Desmond Hunt Stories: The Primus

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Entry 21: Dining Hall

As the first one to be put into imprisonment in the dining hall, I watched one by one the Triskele staff being sent there too after Lila’s interrogation.

The staff didn’t understand what was happening. When questioned by the staff, I lied to them because I had to. I lied the Constellations have made a mistake, and soon it will be clear.

They didn’t believe me and so they got angry with me very fast. They said it was my fault the Constellations were here, and if this school will shut down it will be because of my recurring failures. One of the teachers spoke for the crowd, he commented they all noticed my lack of interest in running the school, it was obvious to them since I didn’t make any attempt in hiding it.

I knew the best thing for them is to continue lying to them, and hide everything I’ve done. If they knew the truth, it would be worse for them.

They continued to shout, until the doors opened again, and Oliver came in. He questioned what was happening. Another member of the staff blamed me for destroying my grandfather’s legacy, for bringing the end to the school. He continued that they know what it means when the Constellations arrive.

Oliver hushed everyone, he told them he was upset with them for thinking ill of me. He revealed I gave him the headmaster’s position, out of duty, because I knew what was right for this school.

He continued, the entire time I spent here, I knew what was best for this school, every action, every thought, was for the school’s best interest, if there’s a reason I didn’t share information, it is sensible to think I did it to protect them.

None of the stuff who could have done what I’ve done. He continued that my grandfather made the right choice in choosing who would replace him. He chose a man with a caring heart.

The crowd’s anger simmered down and calmed, they left us alone. They listen to Oliver.

I thanked my uncle for speaking up for me. He thanked me for keeping this school safe as long as I did.

The doors opened again, it was Emmet. He said Lila is one terrifying witch, but he didn’t reveal anything. He asked what was the plan to get out of this. I didn’t know.

We wondered how this would end. If Lila finds out about the Primus, it will all be for nothing.

After a few more of the staff members being sent into the dining hall, Juliana walked in. She said she came to say goodbye. Lila can’t keep her here because she is a descendant of Arthur, meaning she has no power over her. I told her it was the right thing to do, to run away from this mess.

I wrapped my arms around her and thanked her for everything she has done.

Juliana and Emmet went to the corner and kissed one last time before she went out.

Emmet admitted to me his biggest mistake was leaving her the way he did, she was always the one for him. He left her because he was scared of dragging her down with him, and he couldn’t understand why should want to be someone like him.

He never thought of himself worthy of her. I told him what I thought of him. He is the best man I know, with a kind heart, who looks after his loved ones, even at the expense of himself.

I feel honored he chose me as his brother, I told him the way I love him is exactly how much he loved me. He knew what I meant.

There we were, the two guys who always had each other’s back.

As time passed, Emmet and I became worried, the dining was filling up and Rossie has yet to walk in through the doors. Why isn’t she here? Most of the staff was already in here with us.

We suddenly heard blasts from the other side of the door. Oliver and I moved to be in the front, we told everyone to stay behind us, but to be prepared.

If Lila has given up on the civil route, then I will be the first she takes. There were more blasts, the dining hall doors banged a few times, we noticed water running from under the door.

The doors opened and to our surprise, it was Ian and Juliana. Lila’s soldiers were on the floor, unconscious.

Juliana yelled we needed to get out and evacuate the students. Oliver took it upon himself and he ordered the staff to follow him outside the dining hall.

Juliana never planned on letting a Constellation scare her. Instead she went to save Ian first and came back for us. Emmet was in awe of her and promised her when they finish this, he will finish something he promised a long time ago. He will marry her, if she still wants to.

She called him a moron and grabbed him for a kiss.

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