Desmond Hunt Stories: The Primus

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Entry 15: The Truth

Sunday came in a blink of an eye. In the morning, the Triskele staff arrived first as expected. Eloise and Oliver were present as well, welcoming their old friends.

By noon, the dining hall was running at full capacity, feeding the incoming students. I did not remember how many students attended this school, I quite was overwhelmed with their return.

Oliver was kind enough to assist. During the winter break it was him who did the planning and organizing for when the students came back. He does care for the Triskele, there’s no doubt about it.

I was having lunch with Eloise, who seemed quite disappointed with me, she noticed as well to Oliver’s efforts to run the day smoothly.

She wanted me to do more, but in all honesty I couldn’t care as much as she wanted about being a proper headmaster.

Besides, Oliver did a great job on his own.

Eloise asked me if I would stay as headmaster until the end of year, she reminded me of my grandfather’s will. I took a deep breath, it was time to have the talk with her and Oliver.

I told her I would give her an answer but first to meet in the courtyard after breakfast, and I got up and left to find Oliver.

Oliver and I found Eloise waiting for us by the fountain, I asked them not to ask questions just yet but it’s time they know the truth.

We walked into the woods and arrived at the tree that leads underground. We walked down the stone stairs and I showed them the light-house.

Eloise was furious with her late husband. Oliver said things about his father’s mental state for allowing this.

I walked them into the light-house, and I showed them the weird thing that lays beneath the school. Eloise walked up to the Primus, she tried to hit with her palm but it went through it. Oliver took a step back. For me it was a door, but they saw something else, I asked them what they saw.

Both answered the same. The image of my grandfather, uttering not a single word, he was just staring at them. I told them it isn’t him.

I revealed to them my grandfather’s other project he devoted his life to and I told them I don’t see him like they do, but a door.

Understandably, they were hurt by being excluded from this knowledge.

They felt something, Oliver asked if I knew who made it, the energy this object emits is completely new to him. I answered I had no idea.

As they calmed down, I promised them I would remove the primus from underneath the school, away from the students. To do so, I couldn’t be the headmaster, but Oliver can replace me.

Eloise agreed. At first she believed my grandfather’s decision to appoint me was right, but realizes now he might have made mistakes.

Oliver thanked me for doing what’s right. I regretted postponing the inevitable, he was meant to be the headmaster.

We left Eloise down in the light-house, she requested to stay there awhile longer, to be with her Desmond. She knew it wasn’t him, but I understood what she was going through. What must her heart feel, seeing his image?

As we walked back, Oliver asked if anyone else knows about the Primus, I told him the Constellations have sent Ian here because of it, but he was working with us.

He stopped in his place, turned to me with an expression of concern.

If Eridia comes to the Triskele, they will not survive it. We all know underneath her angel-like appearance she carries, she is a ruthless witch whose only purpose is collecting power.

Oliver said he will increase the defense spells around the school’s perimeter, but I should hurry with my plans. Eridia doesn’t do things through other witches, she prefers to do it herself.

The fact she hasn’t arrived means something in this school is blocking her from entering, and we don’t know what it is. We don’t know how much time we have until she shows up.

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