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Leora Fox moved from New York to Virginia. She hoped to live a peaceful life but was not expecting what had happened. She is now entangled with the Primordials werewolf Kace and life has taken a sudden change. Will she find the secrets about herself along the way.

Fantasy / Romance
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Today I was moving. I had always lived in New York, but my dad has business trips often and didn’t feel like it was safe for me to stay here alone.

“You will love Virginia.” He said packing the last box into the car.

“Yah right, I barely made friends here and we are moving.” I put one a sweater and got into the front seat.

My name is Leora. My mom named me that because it was my grandma’s name. I was born in December. I was turning 17 this year.

My dad got in and started the engine. The drowsiness started to hit and I laid my head on the window. I don’t know how long I slept, but I knew we where almost there.

“Leora we will get there in an hour.” Dad said as he passed by a checkpoint.

“Cool.” I looked out the window and saw lots of trees. In New York you could only see tall buildings and cars. It was too silent.

I took out my headphones and started playing my music. Soon enough the trip didn’t seem too bad. I always liked it when it was not loud.

We drove and took a few stops for snacks. It felt like the old times when mom took us on road trips.

We stopped at a big house. I wouldn’t consider myself rich but we were well off. In fact it was free because it was grandma’s house. The house was two stories and had a porch. I didn’t see any neighbors anywhere so I felt calm.

“Do you want to pick a room first?” Dad asked with a big smile.

I knew he was doing this for my sake.

“Ok.” I grabbed my bookbag, suitcase, purse, and box. I slowly walked in trying to not drop anything. I put somethings down and opened the door. I picked it up and walked in.

The smell of old wood was everywhere. I crept slowly up the stairs and looked at all the rooms. There where three bedrooms and a bathroom. I passed by the master bedroom and walked to the end of the hall. I saw a door open there.

I opened the door with my foot and placed everything down. The room had a nook by the window and was a good size. It also had a bathroom which was convenient. I threw my bags on the ground placed the box on the desk, and jumped on the bed.

I suddenly got up.

I didn’t know my room faced the garden!

I walked to the nook and saw a tree that reached the window.

I could reach it and climb down to the garden to read.

I felt existed at the realization.

I opened the window and reached out to touch it. Suddenly howls could be heard in the forest ahead of me.

I retracted my hand and backed away. I closed the window and peeked out. I saw a shadow in the forest. I couldn’t tell what it was but I could see the eyes. It was golden and sharp. It seemed to look through me.

I closed the curtains and ran down stairs.

“Dad, do wolves usually go near people?” I asked.

“Not unless you are in their territory.” My dad said cleaning out our car.

“Oh.” I looked back at the forest. The eyes were gone.

“You will be starting school tomorrow, get some sleep.” He turned to me and rubbed my head.

“Ok.” I turned back to the house.

That was just my imagination.

Kace’s POV-

“Someone moved in.” Noah said with a warning tone.

“Where?” I said

“In the house behind the pack’s hunting grounds.” He said looking worried.

“I though we already bought the house?” Simon said jumping into the conversation.

“We didn’t, and the owner’s are back.” Noah said shoving Simon away with a growl.

“Give me a background check.” I said turning away from my two best friends.

I need to go hunt.

I transformed into my black wolf and ran to the forest. I stayed there until I found a deer. I stayed until I felt full and turned to go.

A sweet smell wafted to my nose. It was beautiful and alluring.

Suddenly I heard my Wolf shout.


My pack howled as they felt the connection of my future Luna. We wouldn’t be able to sense her because she was human, we could only felt her presence.

I turned and ran following the scent. I saw a window and a girl leaning over. She had curly brown hair and caramel skin. She looked up and I saw her grey eyes.

We stared at each other until she suddenly backed up and closed the curtains. I listened to her run down and out the door.

“Dad, do wolves usually go near people?” I heard a clear voice. It was nice to listen to.

I continued listening until I realized she would be going to school. The only school in this zone was the one that I also go to with my pack. Humans also went there but they never went near us.

I made a link with Noah. Do we have a new student?

He replied quickly. Yes, a girl named Leora Fox. She is in the same year as us even though she is a year younger. Her father is an engineered named Samuel Fox. He will be goes on a business trip tomorrow. He has notified the school to watch over her while he is gone. They are also the new resident you wanted to know about.

I stayed silent as I walked home.

I will see you tomorrow Leora Fox.

I changed back and grabbed some pants and jumped into my bedroom window. As expected my mother was there.

“You have a mate now, so be careful.” She said as she saw me come in.

I was not from a normal pack. I am a special breed of werewolves called Primordials. We were stronger, and faster in everything we do. I also had heightened senses. We kept ourselves isolated in small packs because we sometimes get out of control.

My pack has seven members. Noah and Simon. Simon has a mate who lives with us named May. There is also another girl named Amber that joined us a few years ago. Amber had a sister named Caroline that comes and goes. I also had a young boy in my pack that I saved from a rouge, he only speaks to me.

Simon and Noah left their old pack to join me because we had a connection bounding us together. Now their luna was here so it has become stronger.

“I know mom.” I said going to the bathroom for a shower.

My pack often moved around so now we were temporarily staying at this location. My parents came over for a vacation before school started, and plan to leave tomorrow.

"I will see what I can do." I closed the door.

*A/N- Ok guys this is a very rushed chapter and I hope you can forgive me. I will try to make this smoother after I come back to edit it. After this the story will be smooth sailing. Have a good day!

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