Desmond Hunt Stories: The Primus

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Entry 19: Reflection

Rossie ran out the door so fast, we didn’t see where she headed. To find her, we had split into two groups again, Ian and I went right, and Juliana and Emmet went left. We searched as long as we could, but she disappeared.

Ian checked with me if I was alright.

I asked if he meant about learning Rossie is my aunt or what my grandfather did to her, asking to give up her magic.

He wondered about both.

My entire life, my family has put my grandfather on a peddle stool, we thought he was a great witch who had everything figured out, he survived wars, deaths of his friends, and he made a name for himself.

We saw him as our patriarch who cannot do any wrong, he was stubborn but for a reason, because he knew better. He always knew better.

But the last few months, everything I thought of him, has changed. He was hiding so much from us, the Primus, the recruiting of his students, he was unfaithful to Eloise, the fact he wanted me to continue his work, both as the headmaster of the Triskele and with the Primus, when it supposed to be Oliver. Now this - him asking another witch, his daughter, to give up her magic.

Rossie didn’t tell me, would she have told me if not for the circumstances that led us to find out?

I am ashamed he made her do that. He could have asked my father or my uncles, even me. Instead he had a secret daughter and he asked her. She didn’t deserve to be put in that position, he didn’t behave like a father should and the way I see it, he used her.

Ian grabbed my hand, forcing me to stop. He said my grandfather’s actions are not mine, what he did was despicable, but I can’t take that on me. We can find a way to get her magic back, but I shouldn’t spiral into this, not for someone else’s mistakes. Ian knows exactly what I wanted to do.

The right thing to do, is to transfer my magic to her. I told Ian it’s the only way.

We couldn’t find her, so we headed to where we decided to meet up with Juliana and Emmet, the gate from which we came through.

There she was, sitting on a stone bench near the gate. Rossie wondered what took us so long to find her.

I asked Ian if I could talk to Rossie alone. He understood, and went off to meet the rest of the group.

We sat there, quietly, looking ahead, not at each other.

Finally, I broke the silence, I wanted to say I’m sorry but Rossie told me not to. She commented that I have a habit of apologizing for other people.

I told her I want to make this right, because my grandfather should have never asked her to do something like that to herself. I’m willing to give my magic to her, because she shouldn’t live without hers.

Rossie stood up and told me I should shut up. It was her choice, and she accepted her fate. There is no reason to continue reviving this event, as she has spent months thinking about her magic.

She even admitted when we were at the Avalonian library, she didn’t ask to find a spell to remove the Primus, but instead searched for a way to get her magic back.

The library sent her to a room with a mirror She was told by her reflection, a witch can only bear her own magic, but it doesn’t mean she is worthless without it, she is Rossie Sierra, a true power in the world.

I still told her I’m sorry. She said she knows.

Rossie tried to lighten the air between us. I thought to myself this is absurd. She is trying to make me feel better. She joked that now that I know we’re related; will I invite her to family events?

I asked her if I could hug her. She smiled and said no. It’s not that kind of moment.

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