Desmond Hunt Stories: The Primus

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Entry 7: One Condition

The first thing I did after Ian left my office was pick up my phone and I called Rossie and Emmet. I demanded they come back immediately. I didn’t tell them why, only that they needed to.

A day later, both Emmet and Rossie were standing in my office, seemingly upset they were forced to return so soon from their vacation.

Without time to waste, I informed them the Constellations are after the Primus.

We won’t stand a chance if Eridia shows up, we need to find a way to remove the Primus from the Triskele.

Rossie started laughing at the idea. The Primus is ancient, probably more powerful than anything found on Earth. There is no spell strong enough to move it.

Regardless, we had to try, I enlisted these two because it was their mess. It did not matter to me where it would go, it just had to be somewhere that isn’t the Triskele.

Emmet was the first to understand I wouldn’t change my decision. He suggested we search for spells in the library.

Rossie dismissed it, our library contains ancient spells, but there was never a single mention to something remotely similar to the Primus.

Emmet argued back that he knew that fact as well, he meant we should search the Avalonian library.

A welcomed idea, it’s the largest witchcraft library in the world, if someone wrote about the Primus, there is a good chance it made it to that library.

The only downside I had to remind Emmet, is the library can be entered by only King Arthur’s descendants, and they stay hidden for a valid reason. Emmet revealed to us, he happens to know one.

With knowledge about where we could find a descendant, we packed a bag and soon left on a flight to Israel.

Emmet used to have a relationship with one of King Arthur’s descendants, her name is Juliana Haines. She isn’t a witch but according to Emmet, she can manipulate water with her mind.

She currently resides in the old port city of Jaffa.

We landed in the country’s airport, and hopped into a taxi outside. I sat in the back with Rossie, while long-legged Emmet sat in the passenger seat next to the driver.

Emmet gave him an address in Hebrew and under fifty minutes later we were standing outside a blue door.

I realized we were simply standing outside this door, I turned to Emmet and asked him if he’s planning on knocking on that door anytime soon.

He took a deep breath and raised his hand to knock, but he held himself, unable to knock. Rossie grew impatient than myself and knocked loudly for him.

We heard someone with a pair of heels coming down a flight of stairs. The door flung open.

A dark haired woman opened the door and immediately looked at Emmet with disbelief. Without warning, she lunged at Emmet, while shouting at him a few words I wouldn’t say out loud in front of Eloise. She is English...I didn’t expect that.

Rossie and I had to intervene and pull her away from him.

She broke free of our hold, composed herself and asked us to leave, any friend of Emmet isn’t her friend. She went back inside and closed the door with a bang.

I asked Emmet what on Earth could he have possibly done to that woman.

Emmet and Juliana met while on vacation a few years ago, for a while they maintained a long distance relationship. A year and a half that went on, until one day while he was staying with her in this house with a blue door, she proposed to him, to which he accepted, but the next day he felt he could not follow through with it and left without saying a word to her.

I asked Emmet to go somewhere nearby and we’ll find him later, Rossie and I will talk to Juliana.

I knocked on the door again. From the other side of the door, Juliana shouted we should leave her alone. I told her Emmet left and that

we could use her help. The students of the Triskele are in danger.

The door reopened, Juliana looked around to check Emmet was really gone.

Surprisingly, Juliana smiled at us, she apologized to us for seeing that side of her, Emmet is the only person in the world who can drive her into such madness. On behalf of both of us, Rossie told her we understand, she shouldn’t apologize at all.

Juliana was friendly without Emmet’ presence, she asked us to come inside and said she will heat up water for coffee.

While sitting in her kitchen we told her why we came and shared the secret of the Primus, the Constellations (I emitted Ian) and us needing her to help access the Avalonian library.

Juliana agreed under one condition.

Rossie and I found Emmet at a local coffee-house, sitting by himself. He asked about Juliana and we told him she had kindly agreed to help us, but in return he needed to do something for her. Rossie whispered in his ear the condition Juliana gave and then pointed to her, she was standing behind him.

He got up and faced Juliana. Without uttering a word, one by one, he began removing his clothes until he was in his birthday suit, in front of the people sitting in the coffee-house, who either laughed or became upset, some found it very appealing.

Juliana smiled, and peeked over Emmet to me and Rossie. She was ready to help us.

The three of us waited for Emmet outside, while he dressed himself in the bathroom. When he came out, Juliana declared she would not tolerate him talking to her. Anything he has to say to her, will go through me or Rossie. We all agreed.

Juliana asked us if we would like to have dinner and invited us back to her home. We had time before we could go to the Avalonian library. Our host informed us It’s not enough to have a descendant to open the doors, a full moon is required as well.

The next full moon would return to the sky in three nights.

Juliana showed me and Rossie to our rooms. Emmet, remembering his part in the agreement requested of Rossie to ask Juliana where he would be staying. Juliana pointed at a chair with a blanket in the backyard.

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