The Lost White Rose

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Chapter 18

What a weird way to react after you’ve been attacked. He’s probably just in shock. I look up and the clouds are darker, and it’s chillier. It takes me a few minutes to return to our house and when I enter I see Grayson asleep on the couch, I turn to see the fire burning in the chimney.

I make my way towards him and sit on the floor next to him. His face is scrunched up, like he’s having a nightmare. I trace a finger down the side of his face and he relaxes. Now a days he only looks peaceful when he’s asleep or when he’s with me. Other than that he always has a scowl.

His eyes flutter open and I smile softly, I need to apologize to him.

“Hey,” I say softly. I take his hand in mine and kiss it. “I’m sorry Gray, I’m sorry for everything that I said. I understand why you worry so much.”

He sat up, taking me in his arms before he said, “No Alaïa, I’m the one that’s sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel like an unworthy person when you’re so much more. You are strong and courageous. Anyone else would’ve ran at the sight of trouble but you’re standing in front of the problem. You’re protecting your loved ones. I’m proud to have a mate like you.”

I snuggled into his embrace, taking in his warmth and love. “I will tell you one thing though, try to be patient with me. I will try to control my urges, but sometimes my instinct to protect hits me hard and Asher comes out.”

“I will be patient, always.” I looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back. “What is it, you’re always up to something.” He says.

“You know that was our first fight.” He nods.

“It was terrible and I hope it never happens again. I was terrible, and I apologize.”

“Gray, we were both under a lot of pressure and we let our frustrations out on each other. I’m glad we talked it out though.”

“I know, and it was the worst feeling. Let’s never do that again tesoro.” He said, connecting his forehead with mine.

He put his hands under my thighs and stood up, I leaned in and kissed him- no I devoured him. He carried me a few feet from the fire place and placed me gently on the carpeted floor.

He nudged my legs apart, kneeling between me. He looked down at me, giving me a heated stare while unbuttoning his shirt. I reached in between my legs to relieve myself but Grayson growled pinning my hands on top of my head.

He crashed his lips to mine, his hands touching me everywhere. He ripped my bra, while trailing kisses from my jaw to where his mark was.

I was a withering mess under him and he chuckled, “Always so needy, tesoro.”

“Grayson, please.”

He traced my nipple with his finger, and I arched into him, needing to feel him. He then took my nipple in his mouth and sucked. I cried out, needing him in me.

He quickly took off the rest of his clothes and took my skirt off. He then trailed kisses down my stomach, nibbling and kissing, lower, lower, until he reached my entrance. His chest was heaving rapidly, his pupils were so dilated I could barely see his beautiful brown color.

He licked me so tortuously slow that I started saying incoherent things through the bond.

“Mmm,” He groaned, while still licking me. His tongue circled my clit in fast circles, I grabbed him by the hair and pushed him down grinding into his face. My legs started shaking, I’m so close. He then sucked my clit and I yelled out as he kept going. I saw stars behind my eyes as I came down from my high.

“Open your eyes,” I didn’t realize I had closed them. His lips were glossy and his hair wild. My legs were shaking uncontrollably. I pulled him down crashing my lips to his not caring that I tasted myself on his lips.

He pulled me on top of him, I think he enjoys it when I’m on top of him. He smacked my ass and growled. “You’re in trouble now, tesoro.”

He entered me hard and fast and I gasped at the fullness.

“Fuck,” He grunted, his eyes closing and his grip on my hips tightening. I grabbed him by his broad shoulders and started bouncing on him. He sat up and took my nipple in his mouth as he grabbed my hips and moved me faster.

He was hitting a deeper spot that had shivers going up my spine. He crashed his lips with mine, devouring each others moans and groans.

Faster, harder, deeper. Everything was so intense I forgot where I was, and who I was. I didn’t know where it started and where it ended. I was lost in a void of pleasure. Grayson tensed under me and shouted my name as he finished inside me.

He kissed my forehead as he wrapped his arms around me and held me against him. I was a trembling mess, but Grayson always knew how to stop them by rubbing his hand up and down soothingly.


After we took a nice relaxing bath, that was very much needed after the long day we had we were cuddled in bed. As usual Grayson was in my boobs.

“You know you have a pillow right?” I told him as he put a leg over the rest of my body. I think he does is it to protect me unconsciously, to shield me if anything were to enter this room.

“I know, but I prefer these.” I rolled my eyes. “I love you Alaïa, with all my heart and I will do anything to protect you.” He said looking up at me, I ran my hands through his hair and answered.

“I love you, Grayson. And I will do anything in the world to keep you safe.”


“Sir Marcos is in a cell, seems like he disrespected the Alpha and got himself thrown to the cells.” Says a warrior, who’s name I don’t know.

“That idiot. At least I already have someone else in there that will get the job done faster. Get Marcos out of those cells and bring him over here, I need him here not over there.”

“Copy-that sir.” With that he walks out of my office.

I will finally bring down the happy couple, and they won’t suspect a thing. They will never know what’s coming for them.

“Let’s hope your son gets the job done,” I say to the witch that works for me. “Or else he knows what’s going to happen.”

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