Desmond Hunt Stories: The Primus

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Entry 9: The Five of Us

Juliana and I walked back to her home in the late afternoon. We arrived just as Rossie was saying goodbye to the couple she met.

We gave them privacy and quietly walked past them into the house.

Emmet was in the backyard reading a travel book about Israel. He raised his eyes from the book, to see us come back and asked to speak with Juliana alone. I took that as my que to go, and left them in favor of a much needed shower.

After stepping out of the tub, I dried off, put on clothes and joined the group in the backyard.

Rossie made a margarita pitcher for us, they had their glasses half empty. I poured for myself into the last remaining glass, and cut myself a lemon wedge.

Juliana thought she heard something, she looked at the wall behind her, there was nothing there. Rossie asked if everything was alright. Juliana turned back to us and said it was probably nothing.

Unexpectedly, Juliana raised her hands and snakes of water rapidly slithered from the garden’s hose, she slammed the water into the wall and they wrapped around something invisible, shaped like a person.

Juliana yelled at the figure to reveal who they are, or their bones will become dust.

All of us stood in our place, ready to attack the intruder.

As the invisibility wore off, I realized who was wrapped up and I leaped between Juliana and Ian. I had to intervene, even if it is him.

Juliana wouldn’t release him, she reminded me he’s a Constellation and the bastard who walked out on me. She was right, we couldn’t let him go just yet. I turned to him, and punched him in his face.

Ian deserved that, yet he didn’t want to stop us. He admitted to hiding a recorder in my office. I punched him again (He deserved that one as well). He knows our plan but hasn’t told Eridia or Lila, instead he wanted to help me move the Primus, then he will inform the other Constellations.

The options? Let him go and let him join us. I wanted to believe he hasn’t changed for the worse.

Ian taught me that loving someone is not to give up, under any circumstance, you try every time and hope for the best.

I told Juliana to let him go, if he betrays us, I will be responsible to handle him. She understood and dropped him on the floor.

I grabbed Ian inside, I warned him if he does something to hurt these people, I will keep my word to Juliana, I will hurt him the same way.

He has taken enough from me, whatever good is left inside him, I hope that part will be with us.

I took Ian back to my bedroom to give him a dry set of clothes. He tried to talk to me but I walked out before he could and joined the rest outside. Minutes later he joined us as well.

The five of us could still feel tension in the air.

Rossie suggested we finish our drinks and she poured one for Ian. With the full glass she gave him, she gave him a warning too, in case he plans on screwing us over, she alone will grab him and make sure his testicles will be ripped violently from his body.

Ian drank from his glass and accepted her terms.

I wasn’t planning on drinking margaritas with Ian so I grabbed my stuff and went out for a walk. Rossie and Emmet followed me outside. I told them it wasn’t necessary, they disagreed with me.

We walked to the beach, not a single word exchanged between us. They waited for me to speak first, I didn’t want to.

We sat on the concrete steps, looking out into the ocean.

Emmet was the first to break the silence. Although we haven’t spoken properly since I banned them from going to the light-house, he assured me he would be there for me, no matter the circumstances we will find ourselves.

They didn’t plan on not speaking to me for so long, all of us were at fault for letting it drag as long as it did. In the end, as they have decided, they will not leave me. He recalled we made a pact when we were younger, if we fall or rise, we do it together.

I remember that day in school, Emmet accidentally blew up a classroom after a spell backfired on him. My grandfather was so angry that day, and I saw how scared Emmet was. We both took the blame, and both had to clean up the entire school for a month.

We kept getting into trouble a few more times, and we kept doing our punishments together.

We also lifted each other, when I was younger I was terrible with my enchantments, Emmet sat with me every night for months until I realized how to perform them properly. I was awarded most improved, and I asked Emmet to join me on stage because it was both of us who achieved it.

Of course, we’re not in school anymore. The things we did in the Triskele are dwarfed compared to our life today. It doesn’t get easier, but we become better.

If we fall or rise, we do it together.

Rossie called me a dick, but she can understand why I banned them. If this friendship lasts, we need to trust each other. She was right.

I have realized I have been pushing people away, I could have handled matters better than I did. For that I apologized.

I turned to Emmet, I never apologized for leaving a decade earlier, but he cut me off. He said it wasn’t necessary because it doesn’t matter, not anymore. Brothers don’t need to explain.

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