one would come after them to save them. I questioned if that pact still holds.

I called out his name, at first it was a whisper. I tried again, louder. By the third time, I called his name.

Ian opened the door, surprised to see me. He asked if I found out what the Shrimp is. I told him we didn’t make any progress because of my family’s unexpected return.

He asked how my parents are doing. I replied they were doing great. He admitted of being confused as to why I would appear at his door, If I didn’t have news to report.

I invited Ian to join us. Ian’s eyes widened, he was taken aback. He asked if I was sure about it, he wouldn’t want me to feel obliged to do so.

I told him to shut up and just come back with me.

We walked together back to the Triskele, we didn’t speak on the way there. I caught glimpses of his profile. I used to surprise him by kissing him on the cheek, he would smile in contempt, like he won a contest.

My family was waiting in the dining hall. As we walked in, all eyes were on us. My father jumped up with joy from his seat and ran over to hug Ian. I didn’t tell my parents how we ended our relationship, just that it ended. I gave them some distance so they could catch up. I went to get myself a glass of wine.

Rossie placed her hand on my shoulder, she said she was very proud of me. It takes strength to move with love.

It did feel good to have Ian around.

Eloise and Corrine came into the hall with a cart, our dinner was on it. Mashed potatoes, chicken, turkey, beef, greens, anything she could come up with.

The rest of the evening went by fast, we were having a splendid time. We topped off many bottles of wine and we ate portions fit for a platoon. Eloise warned us that the deserts are also coming.

Without noticing, the year has come to an end. The clock in the dining hall hit midnight. My uncles popped open a champagne bottle and splashed it on my father.

Annalise, Leo and I caught Eloise by surprise and kissed her on the cheek, she was over the moon.

After another glass of wine, I decided it would be best if I go out and breathe fresh air. I left the group as Elijah and Emmet demonstrated a little magical light show together.

I reached the courtyard, my lungs inhaled the cold air. Ian came out as well, and asked if he could stay out here with me. I shrugged, he took it as a sign to stay.

We looked up to the sky, the stars were brighter than usual. I said the only thing missing were the northern lights. I didn’t mean to say it out loud. I looked over to see if he noticed and took a glimpse at his profile while he looked up, he was tearing up.

Something was wrong, I could see his mind was racing with thoughts.

Ian turned to me, and out of nowhere, revealed I was the best part of his life. I always have been. He misses everything we had, drinking the first bottles of wine on our rooftop, the randomness of my kisses, the way I would hold his hand walking in the street, the pictures of things I thought were funny that I took on my phone just so I could show them to him later. It’s impossible for him to let go of me.

He wishes it could have been different. He knows in this life; he is a Constellation but he continues to hope in another life we will find each other again. He still believes we end up together.

I didn’t understand what he meant, but hearing him say those things, I grabbed his head and I kissed him. I don’t know if I’ll ever know why he chose the Constellations. I’m pretty sure our lives won’t be as before but at that moment I couldn’t care less. He kissed me back.

I pulled away to look at him. Those eyes are hypnotic to me. His lips smiled, but that disappeared as he saw something in the distance behind me. He described it looked like a fox, watching him, but it had more than two eyes.

Did Ian see the fox? He started running after it, I had to follow him. I called him to stop but he kept on running. The moon was hidden above the trees, they forced us to run in the dark but I realized he was running towards the light-house.

The tree passage was open, Ian ran inside.

I stopped to look around, trying to see if anyone else was there, why was the passage open? I continued down the stairs and ran inside the light-house.

I found Ian staring at the Primus. I tried to pull him back outside, and then I saw it… two keys. It was just us down there.

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