Desmond Hunt Stories: The Primus

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Entry 6: Ian

It’s been two and half months since I banned Rossie and Emmet from going back to the light-house. Neither has spoken to me, unless I had to approve something regarding school assignments.

I tried being friendly with the rest of the school’s staff, but everybody pretty much dislikes me, they think of me as an incompetent headmaster. Not like my grandfather, they think I’m a complete idiot with no credentials to be running the renowned Triskele.

The students and staff have left the school’s halls empty as they have gone for their winter break, they have finished their courses by mid-December.

My parents tried to convince me to join them on a beach holiday in the Caribbean, but as much as I love them, I wouldn’t go even if it brings world peace (a figure of speech of course).

Eloise went on some retreat for female witches. She said she was off to rediscover herself, which is great, I’m quite happy to see her… well, happy.

I found myself alone at the school. I have waited for this, I must admit.

During the afternoon I went for a jog around the school. As I passed the headmaster’s office I noticed someone at the window. I wasn’t alone after all. I changed my direction towards the building.

Before I walked inside the office, my heart began to pump faster, I recognized the cologne that lingered in the air.

The man in the window was Ian Gray, one of three Constellations, and the man I used to love.

The Constellations are a coven of three powerful witches. Eridia Forsyth, the first Constellation and the coven’s founder, she is an immortal. Lila Hawthorne, second in command, I’ve heard the stories about her, none are kind, and finally, Ian Gray- the heartless, I came up with his nickname.

They are named the Constellations as a reminder for witches to look up to them, to seek guidance from above, and so much bullshit when one encounters them.

They pretend to be kind and civil, but they most definitely are not. Everyone knows they rule with fear, and we oblige to their command because Eridia can’t be defeated, anyone who’s ever gone against her, has found they are no match to her.

Eridia offered Ian to join her coven, when a spot cleared up, while we were in a relationship, a happy one I thought, and because a Constellation can’t be preoccupied with a single person in his life, I couldn’t be a part of his anymore.

I believed he would choose me.

I accepted the headmaster’s position because of him. When Ian left me and my grandfather died a few months later, I had no one to return to from the funeral, I wasn’t planning to stay here and I wasn’t planning to leave, if that makes sense.

Inside the office, it felt time stopped moving. I wasn’t ready to see him again. Then again, I wasn’t ready for him to leave at all.

I missed his eyes, I was always captivated by his green eyes.

Ian walked over towards me. My muscles couldn’t move. He gently stroked my hair in one hand, the other firm around my waist. I could feel his chest, slowly raising and sinking. His lips came closer to mine. He asked for my permission to proceed.

I didn’t stop him. He moved his hands under my shirt, slowly lifting it while kissing my neck.

His lips… just as I remembered.

Soon enough we were on top of each other on my grandfather’s desk. Not my finest moment.

After we showered, Ian invited me to have lunch with him. I refused, I wasn’t thinking properly before, including having sex with him.

Everything we did was wrong. I needed him to leave.

I was hurt, and seeing Ian, is like a paper cut. At first you’re fine, you believe you were left unharmed, but then you see the blood coming out, your skin has been harmed. I realized I have an open cut. It’s also the worst kind, because just like the paper, I don’t think Ian meant to hurt me.

It just happens when someone becomes a Constellation.

Ian persisted. He grabbed my hands, and placed them around him. He said he missed being held by me. I took my hands off. Something felt different with Ian.

I asked for the reason he came; I knew he wasn’t here for me. I know Ian well enough to know when he wants someone and when he needs something from said someone.

He admitted the other Constellations sent him.

The Constellations felt a powerful surge of magic a few months ago, and managed to locate it to the Triskle. The school’s defense spells were probably the reason they couldn’t find it right away.

Ian was sent to gather information because of his previous relationship with me.

My anger intensified. How dare he show up to request my help? For my grandfather’s funeral he was absent, no calls, no cards, nothing. Absolutely nothing.

He used to be caring, the reason I fell in love with Ian was his faith in people. He always saw the potential in them rather than their accomplishment, and he reacted to each person he met with respect. This isn’t the same Ian standing before me.

I guessed what he was after, the only thing in this school that cannot be explained, the Primus. I will not hand it to them, simply because I don’t trust the Constellations. At that moment I realized that included Ian.

I lied and told him they made a mistake because nothing unusual happened in the school since I became headmaster. I asked him to leave.

Ian agreed to leave and said he will be staying in a guest-house near the school. He won’t leave until he has what he is looking for.

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