Desmond Hunt Stories: The Primus

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Entry 22: Hex

Before we left the dining hall, Ian wanted to explain himself. We didn’t have much time, so the only option is to share a memory of his with me. He said if he doesn’t make it, he needs me to know why he chose the Constellations over me.

I tried telling him it wasn’t necessary, but he held onto my head and gave me permission to enter his mind.

In our house in Bilbao, we just finished a bottle of wine from a new crate he brought home. It was so good, Ian elected to go downstairs and bring up another bottle.

In our kitchen, he opened the second bottle. Behind him was Lila. she startled him when she said hello.

He asked her to leave. This wasn’t the first time they’ve met.

She asked him if he had come to a decision. He replied he gave his answer and it is still no, he will not join the Constellations.

Lila sighed and said it was unfortunate, such a powerful witch being completely useless. She took the bottle from Ian’s hand and began drinking straight from it.

Ian disagreed, he is happy with his life and his choice, nothing could change that.

She continued by saying she didn’t mean unfortunate as to his choice, because he didn’t have one. Nobody says no to the Constellations. She sprinted to the stairs leading to the roof. Ian ran after her.

Lila found me standing with my back to her, while I was looking at the view of the city. I turned to see Ian catch up to her. I asked who his friend was.

I don’t remember meeting mer.

She introduced herself simply as Lila, Ian’s new colleague. I asked Ian if this was true, and asked what happened to his old job.

Ian told her to stop, and to get out of our house. Lila didn’t listen. Instead she came closer to me, and asked would I give up an opportunity of a lifetime because of Ian.

Without hesitation I said I will never choose anything over Ian, and repeated after Ian, I demanded her to leave as well.

She asked would I choose Ian even if the Constellations asked me to join them. I looked at him, I didn’t understand what was happening. He said they offered but he didn’t want to be one of them.

I told Lila again to leave us, she is an intruder in our home, and she is not welcomed here.

She pretended to be offended, then she began laughing at us, the two lovebirds, so in love, who would do anything for each other. She wondered if the famous saying is accurate, would we survive one stone?

Before I could respond I felt a hand on my neck, it froze me in place. Someone was holding me and began lifting me up in the air. Lila stopped Ian from intervening.

The person who lifted me was a woman. Lila welcomed her by name. It was Eridia who was holding me by my neck.

Eridia asked Ian again, would he join the Constellations?

I tried telling him not to do it for me. He wouldn’t listen, I could see he was terrified. He was forced to say yes to them. He will become one of them, if they let me live.

Eridia then placed her hand on my chest, I could feel something burning into my heart.

I yelled at her to stop. She did and dropped me on the floor.

She walked over to Ian and Lila, and told him as an insurance she has placed a hex over me. If he disobeys her, I die. Very simple to understand. She prepared to leave, and commanded Lila to wipe my memory of this event and to leave these two, so Ian could say his goodbye to me.

Lila did as she was told, she walked over to me, I was still on the floor, she placed her hands on my head and erased this event from my mind. Before she left, she told Ian she’s waiting outside for him.

As if nothing happened, Ian announced he is leaving me to join the Constellations. I begged him to stay but he left despite my pleas.

The memory was over and we were back in the dining hall.

I stared into Ian’s eyes. All this was to protect me; he gave me up so I could live. I told him he should not have agreed, but I love him and I will protect him. I am going to finish this and take down that bitch.

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