Desmond Hunt Stories: The Primus

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Entry 24: Aurora

A part of me wanted to continue descending until my body crashes into the Earth. To be put to rest early and never get back up.

Rossie casted a spell, saving me, she caught me mid-air and slowly brought me down until my feet touched the ground. The same ground Ian won’t walk on anymore.

Emmet spotted Eridia flying towards the Triskele, we needed to continue and fight. We ran back to the school and saw her standing alone in the courtyard, looking at the building.

She heard us coming and turned to us. She raised her hand at us, we flew back, hitting the floor again. She declared the Triskele as hers.

I needed her dead. I ran to her, deflecting her spells while hitting her with my own. At this point it didn’t matter, I could feel I was getting weaker. I’ve never used this much magic.

Eridia managed to hit me, and throw me into the fountain. My body broke the statue in the fountain.

Emmet and Juliana came to my aid and helped me back up, while Rossie continued the attack on Eridia. I told them we’re losing; we need more magic to kill her.

Rossie was hit hard, and lost her consciousness.

As Eridia approached Rossie’s body, I casted a round of spells aimed at her. She deflected each one, but it was enough to annoy her. She levitated and began flying towards us.

Emmet grabbed my arm and pointed at the fountain. I understood what his plan was.

He told Juliana to create a wall from the fountain’s water, Emmet and I tapped into every last bit of magic we had to create a deadly spell and targeted Eridia through the translucent wall.

The water was influenced by the Primus, it focused our spell, and enhanced it. Eridia, full of ego, thought she could deflect it. It was a direct hit, and she evaporated across the courtyard.

We defeated her, we won.

I dropped the ground, catching my breath, Emmet and Juliana joined me. We were exhausted. I couldn’t see Lila anywhere, she was gone, but Eridia...she was dead.

The next day, we buried Ian. Everything hurt, both my outside and insides. I hated this, every second of it, all of it, I was angry, I was in pain.

The man I would die for, has beat me to it, he took away my choice of saving him, he allowed himself to die for me, and I hated it.

I want him back, I want to kiss him, I want to smell him, I want to marry him, I want to have a family with him, I want to grow old with him, and I can’t. The “I can’t” repeated in my head.

Oliver and Eloise have begun cleaning the school and repairing the damage done by the Constellations. I told them I’ll be leaving after we cast the spell to remove the Primus, I don’t know if I’ll come back. They hugged me, we didn’t exchange further words, what can be said?

Emmet, Rossie, Juliana and I went down to the light-house, one last time.

Emmet, Rossie and I started casting. It isn’t a difficult spell. We forged the connection between the Primus and the shrimp, focusing on the shrimp’s home-world. The Primus glowed up, illuminating the inside of the light-house, it continued to glow stronger.

I could barely see, but when I looked at Emmet, I could see Lila had appeared behind him, she was holding the red book.

I realized at that moment, the Primus wasn’t what they were looking for, but the four-eyed fox. The two times the magical surges occurred, they happened while I opened the red book.

I was too late when I tried to warn Emmet, Lila was close enough to snap his neck with her free hand. I tried to reach him, but the light grew strong until I was blinded.

When my sight returned, I looked around, we weren’t in the light-house anymore.

It was night time, rain pouring down on us, we were standing in the middle of a deserted highway. A sign stood on the edge, it was worn out but enough to read:

Welcome to Aurora - Population 2406- Est. 1952

I heard Juliana screaming, I turned to see her on the floor, holding Emmet’ body. Lila killed him, and she wasn’t anywhere to be found, so was the Primus.

Rossie and I fell to the floor too, mourning our brother.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time, we heard a car racing down the highway. We rushed to get up and decided to move Emmet’s body into hiding.

Rossie held a distraught Juliana, while I dragged the body to the woods nearby, I covered him with my jacket. I promised him we’ll come back to get him, I told him I was sorry for everything. He didn’t deserve this.

I went back to Rossie, who still held Juliana. We tried to catch the driver’s attention but they passed us without slowing down, leaving us behind.

Out of options, we started our walk into the town nearby, we reached a line of houses but they seemed deserted. All the houses stood dormant in the dark, except for one.

We reached the only house with its lights on, Rossie and Juliana stayed behind me, as I knocked on the door.

There was no answer, so I tried again, louder.

Someone appeared on the other side of the door, I heard they were unlocking it. The door opened and I could make out two figures standing at the door, but it was too dark to see their faces.

They asked if everything was alright, I told them we had an accident and needed to use their phone.

Against the odds, they let us in.

We walked in, thanking them for their help, but when we saw the two strangers’ faces in the light, we didn’t understand how this was possible, standing before us were Ian and Emmet.

End of Part 1

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