Desmond Hunt Stories: The Primus

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Entry 14: The Merchant

We discovered if the red book is closed, we couldn’t see the fox anymore except for Ian. Those two have become inseparable.

While Rossie, Emmet and I buried ourselves into the library’s books, they have developed a real friendship. Anywhere Ian went, he would be followed by the fox.

I loved seeing Ian being his old self around the fox. They would go jogging in the morning, and the fox would rest in Ian’s bed at night. The fox even revealed its name to Ian, it is Soren.

A “normal” pet indeed.

As for the red book, we hid it in the safe in my office. We had to keep it protected. The fox might not reveal all the answers, but it definitely had a connection to the Primus.

Emmet and I casted numerous spells in the library to find something that can lead us towards a Shrimp. None of them worked. Except for its name, we did not know what it looked like.

Rossie took a different route, she kept to herself in my office, looking through my grandfather’s writings.

Our time was running out as the Triskele student body and staff are expected to return from their winter vacation by next Sunday, meaning we had three more days alone.

The four of us sat for dinner. We were getting frustrated with lack of findings, we spent days and nights in the library and office, but we came up empty handed.

We sat around the table, playing with our food because no one wanted to talk.

The doors to the dining hall opened suddenly. We looked up and saw Juliana standing in a long black winter coat and a black bucket hat on her head.

Emmet went immediately to greet her, we followed after him.

Juliana noticed our gloominess, and wondered if she came during an inconvenient time. We assured her if anything, she came just in time. We needed any help we could get. We sat her down, Emmet arranged a plate for her and we briefed her what happened since we got back to the Triskele.

While taking a bite from a piece of broccoli, she casually asked if we looked up the merchant. She realized we had no idea who she was talking about from the blank stares on our faces.

She continued while eating the rest of her vegetables, the merchant is a nomad, importing and exporting items found in the most remote of places. Not ideal but it was our best option considering we had none.

We agreed to continue the search in the morning but instead we should focus our attention to the merchant.

After dinner Emmet took Juliana on a tour of the school.

Rossie decided to go back to the office and start her search that night. It’s astounding how resilient she is. She has worked a lot harder than us, the first in the morning to begin and the last in the night to go to bed.

Finally, alone, Ian and I could resume our activities from the previous night. We went back to my bedroom and immediately took our clothes off.

I know I’m setting myself up for another heartbreak, but fuck it, I would do it again and again, as many times it can happen, as long as I get to be held by him.

We haven’t talked about the day he left, actively trying to avoid that subject. We were too focused on each other’s bodies.

In the middle of night, while Ian and I were sound asleep, we were woken up by a loud, repeating knocks on my door.

Since we haven’t told anyone about our situation, I asked Ian to hide under the bed.

He slipped under and I opened the door. It was Rossie, she looked invigorated. She said we need to go to the light-house. We agreed to meet her there after I put clothes on, as she walked away, she commented Ian should put clothes on too and come as well.

I closed the door, and Ian came out from under the bed. We looked at each other, and just smiled like two teenagers who have been caught. We weren’t fooling anyone.

Ian and I walked in through the light-house door and found Rossie, Emmet and Juliana looking at the Primus. Emmet brought Juliana down here to show her the Primus. There was another key on the right.

With all of us there, the Primus had five keys. Now more than ever, we were confused about the Primes’ function.

Why do we see a door? What is our connection to this object?

We left the light-house, with a new purpose. In a matter of weeks, with the addition of Ian and Juliana, we have made unintentional progress finding the keys to the door.

Rossie and Emmet couldn’t believe it.

I had to bring up the obvious fact that Juliana and Emmet and Ian and I have a relationship, respectively, does this mean we should look into Rossie’s past and find the sixth key?

Rossie immediately dismissed it. She admitted to never finding love, no one was ever good enough for her. She always knew her worth, and she didn’t want to just end up with somebody, she wanted the never ending love affair, a kind of love that can overcome anything.

She was right to demand the same love we already had in our own lives. No matter what happens between us, or what

our lives have made us go through, we end up back in each other’s orbit.

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