Desmond Hunt Stories: The Primus

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Entry 16: Old, Dusty, Green Book

Ian was dressed in formal attire, so was I. We were standing at the top of the lobby’s stairs, He presented his hand for me to take, which I did. We descended the stairs together, the lobby was decorated with golden flowers. Music started playing, and we began dancing.

Ian rested his head on my shoulders. I asked if we can stay here, he pulled away and began walking towards the exit door, he announced it is time to wake up. I didn’t understand.

I opened my eyes to find Ian hovering over me. It was in the middle of the night, of course it was a dream.

Ian said Soren found the spell we’re looking for.

Ian, very cleverly, asked Soren to search during the night while we were asleep, so we could cover both the day and the entire night.

We put on clothes, rushed out of the bedroom and headed to the library. I couldn’t see Soren, but Ian was led by it, all the way to the book shelf, and finally to the book containing the spell to summon the merchant.

It was an old, dusty, green book. Ian opened it, more dust inside. I don’t think this book has been used at all since it found its way to the Triskele library.

We woke up the rest of the group, and told them to meet us in half an hour at the light-house. I told Ian to meet me there as well.

I went to Oliver to tell him about the summoning. I found him awake in the headmaster’s office, now his office.

He was surprised to see me awake as well. Since I was already there, he showed me what he had found. In one of my grandfather’s journals, there’s a passage about a spell he used, one that cost his magic in order to close off the Triskele from Eridia.

She has tried before to come to the Triskele, and my grandfather knew it wouldn’t end well if she did.

He gave up being a witch to protect this school. He gave his magic for the safety of the Primus, his obsession didn’t know any boundaries.

I told Oliver we found the way to remove the Primus, we are casting a summoning spell tonight to bring the merchant, so we could finally end this.

Unexpectedly, he pulled me into a hug. He said in spite of our past, I’ll always be his nephew, he understands he doesn’t show much affection but he did care for me, and he was proud I’m fixing my grandfather’s mistakes.

Oliver escorted me to the light-house, where we met with my group.

Ian drew a pentacle on the floor, and asked each of us to stand at a point. He opened the green book and began chanting. As he progressed, the points of the pentacle glowed, as he reached the end of the spell, the entire drawing was lit up.

We made a mistake, it wasn’t a summoning spell.

We found ourselves in the middle of a Deseret, above us two suns in the sky, and stars filled the gaps. I never saw anything like it, the combination of sun and stars, at the same time, each with their own glow. Neither overpowering the other. It was harmonious.

We figured the spell is not meant to summon the merchant to us but the opposite, bring us to the merchant.

The Deseret around us had no end, we didn’t know which way to go. We chose, randomly, a direction and started walking.

Juliana tried to find water using her powers but there was none.

I looked back and saw Rossie a couple steps behind us, she stopped moving. She was looking at the sand, then she crouched down and picked it up, slowly letting it fall from her palm.

When she looked up, we were already by her side.

Emmet asked if something was wrong. We heard faint heart beats, they were getting louder.

We froze in our places, all of us watching the sand. The sand beneath started to shake and raised up. We fell backwards, until the sand finally revealed what was hidden.

We were separated from each other by a gigantic creature made of sand, lifting itself up from the ground. It resembled Ian. It started attacking us. We managed to deflect its hits with quick magic defenses.

Four more creatures appeared from the sand. They looked like the rest of us, we realized they are taking our forms.

Each sand creature began attacking its counterpart. We took different directions, leading them away from each other. Rossie was the first to get hit, sand-Rossie flicked her into the air.

Ian and I rushed to move between them and cast another spell, causing sand-Rossie to rip in the middle.

Emmet guarded himself and Juliana from their sand counterparts. Juliana was powerless in the desert.

We didn’t have much time to recuperate, sand-Rossie attached herself again. It ran again, towards the three of us, it was joined by Sand-Ian and Sand-Desmond.

Emmet managed to turn Sand-Emmet and Sand-Juliana into glass, he yelled to cast a fire spell.

Ian and I did as we were told, and directed fire from our palms, Emmet joined us, together we turned the last three sand creatures into glass.

Rossie was already back up but we all noticed she was visibly shaken, when we tried to talk to her she deflected and assured she was perfectly fine.

A long stone wall appeared with an open gate in front of us. There were people inside, just going about their day.

The sand creatures must be this city’s guardians. Anyway, we didn’t want to stay out in the sand any longer and ran into the city.

Once inside, it was contrasting the outside of the wall.

A lively city which included silver towers and silver houses made of metal, streets with narrow pathways built from silver cobblestone, with roaming humans, creatures, cyclops, and a variety of animals.

Some of these humans were different to us. They were missing a pair of eyes, yet their movement suggested they could see. They walk around, uninterrupted, and if you look closely, you notice other creatures bend to them accordingly, they are scared of them.

We knew we shouldn’t bother them, and we knew we needed to hurry in finding our missing ingredient, the shrimp.

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