Desmond Hunt Stories: The Primus

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Entry 13: Four Eyed Fox

Rossie and Emmet were just as shocked to see the new key as I was. They have spent years trying to find the keys to the Primus, and now there are four.

Ian, who was understandably confused, wanted an explanation. However, we didn’t know much ourselves. My grandfather’s obsession with finding the keys, never took a turn to understanding what the Primus is.

I remembered my promise to a certain creature with four eyes.

Fortunately, my family members have left to continue their vacation, allowing the four of us to return to our business.

Rossie, Emmet, Ian and I gathered in the light-house, I brought the red book with me, it was long overdue but Rossie and Emmet needed to see the fox as well.

We sat around the book in a circle on the floor, the Primus was in our background.

I opened the book, but the fox didn’t appear. It was the first time I saw something on the pages, my grandfather’s drawings. I picked up the book to look closer, he drew the Primus, the fox, and countless pages of Fibonacci sequences.

This was the first time I’m seeing these. The variations of my grandfather’s Fibonacci sequences were captivating, drawn with elegance and precision.

Emmet suddenly stood up, and told us we should look behind us. We did and there it was, sitting on its hind legs instead of the Primus, much larger than I have seen it before, its tail wagging left and right, its four eyes staring at us.

It greeted us, pleased I have brought almost everyone. When asked what it meant by saying “almost everyone”. It replied the answer should not be revealed just yet.

By now I can trust the fox to be confusing as always.

Ian stood up and walked closer to the fox, slowly raising his hand. The fox permitted Ian to put his hand on it and pet its fur, it purred with joy.

The fox said it missed Ian, and continued to rub its head on Ian’s side.

Ian didn’t recall meeting the fox before, he asked when does the fox think they’ve met. For the fox, it has been centuries. I know Ian isn’t immoral.

We needed to proceed with our search. I took out the paper the fox left for me in Avalon, and read out the ingredient none of us knew.

What is a Shrimp?

The fox blinked as it tilted its head to the side. It jumped from its place, leaving Ian behind and coming extremely close to my face, our noses barely touching.

The fox acted like a pet, did it think we were its parents?

It sat down on its hind legs, and told us what a shrimp is and we realized what type of spell we had in our hands.

A Shrimp is a creature that can be found in other worlds, some worlds have nothing but shrimps, some worlds have different sizes of shrimps. This world doesn’t have any shrimps.

With the spell we have, the Shrimp should be used as a beacon.

Ian and I looked at each other, we both share a common love of interesting Spells. Honestly, it was pretty incredible to us. That means this spell isn’t just transferring the Primus to another part in the world but to an entirely different world.

We can rid the Primus from this earth.

Just the concept of other worlds, was mind bending, what else could be out there?

Emmet asked the fox where we could find shrimp in this world, if it doesn’t exist here. The fox jumped again and moved closer to him. It referred to him as “Dear Emmet”.

The fox repeated after the question, shrimp doesn’t exist here, we must find it somewhere else.

We figured the fox might not know the answer.

Rossie and I decided we should start looking at the school’s library. Emmet and Ian wanted to stay with the fox.

One thing we did know, it was clear to us, the fox was lonely, it was desiring a friendship.

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