The Witching War (girlxgirl)

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Chapter 2: Delta Capricorni

“Oh, Samara, I was just on my way to my room. I didn’t mean to bother you, again,” Aida mumbles in apology to the agitated apprentice. She can feel her heart constricting at the thought of Samara not wanting to see her. Aida can’t help but feel foolish knowing Samara has never given any indication that she enjoyed her company, but she’s always had a lingering hope that maybe she could win her over somehow. After hearing Aida’s apology, Samara almost looks apologetic herself, but says nothing. As Aida rushes past her retreating to her room, she gets the distinct feeling that someone is watching her. When she glances back to where she left Samara, the girl was already disappearing around the corner. How strange. Aida continues to her room, trying to shake the feeling that someone’s eyes are on her. She slips into her room and quickly shuts the door behind her.

Aida strides across her room to her bathroom and stops in front of the mirror. She lets her wavy brunette hair loose to fall in dark waves down her back. She watches herself as she pulls her clothes from her body and lets them fall to the floor around her. Aida scrutinizes her body, turning and twisting to see all of herself. She strokes the porcelain skin of her face and studies the curve of her full lips and the edge of her jaw.

I wonder what my mother looked like. Do I look like she did? Or maybe my father? Do I have other family out there? I wish I knew what they would think of me, now. The Crown Princess of Sidus. A talented Sorceress. Would they be proud? Would they love me? Ahh... my head.

Aida puts her two fingers to each temple and clamps her eyes shut to ward off the pain of the oncoming headache. The telltale sign that she’s thought about her old life for too long. A loud knock on the door of her chambers startles her. She hastily grabs her silk, navy dressing gown and pulls it on before rushing to the door. Who could that possibly be? Elsie? She pulls open the door and is met by a beautiful woman, one of her few regular nightly visitors, or daily, it hardly matters to Aida. The woman in the doorway is wearing only a dressing gown of her own; not at all appropriate for walking the halls of the castle. Her creamy golden skin is illuminated by the soft lanterns in the hallways and her dark brown eyes hold a signature mischievous glint. Zelina. You’re right, universe, maybe I do need a distraction.

Aida steps to the side and allows Zelina to sweep past her into the room, she grabs Aida’s hand and pulls her towards the bed; a hand already on the rope of her dressing gown ready to tug it open. Zelina’s sultry lips lock with Aida’s, the excitement of their lips meeting elicits a shock from Aida’s fingertips. Oops. Zelina laughs into the heated kiss and returns a shock of her own to Aida’s now exposed nipples Aida moans and throws her head back in response to the sensation. “Wait,” Aida breaths out, “I was just about to bathe... the water should still be warm.” Zelina is already pulling her towards the tub before she can finish her sentence.

The beauty pushes Aida down into a chair in front of the floor-length mirror. Aida watches as Zelina teasingly, seductively removes her dressing gown and lets it float to the floor behind her. Aida nearly drools as she takes in Zelina’s supple breasts and expertly sculpted curves. The light hits her body in just the right angles, giving her womanly figure an ethereal glow. She prowls towards Aida like a huntress after her prey. Aida clenches her thighs in anticipation, fighting to keep from squirming. She knows any sign of weakness and Zelina will eat her alive. It’s why she’s her favorite. Aida holds her breath as Zelina circles behind her; she grips Aida’s chin from behind her and lifts her head roughly to look into the mirror. Aida eyes lock with Zelina’s and her heart nearly stops. She holds her breath as she watches flames spark from the fingertips of the woman’s free hand.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart. It’ll only sting for a moment. Promise I’ll heal you,” Zelina whispers huskily into Aida’s ear sending violent shivers down her spine. Heal. Sama-No! Now is not the time. Aida yelps as Zelina trails a fiery fingertip from the crook of her neck making a trail south between her exposed breasts. She screws her eyes shut as a mixture of moans and hisses escape her throat. “Open your eyes, now. I want you to watch,” Zelina commands. Aida immediately complies and meets her eyes in the mirror again. The intensity makes her want to shrivel away; she’s barely clinging to reality as it is.

Zelina’s fiery trail stops just below Aida’s navel, “Up.” Aida scrambles to her feet, she cringes when she realizes her juices are now dripping down her thighs and she hasn’t even been touched there yet. How embarrassing. As if Zelina can read her mind, she smiles a devilish smile and drops to her knees in front of the Princess. Aida’s legs quiver expectantly. She looks around for something to grab but comes up short. Zelina and Aida make eye contact just before Zelina slips a long, lithe finger over Aida’s center. She pulls it back and runs her tongue up her finger before sticking it in her mouth to suck the remaining juices off. “Zelina... please, stop teasing,” Aida pants. What did I need distraction from again? Aida shudders and tilts her head back, awaiting contact.

Zelina nudges Aida’s clenched thighs apart and goes to work with her skilled tongue. She swirls around and sucks Aida’s swollen clit, moans echo through the chambers. Zelina reaches her left hand up to shock Aida’s hardened nipple while she inserts the other inside her soaked center, massaging her g-spot with two fingers while she continues working her tongue, steadily increasing the pressure. Within moments, Aida unravels in a fit of screaming moans before collapsing into a trembling heap onto the floor. “So, you still want that bath, sweetheart?” Zelina teases. She helps Aida into the bath and follows behind her, taking her time to heal Aida’s burns and scratches while she recovers from her shattering orgasm. Aida struggles to keep her eyes open as Zelina washes her body for her, she’s always loved how no matter how rough she gets, Zelina takes care of her afterwards.

Zelina and Aida make their way towards the bed, still naked and feeling refreshed. “You’re staying tonight?” she asks Zelina. Sometimes Zelina won’t stay, she says she likes to keep her distance and she doesn’t like attachments. Aida respects that, but she secretly wishes she would stay, anyways. Zelina answers by crawling into bed beside her and pulling her into a cuddle. “Goodnight, Aida, go to sleep now. I’m not in the mood for questions,” Zelina says. Aida knows better, Zelina hates when she tries to talk about feelings or emotions after sex. With a sigh, Aida lets her eyes drift shut and allows sleep to take her.


When Aida wakes the next morning, Zelina is gone, as usual. She groans and stretches, a long, shaky stretch. She winces when she realizes she’s sore from last night. Butterflies swarm her stomach at the memory of Zelina’s hot mouth on her. Aida crawls out of bed and dresses herself in her favorite maroon gown and brushes her morning hair into its regular glossy waves. Satisfied with her reflection, Aida leaves her chambers. She’s running late for the war council meeting with her mother and the members of the council. Her mother insists she come to them each morning they have one, so she’s prepared in case she needs to be.

As she makes her way down the wide, empty hallway, she looks out the open windows and takes in the scenery. Snow covered mountains surround Meliora on every side and miles of snow-blanketed forest separate the base of the mountains and the castle grounds. Fluffy snowflakes drift lazily down adding to piles of fresh, sparkling snow that wasn’t there yesterday. Aida loves the snow; she loves the way it coats everything, even the dirty, ugly things, and makes them look pure and new. Sometimes she wishes it would do that to her, too, but she knows humans are far more complex than nature in that aspect.

An icy breeze rushing through an open window envelops her, sending goosebumps crawling up her arms. The distinct feeling that someone is watching her returns. Aida swivels around searching for any sign of life in the halls, but they’re empty, aside from her. She cautiously approaches the window and lets sparks of electricity jump across her fingers as she peers out onto the castle grounds. A few guards mill around and a bird caws overhead, but nothing else stands out.

Feeling silly, Aida lets out a breath she didn’t know she was holding. Clearly, this is all in my head. I must just be anxious about the impending gathering for my introduction. “Zoraida?” Aida jumps at the sound of her name and whirls around to shoot sparks at the intruder. “What are you doing?! Are you insane?” Samara exclaims after narrowly dodging her attack. You have to be kidding me. Way to woo the girl, Aida, electrocute her. “Samara! I’m so sorry, I... I thought you were someone else,” she stammers. Samara’s hard look waivers for a brief moment, “Who were you expecting, Zoraida? Are you in some sort of danger?” she queries. If I say yes, would that make me look better? Aida furrows her brow in contemplation for a moment too long before responding, “No, no, I just was startled. That’s all. I’ve been uneasy with all of the guests staying here for the announcement.” Samara wearily nods her head and carries on her way. Great, now I’m REALLY late. Mother is going to slaughter me.

By the time Aida arrives to the meeting of the war council, they’re already wrapping up. She hesitantly meets her mother’s eyes and the look she finds makes her wonder if it’s possible to die via glare. She lingers outside the doorway as the others exit, waiting for her mother to inevitably call her in and reprimand her. “Zoraida, come here, sit. There better be a damned good explanation for your absence this morning. I should warn you, the fact you’re still alive means there is no excuse good enough,” Sidera scolds. Aida slinks into the room and sits across from her at the table. She chews on a few lies she could tell, but she knows it’s futile. “I’ve heard the whole castle whispering tales of your late-night adventures. Seems someone overheard and, well, you know how gossip spreads through the castle. You wouldn’t dare be late because of a lady caller, though, right?” Bloody hells. Aida sits silently, knowing her mother already knows, there’s no use denying it.

A booming, cheerful voice shatters the tension in the room, “Zoraida! You minx. It’s a crying shame, princess can’t even satisfy her lovers without the whole castle knowing.” Yikes, not sure I’d say that I did much satisfying last night. “Aunt Celeste! I’m so glad you’re back! I would’ve liked it if maybe you came after this died down... but I’m glad, nonetheless,” Aida replies to the spirited Celeste. Celeste is a tall, muscular woman with chin-length ash blonde hair and clear, blue eyes. Her once smooth face now has a few age lines, but she’s still an attractive woman. Despite her cheerful persona, she’s more deadly than anyone Aida’s ever seen. Though she isn’t her real aunt, she’s referred to her as Aunt Celeste for as long as she can remember.

Celeste shoots a wink towards Aida and turns to Sidera, “Sid, come on, let the girl enjoy the last of her freedom sexing beautiful women. She’ll have plenty of time for war councils in the future,” she turns to me, “Get out of here, kid. I’ll deal with your ornery mother, for now.”

You don’t have to tell me twice. Gods be with you, Celeste.

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