Desmond Hunt Stories: The Primus

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Entry 23: Eridia

The four of us marched into the courtyard, attacking soldiers with spells to bind them to the ground.

More soldiers waited in the courtyard for us but they were no match to Juliana. She manipulated the water from the fountain, creating a gazer shooting up in the air, the water molecules created a dense horizontal sheet and she crashed it down on the soldiers.

We took hold of the fountain, and looked up at the headmaster’s office. I yelled for Lila to come out, and repeated what I said when we first met, she is an intruder and she needs to leave.

We were hit from the back, we flew through the air and hit the ground. it was Lila. She held a knife to Rossie’s neck, who was chained. Behind them, a troop of soldiers, waiting on Lila’s command.

She warned me if I don’t stop, I will witness Rossie’s blood splattering on the grass.

Rossie tried to tell us not to listen to her but Lila shouted at her to shut her mouth and struck her in the back of her head with the end of the knife. Rossie fell to the ground.

Lila turned her look to us, she wondered why is a witch with no powers a teacher in this school? To her, it doesn’t make sense. What could have taken away her powers? She correctly theorized it’s Rossie magic keeping this school under a protection vale. One that she and Eridia couldn’t figure out, until now. She called it a cheap but effective party trick. They would never have guessed a witch forfeiting her greatest gift.

She wondered what would happen if she killed Rossie. Would the spell be broken?

I noticed someone walking up behind Lila. It was Eloise, I yelled for her to run away. Lila’s soldiers caught her.

Eloise said there is no need to kill the poor girl, referring to Rossie. She revealed there is a way to remove the spell without killing her. Her late husband wrote in his journals a reversing spell.

Distraught at my grandmother, I asked her what she was doing.

Eloise admitted knowing who Rossie is, as she was responsible for forcing my grandfather to give her up for adoption. She needed to right her wrongs, by saving her life.

Lila, obviously amused by my family’s secrets, beckoned Eloise to come closer to Rossie.

Eloise asked Lila for the knife, and sliced Rossie’s hand. With the bloodied knife she began casting.

A dome above us revealed itself in glistening gold. Eloise continued and the dome started lifting its edges from the ground, it centered into a point in the sky.

Like a firework it exploded and shot a beam to Rossie on the ground.

Anyone surrounding Rossie flew yards away. She was glowing, the same as she glowed when she gave up her magic. She absorbed her magic back into herself.

Lila recuperation was fast and she tried to attack Rossie, but charged with her old magic, she casted her first spell in a very long time.

Lila fell unconscious on the floor.

I ran to help Eloise who was still on the ground. I asked how she knew Rossie gaining magic will cause a blast. My grandfather wrote a warning to keep a good amount of distance.

Rossie joined us, she was excited to have magic again. She thanked Eloise.

We still needed to go back to the light-house and cast the spell to remove the Primus. I told Eloise to run and hide somewhere safe.

The five of us headed to the light-house. Ready to finish this. We arrived at the passage tree but someone was coming out.

Eridia, she has found the Primus. She said we hid a nifty little thing down there.

She looked at Ian and said she was disappointed with him; after everything she gave him. Power, prestige, admiration, he was given all this by her, but now she will take something from him. She raised her hand and clenched her fist.

Nothing happened to me. Eridia’s hex failed.

I looked to my side and I saw Ian had fallen to the ground. I held him, he was dying.

Eridia began attacking, forcing Juliana, Rossie and Emmet to shield us.

He said he found a way in the Avalonian library, a way for me to live. I told him he has to stay with me, we’re so close to ending this. He said we got lucky having the time we had together, he wished it could have been a little longer.

I begged him to fight and stay here, I pleaded but he didn’t respond. He was gone. I held his body, I knew he was dead but I still hoped he would wake up.

Juliana was hit, I had to get up and fight with them.

All I had in me was anger, I wanted Eridia dead and I knew pain is the best type of fuel for magic. I told my friends to protect the passage.

I stormed at Eridia, blasting her repeatedly, she began retreating. I continued with my assault, again and again, hitting her with countless spells.

Even with my anger, Eridia proved herself superior. She gained an opening on me and in a moment, it was me who was retreating back. She levitated and came at me. She grabbed me by the neck and flew us up.

In the sky, she paused mid-air. She asked how I could possibly believe I can defeat her, she who’s lived thousands of years of killing her worst enemies, no one ever compared to her. All I had was a bunch of children, infants, embryos to her. Having people around doesn’t make me stronger, it is too bad no ever taught me the only way to survive is alone. That was the mistake of her enemies, they believed they could defeat her together, but were forced to watch their loved ones die. The same mistake I was making.

She asked me if I would consider being a Constellation, she snarkily told me not to answer and released her grip.

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