Desmond Hunt Stories: The Primus

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Entry 20: Siren

Rossie and I met with the rest of the group. Ian asked if everything was alright. Rossie said it will be, once we remove the Primus from the school.

We found an abandoned ally, and Ian took out from his pocket a piece of chalk and began drawing a pentacle on the floor. Again we stood at points of the shape. Ian began the chant and the points glowed once again.

We were back at the light-house.

Oliver was still there. He was confused, he questioned if the spell worked. We told him we’ve been gone for almost a day. For him time hasn’t passed. We realized the spell sent us exactly to when we left.

We thought we were lucky; we didn’t lose any time.

With the shrimp in our possession, we wanted to use the spell from the Avalonian library, immediately.

However, before we could start, we heard a high pitch sound booming into the light-house. Ian recognized it as the Constellation’s incoming siren.

They were here, in the Triskele. The next thing we heard was my name being called. The constellations demanded I bring myself into questioning as well the entire Triskele staff.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t risk it, we had to listen to them and we went back up to the ground.

We walked to the school, to find the entire staff already waiting in the courtyard, some were furious this was happening, some were scared. Oliver and I tried to calm them, we told them everything will be fine and we should all cooperate with the Constellations.

In the distance, a woman walked towards us. Behind her, were a troop of soldiers in dark uniform, walking in unison.

I asked Ian if that’s Eridia. He said it was the other one, Lila.

Lila approached us, and asked the crowd to remain silent. She said she was here to keep order and we shouldn’t worry.

Ian stood in front of her, he demanded an explanation as to why she was in the school.

Lila came close to him and whispered something in his ear, I think she was talking about me because she looked directly at me.

Ian looked at her with pure anger, what did she tell him? She ordered him to go with her soldiers and wait for her. She watched Ian leave, then turned to me.

Lila asked to speak with me first. I suggested we talk in the dining hall. She smiled a crooked smile. She said my office would be enough.

I sarcastically told her it would be my pleasure. I led her to the headmaster’s office, along with a portion of her soldiers. Under her command, they waited outside the door while we went inside.

Lila chose to sit in the headmaster’s chair, forcing me to sit like a student that was sent to talk about his bad behavior.

Her fingernails tapped on the desk. She was staring at me. After what felt like an eternity, she asked what I was up to.

I told her I have no idea what she was talking about. She sighed, and asked me again. This time she warned me, if I don’t tell the truth, there will be consequences, which I probably won’t like.

I asked if that’s a threat, coming from a Constellation.

Lila clarified herself, she’s only here to maintain a balance. A balance she claimed I disturbed. I told her again, I don’t know what she is looking for. We are just a school, trying to get to the end of the school year.

She said it was admirable and will be taken into consideration. The Triskele has provided wonderful witches over the decades it exists. Yet, a few months ago, something in this school has shown signs of dangerous magic.

They can’t allow magic like that go unchecked.

The Constellations sent Ian to find its source. They allowed him months to figure it out, uninterrupted, but he did not find anything. Then another magical surge happened just mere days ago. They wouldn’t allow it anymore.

I know she was talking about the first times Ian, Juliana and myself were in the presence

of the Primus. Somehow we activated something, resulting in an investigation led by this witch.

She warned me again, claiming I’m not thinking about my students. She really knows how to get under my skin. I answered back, everything I have done during my time as headmaster of this school, was for the security of the students. That will include protecting them from the Constellations.

Lila raised her brow with surprise. Like a child reciting from a book, Lila said the Constellations are a force of good, here to protect and serve the magical community, even if it means from itself.

She’s lying. The last thing that comes to mind in regard to the Constellations, is that they are force of good.

She called in her soldiers into the office and commanded them to put me in hold. She politely asked to use my first suggestion. The dining hall.

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