Desmond Hunt Stories: The Primus

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Entry 5: Answers

I contemplated during the night should I open the book again, I felt it would be wrong to do so. I patiently waited for the sunrise and once it arrived, I left my bedroom to the dining hall for breakfast.

There were a couple of people I knew who could explain the Primus. I knew exactly where I wanted to sit, next to Rossie, who was eating from a plate filled with cherries in the far corner of the hall.

I took a tray, put an apple on it and sat across Rossie. I tried asking her about the Primus but just as I began saying its name, she placed her hand on my mouth, she said we can’t talk here, only in private do we discuss the thing I learned of recently.

I wanted answers immediately, so she grabbed me and dragged me out the dining hall and up the stairs back to the main hall room. Her head went right and left to assure we’re alone.

I told her what happened when I opened the book, about my encounter with the four-eyed fox.

Rossie was confused, she asked if I was sure it was a four-eyed fox. I repeated what I said.

She looked truly baffled, I could see the wheels spinning in her head.

According to Rossie, the book doesn’t have magic in it, she assumed it would be easier for me to understand reading about the Primus with my grandfather’s handwriting. Rossie suggested I shouldn’t open the book again until we understand what happened.

Still with no answers, I reminded Rossie to begin a much needed explaining. She said we needed to go to the light-house, it will give us the freedom to talk about it openly.

We reached the Primus.

Rossie understood I wouldn’t be able to read my grandfather’s entries from the book.

Finally, I was given an answer; when my grandfather discovered the Primus he used to see the door too, he came up with a theory that a closed door with six keyholes requires six keys to open it. It fascinated him, he needed to find out what was hiding on the other side.

He built the school over it in order to stay close and guard the Primus while trying to find the keys.

Unfortunately, for my grandfather, on a day that seemed like any other, he stopped seeing the door and instead he began seeing a four-eyed fox. That day was also the first time I came to the school when I was child.

I asked Rossie why he would choose her and Emmet to reveal his most kept secret.

When Rossie and Emmet came to study here, the fox felt their presence, he instructed my grandfather to reveal its existence to them. My grandfather could continue his search because Rossie and Emmet could see the door, along with their keys.

I realized a disturbing fact, they were recruited during their studies, not after their graduation as I thought earlier.

My grandfather used to plead with the fox to reveal more, but it wouldn’t. The fox kept its silence until, according to Rossie, today.

When my grandfather died, Rossie and Emmet had a hunch I would see the Primus as it is, just as they saw it.

Rossie was recruiting me, the same way my grandfather recruited her. She asked me to help them find the keys, to end the mystery and discover what is behind the door.

The only logical answer was to refuse.

Learning my grandfather built this school in order to protect this object, that his main intention was this. He kept it hidden even from his own family. He involved children in this insanity.

A weird object that has no real features, almost as if it doesn’t have a place in this universe. Has anyone noticed this as a red flag?

I felt my breaking point and I banned Rossie and Emmet from ever setting foot in the light-house again or they can start looking for new positions in different schools. I do not want this thing to jeopardize the attending student body.

I reprimanded my grandfather and his disciples’ actions to Rossie.

I asked out loud, what would happen if the Primus would become unstable? This type of magic was never in my studies, or in anyone’s studies. I can feel this is different, as probably Rossie can too.

How could they do this when they have innocent lives above them? I should have fired her and Emmet at that moment, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt and believed it was my grandfather’s influence over them.

I am the headmaster of this school and the students will come first.

Rossie objected at first but I made clear of my instructions. If I find anyone down in the light-house, it will be their last day here.

We left together but took a different path when we went back to the main building. She went to her office and I went to mine.

I closed the office’s door behind me and took a deep breath, I focused my eyes on the floor until I could think again.

How could they be this stupid?

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