Desmond Hunt Stories: The Primus

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Entry 18: A Daughter

We were right. After buying our drinks, the bartender did know where to find the merchant and she gave us directions. She also saw us walking out with the man earlier, and had a warning for us: The merchant is eyeless…

Emmet and I were still recovering from our payment to the eyeless man, I wasn’t sure if I could do this again and relive another dark moment. During our exchange for the coins, every emotion we had was intensified.

We regrouped with the rest of our friends. Emmet and I stood waiting at the top of the staircase we decided earlier as our meeting point. When we saw them walking up, I went to meet them halfway. I got close enough to grab Ian and kissed him. More passionately than I have ever kissed anyone. He didn’t ask why I did it, he kissed me back with the same intensity.

Rossie intervened and broke us apart, we still needed to finish our mission.

Juliana sensed something was different with Emmet and I, she asked what happened between us. He told her she didn’t need to

worry, and we are ready to go see the merchant, because we found him.

Emmet led us with the directions we received from the bartender to a little house in the city lines. A yellow door in a silver city. He knocked a few times before an eyeless woman opened the door. She asked how she could be of service.

Rossie asked if she has shrimp for sale. The eyeless woman examined her, from top to bottom, she smiled and invited us inside.

We followed her into her shop in the back of her house.

The merchant opened a drawer and from it she lifted a small box, an ordinary brown wooden box. She opened it and inside laid a little elongated red creature, probably dead, with two little whiskers coming underneath where I believe it’s mouth is. It had two little balls for eyes and multiple string-like tentacles. I think it was its hands.

The merchant snapped the box closed and asked for payment in advance directly from Rossie. I knew what she would go through so I volunteered to pay. The merchant refused, she said I was drained; she won’t accept someone else’s scarps.

I informed Rossie the merchant accepts memories as payment. She agreed to do it. I needed to explain she was going to ask a memory of some painful event, she will make her live it again. The merchant confirmed. She admitted it’s tastier…

Rossie is strong, she said it didn’t matter, we needed the shrimp. No matter the cost.

The merchant sat Rossie on a chair, and asked her to relax. She placed on Rossie’s head a silver crown. This is different from what Emmet and I did, when I pointed it out, the merchant said she could smell it was an amateur who ate our memories.

The crown is to store the memory for the merchant, so she can devour it when she wants repeatedly.

I told Rossie I will hold her hand during the entire time. She was nervous, her hand began to shake.

The merchant asked if she was ready, to which Rossie nodded in agreement.

The crown began glowing and the room’s walls vanished, revealing we were in the Triskele’s courtyard. Rossie was gone, but the merchant was there, standing with us.

Emmet’s eyes widened as he saw something behind me, he turned me around. It was my grandfather, standing in the distance, he looked at his watch, he was waiting for someone.

My grandfather waited for Rossie, who came to him with a smile. This memory was recent, the color of the leaves on the trees signaled the beginning of the fall.

We followed them to the light-house. My grandfather talked about the importance of what they are doing, and how wonderful Rossie has been, helping him in his life’s work.

Rossie listened to every word, she believed it too. The importance of the Primus. The importance of keeping it safe.

My grandfather admitted he won’t be here for very much longer, his time to depart this world is getting closer.

He revealed to her his greatest sacrifice to protect the students of the Triskele, so they could continue exploring this majestic object without interference. He told her the reason why he doesn’t do magic anymore is because he gave it up. With his death, the spell he used will wear off, leaving the school unprotected.

He told Rossie it had to be her to continue the spell. He asked her to give up her magic.

Rossie didn’t want to do it, she was taken by surprise he even requested. She knew it was for the Triskele but it was her magic. Magic is her life. She asked why it had to be her to do it? After everything she gave to the Primus, why her?

What came next from my grandfather’s mouth was exactly what the merchant wanted. He revealed to Rossie the truth about her, she is his daughter.

The spell he used only continues through a bloodline and it will make it stronger with her magic.

Rossie didn’t believe him, my grandfather provided her proof. The Hunt birthmark on his shoulder, on her shoulder and on my shoulder.

He begged her to continue the spell for the sake of the school. Once she will do it, he will tell her everything she will want to know. Rossie reluctantly agreed.

My grandfather handed her a piece of paper with instructions for the spell. She asked if it had to be now, he responded it was.

Rossie performed the spell, relinquishing every bit of magic in her, and sending it above ground to create an invisible dome around the Triskele. Her body during the casting, glowed more than I have ever witnessed before.

After the spell, my grandfather took an exhausted Rossie back to the Triskele’s courtyard. They sat on a bench looking over the fountain. She laid her head on him, as he assured her everything would be alright.

He asked her one last thing, to find his eldest grandson, “Another Desmond”. He said this isn’t the end for her magic, and her destiny is with me. He promised her, together we would do incredible things we couldn’t yet to imagine.

She raised her head to look at him but he was already gone. He died holding Rossie.

The walls returned and we were back inside the merchant’s shop.

The merchant thanked her for her tasty cuisine, and handed her the box. Rossie didn’t want to talk, she grabbed the box and left. We went after her.

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