Desmond Hunt Stories: The Primus

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Entry 3: The Fountain’s Water

The next morning, I woke up abruptly, as if someone’s eyes were watching me sleep, I excused that feeling with the negative side of excess drinking. My head was throbbing, every tilt felt as if I had a little ball of metal, clinging inside.

Luckily I remembered I kept a bottle of water near my bed. Careful from unnecessary movements, I reached for the bottle and opened it. I enchanted the water, creating a healing substance.

For these events, these types of enchantments are perfect. They aren’t very powerful, I can’t make magical water to heal a mortal wound or deadly disease, but my enchanted water targets the alcohol, wraps around it and guides it out of my body.

When I enchant, I must have very detailed instructions for my magic. My severe headache was reduced to a mild case of a stuffy head. I’ll probably need to do this a few more times during the day.

As I put on a new shirt, I heard a knock on my door. It was Eloise. She asked me to join her in the courtyard for a little chit chat.

I grabbed my sunglasses from my desk and closed the door behind us and off we went. As we were walking she asked me to talk with my uncle Oliver and dust away the tension risen from my new appointment as headmaster.

Honestly, I don’t understand why my grandfather would want me as the headmaster, it does make every sense for Oliver to take over.

Oliver was waiting for us in the courtyard as we arrived. My grandmother has invited him earlier. We shook hands with a clenched smile, instead of saying hello to each other.

My uncle and I aren’t close, we used to be when I was young, but as I grew older, neither one of us has kept in touch with the other. It doesn’t sadden me anymore but it did make me wonder about the nature of our relationship, after all he is my blood family, we come from the same gene pool, but could that be the only thing keeping us in each other’s lives?

What importance does this person have in my life?

The three of us sat on the fountain’s rim, Eloise sat in the middle, acting as a mediator. Oliver asked about my first day as a headmaster. I shared with him only what I thought would bring the end of that conversation faster.

Everything was wonderful. It was clear by the reaction he had on his face, I wasn’t fooling him.

Very fast did Oliver shift his questions into reasons why I shouldn’t continue in my current role in the school. I wouldn’t admit this to him, but I agreed. After all, why me? Instead I argued it was the old man’s dying wish. We should respect it, and for whatever reason he decided my placement, it must have been well thought out.

I excused myself and left Eloise and Oliver to argue between themselves. I might have removed my headache from this morning, but it definitely came back with a boost.

On my way to the headmaster’s office, once again I felt someone’s eyes on my skin. I turned back to see if someone was lurking behind me, but no one was around.

I continued down the hallway and made it to the door, but before I could open it, Emmet appeared and blocked me from opening it. He flicked my sunglasses off my nose, adding it’s pointless to hide how hungover I am.

He gave me a bottle of water and commanded me to drink from it. I told him I already had healing water when I woke up. Emmet showed his teeth in a wide smile, he was filled with pride. It was him who taught me the healing water enchantment.

Emmet didn’t give up on his intention, and demanded I drink from his bottle.

As I drank, I started feeling much better, my dehydrated body and headaches have vanished. Although flattered I kept his trick, he said it wasn’t his enchanted water this time, but the waters streaming in the courtyard fountain. Instinctively, I spat out the water in my mouth.

Emmet revealed to me the courtyard fountain has different waters running through it.

He explained in the school there is a well-kept secret. One that cannot fall to the wrong hands... hands that have no obligation to the school can be very dangerous for everyone here.

Naturally I thought this was a joke, but Emmet grabbed my arm and pulled me with him, leading me back to the hallway I just crossed.

He said it needs to be seen, not heard, he repeated that to me all the way to the woods when I tried to ask questions.

When we reached a clearing in the woods he stopped. He looked around to see no one was near us and placed his hand on a tree in front of us.

The tree’s bark opened sideways, and a flight of stairs made from grey stone appeared within the tree, Emmet invited me to walk inside.

My grandfather, it seems, did hide a secret from our family.

I reached the bottom of the stairs, and I could not believe the sight before me. A tall golden light-house standing underground, the earth held in place above the light-house, creating a dome underneath the ground.

Emmet came down after me and placed his hand on my shoulder and took a deep breath. Isn’t she a beauty? he asked.

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