Desmond Hunt Stories: The Primus

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Entry 8: Jaffa

We had three days before we would be able to open the gateway to the Avalonian library, Juliana had taken it upon herself to show us the hidden gems of Jaffa during the day, and where to party in the city of Tel Aviv during the night.

Night after night, we went clubbing across the city and came back to Juliana’s home at sunrise, entirely exhausted of the activities we had done.

At first I was hesitant, after all, what we’re planning is to go against the Constellations. Instead, we were partying.

Juliana helped us calm our nerves and urged us to have fun while we had time. She convinced us there is nothing much to do until the full moon arrives, we’re in a new city, we’re young, and she noticed I was constantly walking with a certain sadness. Rossie agreed with her. If we’re to die at some point, at least we should have fun before it happens.

Everyone knew Juliana, everywhere we went. They treated her as if you would treat a loved family member. In connection to her, they treated us the same.

For a short period of time, we were living in a bubble, our little dome in which I’m not the headmaster of the Triskele, Rossie and Emmet aren’t angry with me (or at least not showing any signs of resentment) and from the outside, it can be perceived we’re just a group of friends vacationing in this beautiful city by the ocean.

Rossie had found herself tangled between a married couple she met at the first club we went to. Seeing her happy, enjoying her night, it suddenly became clear, I wasn’t the only one carrying sadness with them. I decided not to approach her about what I saw, as she looked relieved.

Over time, Juliana began answering directly to Emmet’ questions, then actively talking to him. At some point, Rossie and I caught Emmet leaving Juliana’s bedroom barely dressed. He asked us not to speak about it and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

And myself? I couldn’t stop thinking about Ian. We used to do this, we were the couple who went out and were the life of the party. We used to love meeting new people, going on adventures together, in cities or in nature. We used to be people who were really fun.

On the morning of the expected full moon, Juliana took me on a walk on the Jaffa promenade. She bought us two fruit shakes from a vendor and handed me one. Nothing helps the heart like a strawberry-banana shake, her words, not mine.

Juliana wondered about the man who took away my future with him. She said it was obvious because I carried around the same face she had when Emmet left her.

I shared Ian with her.

We traveled in Iceland by ourselves, and met for the first time under the aurora borealis, neither has seen before the glowing sky phenomena. Both of us were amazed by the fact it was a natural part of the world. Under those lights we kissed for the first time.

The northern lights to us, is the closest you can achieve to see magic without actually it being magical.

From that night on, we were inseparable. We traveled the world together, we grew kumara in New Zealand, danced on the stage of the opera house in Sydney, and raved in a Berlin nightclub.

The world is filled with natural beauty and wonder, but to me, the best parts were the flights, sitting next to Ian, holding his arm while watching films. We shared one pair of earbuds, because mine broke and I never bothered to buy new ones.

We learned about each other, we discovered each man’s strengths and weaknesses together, and we experienced magic no one could teach us.

A year of traveling ended with us settling in his house in northern Spain.

We began building our life in Bilbao. Ian worked for a coven who worked on spells to remove pollution from the air, and I opened a bar in the city, a safe place for witches, which I named it Aurora.

Juliana stopped and couldn’t believe I was the owner of Aurora, she said on every trip to Spain, she makes it to Aurora, it’s her favorite hangout in the country.

I reminded her we enchanted the ceiling to appear as the glowing northern lights. Witches would come in for a drink and would stay mesmerized by the sight.

On weekends, Ian would surprise me with a new wine crate to sell in the bar, we would open a bottle, go up to our rooftop and watch the sunset.

I used to say the amount of love we had, sometimes would scare me, how it is possible to love someone more than the day before, I couldn’t believe I get to live my life with him.

That is why I still don’t understand how Ian could accept the Constallations’ offer to join them.

We were standing on the rooftop, having drank a bottle of wine, and out of the blue he said he’s leaving to join the Constellations. He couldn’t let this opportunity pass him. I thought he was joking, and dismissed it but when he opened the door, I realized he was serious. I ran to him and I began reminding him it was us; we aren’t us without each other. I begged him to rethink his decision. He didn’t pack any bags, he didn’t take anything, he just went out the door and never returned.

That evening and many afterwards, I spent wondering what I could have done to push him away.

Juliana stopped, she used her napkin to wipe off the tears, I didn’t notice they’d fallen. She proceeded to hug me.

We share a similar story, both of us were left broken by men we trusted the most.

We ended our little walk at a plaza, located between buildings. Juliana handed me a coin and said to toss it into the fountain. For all souls who lost their love out there, she said.

I asked her if she could hold my other hand, and without hesitating, she held it in hers. I took a deep breath, and tossed the coin into the water.

A silent wish broke out, even though he is gone, I wished for him to return.

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