Wait For It: A Royal Wolfe Story (EDITED/COMPLETE)

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Mature Content. 18+ Leigh has a secret. Jace is about to become Alpha. Garrett is already an Alpha. Samantha indulges her Alpha's fantasies. Olivia is fighting her feeling for Jace. Mychael is oblivious to everything around him. Sarah is the pack whore. Oliver is jealous of them all. Welcome to Wolfe High. Where three of the strongest wolf packs in America combine to train their cubs to one day take over. Lust, love and heartache are in store as the future leaders approach the age of 18. Some will get their hearts desire as they find their mate while others will be left wishing for more. There are secrets surrounding all of their future as they Wait For It to happen...

Fantasy / Erotica
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Prologue: Night Terrors


May include Explicit Language, Mental and Physical Abuse, and Sexually Explicit Descriptions. Read at your own RISK.

This is my third story that I am posting. Constructive criticism is always welcome, please do not shame or bash my story. If you DO NOT like it or it's Mature Content then please do not read it. I am doing this for fun, I have always enjoyed writing, so please do not ruin my good time.

I will NOT warn you when Mature Content is coming. I want you to be as taken by surprise as my characters are in the moment.

Prologue: Night Terrors (Rachel’s POV)

16 Years Ago

"Ahhh... Mommy. I'm scared. Mommy. Help me." My little boy cries in the night as he awakes from his slumber.
I open the door with a slight crash. I didn’t have much to drink tonight, but after celebrating and only a few hours of sleep I feel a bit off-kilter. My mate, Jameson, follows behind me into the kid’s room. His tousled thick brown bed head looks devilishly sexy. He smirks at me, knowing I am checking him out. We have been trying for a second pup but have yet to achieve that goal.

I reach out for my crying pup. He has been waking about this time every night from nightmares. I'm not sure what caused it but they started about a month ago and have yet to let up.

"There's mommy's baby. Did you have a nightmare? Honey. Shh... It's ok." Cooing to my 2-year-old boy, Jace, who is crying in my arms. He is the spitting image of his daddy. Not that he needed a look-alike being a twin already.

"I can't believe she is still asleep. I'm surprised that the entire house isn't awake." James jokes looking over to the toddler bed where a black-haired 2-year-old girl sleeps. If you didn’t know any better you would think she was mine. She looks just like me.

That's what happens when one set of twins mates with another set of twins. We look identical and our kids can be mistaken for each others. My sister, Rebecca, mated with Jefferson Wolfe who is the Alpha King, that makes her the Luna Queen. They wanted us to be their Betas in the Royal Court but unlike my sister I didn’t want the extra responsibility, power, or grief. I am happy just being the Luna of Silver Crescent.

"They would be if they weren't so hammered." I reply back, while rocking a calming Jace in my arms. "They deserve it. We all do. After successfully shutting down the rogue problem in the area. We all needed to let our hair down."

"I just wish we found who brought so many of them together."

"I know. Me too." I agreed.

"What's that smell? Do you smell smoke?" He asks while opening the bedroom door. There were flames as tall as him on the other side. "Window now. Grab the kids." We are lucky we are only on the second floor. I climbed down first and James handed down first the girl, then our boy, and follows after them.

"I have to go back. Stay with the kids." He announces while he turned back to the mansion that is now engulfed in flames.

As he takes his first step forward the roof caves in. "You can't it's gone. If they are still in there, they are gone too." Our family our friends are gone.

"NOOOOOO! I refuse to believe it. My brother. Your sister. They can't be gone. The whole Royal Court can't be gone." I hold on to the sleeping princess in my arms. She can’t be an orphan now. She can’t be all that’s left.
Jameson wraps an arms around me. I feel his body shake. He has lost his best friend. Same as me. We have lost our family.

I feel numb. All I can do now is make sure the only piece of them that is left is taken care of. That she is prepared to rule when the time comes. There is no avoiding it for her. She will have no choice. She will be our Queen. She will be all of our future.

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