The Lost White Rose

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Chapter 5

It’s been 3 months since I left “home”. Three months and my whole life changed. I now live in Carmel. Which is such a beautiful place with nothing but endless forests and cold weather. It’s like living in the middle of nowhere. I got to know my dad a lot better, he acts like the tough almighty Alpha but with me he’s a playful goofball and I love it. He’s taught me so much over the span of 3 months, like how to pull my inner wolf out, to shift basically. It was horrid and painful because of how suppressed my wolf was. Regular wolves shift at the age of 15 if they feel safe to come out and if they’re around their kind. My wolf…Saphira…suppressed herself to keep me safe. She was always their in the back of my mind… our mind and when she finally came out she didn’t feel right. She was slowly losing herself but my dad helped us through it all.

Turns out every time my eyes would become golden it was her coming out to defend me. She is very feisty and sassy which is a complete opposite of me, so that was pretty horrible at first but now we’re on the same page. I do feel for her, she told me she saw all the horrible things that happened to me and when she tried to help it would take all her strength. She described it as a wall blocking her from me and when she pulled through for seconds all her energy left. She blames herself but I’ve reassured her that it wasn’t her fault and she would help me when she would pull through.

She is very attached to my dad’s wolf Max because she knows how much we suffered without them. Saphira and Max feel like they can’t live without each other because of how much they suffered, like when Max tried to contact her in the day of the accident and she didn’t respond it broke him. It hurt her because she couldn’t communicate with Max to tell him that she was in there. I know the bond they have is inseparable and so is mine with my dad, we’ve grown very close.

He’s has taught me how to fight in both human and wolf form which has been hard because wolves are super athletic, and I’m out of shape. So I’m barely getting the hang of things, it’s hard to get in sync with Saphira when fighting but we’re taking it one day at a time.

Ever since I left I’ve felt liberated and free, I feel like I can finally be me. I can finally walk and talk without being judged, I finally know how to be happy all the time…and be liberated. I’ve never felt happier to be alive. My life has now started and I can’t wait to see what the Moon Goddess has in store for me.

My mom and Maddy come twice a month to visit. She doesn’t want Laila to suspect, they tell her they visit me in college. It was weird the first time they came, I was just getting adjusted with Saphira and I didn’t want to see my own mother. That was a feeling I never thought would happen, I asked my dad why I was feeling like that and he said it wasn’t me it was Saphira. That’s when she told me how she felt, she didn’t want to see her because it’s her fault we were in this situation. I told her my mom had to make some hard decisions to keep me safe, so she had no fault. It was in the past so we had to move on. She did and well the first time they came I didn’t push her to come out and meet them. The second time they visited she wanted to meet them…it went better than expected.

As I lay in bed I think back to the dreams I’ve been having it’s the same guy, he always comes up to me and says “you’re my mate, you’re mine” and I always respond with “then take me” and I wake up. I’ve been having these dreams for six months. Three months before I even knew about wolves and mates. And well for the three months that I’ve been here. I don’t know who he is, but at least his face isn’t blurred anymore.

He’s very handsome, his hair is dark brown and it looks so soft, it’s messy but spiky. He has light facial hair but my favorite feature are his eyes. Oh those beautiful golden eyes just pierce my soul. Saphira goes crazy when we dream of him, she gets all flustered. Ugh what a horny wolf. I’ve asked if she knows him but she says no. I wonder what’s his name. I don’t want to ask my dad about mates because I know he’ll get crushed. My thoughts are quickly interrupted by my dad knocking.

“Come in,”

“You’re up early, I thought you’d be asleep.” My dad said approaching me.

“Just thinking, that’s all. Also just a little nervous for attending the Alpha’s meeting.”

“You don’t have to go-”

“I want to do this, it’s time for me to start learning, and I’ll be fine… all I have to do is listen.” I told him trying to give him a convincing look. To be honest I’m a little nervous of what the others have to say about me. I’m going to go alone for pete sake, but he told everyone that I’d be taking his place to start learning.

“You’re not convincing me Alaïa but I know you could handle it. Come on let’s go train so you can get rid of all those fears.” He said teasingly. I threw a pillow at him but obviously he dodged it and left laughing. I’ll get him back.

I put on some training gear and headed out. Every morning we go out and train to keep the pack well protected. I didn’t know there were wolves that hunted for power…rogues. That’s what they’re called, because they leave a pack to get power, by killing other packs. I usually help the pups with their combat skills. My dad says it’s good for them to learn, so they don’t feel defenseless. They start training at they age of ten so they could be prepared for when they shift.

“Where is everyone?” I asked. “I gave them the day to relax so I can also spend time with you. I know I’ve been busy with work, and I haven’t spent time with you.” I know that face, he feels guilty. He feels guilty all the time, but I understand.

“Hey, it’s ok. I know you’re busy. So come on, let’s get to it, I’ll take you down in a few seconds.” He just chuckled and took his stance. Of course I charged at him and he flipped me to my back and knocked the air out of me.

“What did I tell you about charging at people.” He lectured while helping me up.

“I know I know, my mistake.” I took my stance, this time he charged at me and I ducked and kicked him behind his legs so he fell.

“Aha I got! I got you!” I said proudly.

“I let you win.” He said getting up from the ground.

“Am I interrupting?” Saphira growled at that voice. She despised who it was, and so did I. Marcos. When I arrived he took me down, saying I was the lowest of the lowest for not having a wolf. My eyes flashed gold but Saphira couldn’t get out, so he laughed at me saying how I couldn’t hurt him. I tried punching him but he caught my arm and twisted it and pinned me to the ground. I yelped in pain and my dad of course came rushing and as soon as he saw what was happening all hell broke loose. My dad’s wolf Max growled ferociously and well Marcos got scared and let me go. Marcos said he was trying to get this low life wolf out of the Alpha’s house. My dad then helped me up and stood in front of me saying that I was his daughter and the next Alpha of the pack. He then said if he were to touch me again he would strip his warrior title and exile him.

He was surprised at everything my dad said and well he left running. He still bothers me but I pay no attention because I know he’s trying to get a reaction.

“Don’t ask stupid questions that you know the answer to.” Saphira growled, taking over for a minute. I really need to control that but I’ll let this slide because I don’t like him.

“You know the answer to that Marcos.” My dad said sternly.

“Sorry, Alpha.” He said facing my dad but looking at me. I just rolled my eyes.

“What do you need Marcos.” My dad asked. He looked back at my dad, “Just wanted to ask if we’re still going to the meeting Alpha.”

My dad looked at me and smirked and I smiled wide. This is going to be good.

“Actually I’m giving that duty to Alaïa now. I think she’ll be fine alone also, so she won’t need an escort.” His eyes were wide as saucers, I wanted to laugh but that’s not Alpha like. Stupid Alpha rules. We have to follow them Saphira so no complaints. She just huffed. He’s only surprised because going to the Alpha meetings means listening to gossip and also starting rumors. So he could no longer know the 411.

“Uh, are you sure Alpha I mean Alaïa really hasn’t been a wolf for long, she’ll need protection.”

“I can protect myself Marcos, all you want to go for is for gossip anyways. So no you’re not going, not tomorrow or ever.” I said with my Alpha command, this will teach him not to mess with me. His wolf wined, and submitted to Saphira, but I know Marcos is enraged deep inside but I don’t care it’s not like he can do anything.


“Alaïa I’ve been thinking about what Marcos said.” He said rubbing his hand across his face, he only does that when he’s stressed.

“What about it,” I said taking a bite of pizza. “ You’ve only been a wolf for three months basically and well I’m worried, why don’t you let him escort you.”


“Alaïa Its for your own goo-”

“No!” I said feeling Saphira coming through. “I’m doing this to prove a point, because I want to show everyone I’m not just some weak wolf cowering behind their Alpha dad. I want to show my pack that their next Alpha is as strong and will protect them.”

“Alaïa the pack is beyond static that their Alpha has a pup that will take over. They don’t see you as weak, you’re their hope. For so long they thought that their Alpha would never have an heir and they would have to leave whenever I fell.” He said calmly, but I could hear the desperation behind all the calmness basically pleading I take a guard. “I thought I would never have you.” He mumbled. I got up from my seat and went to hug him. Sometimes he thinks all this is a dream and that breaks my heart, but I always reassure him that nothing and no one will ever take me from him.

“Dad, hey look at me. I’m here and I’m fine. Sorry I overreacted, but if you really want me to take an escort I will.” I said looking at him. He smiled and said “ No forgive me for letting Marcos get in my head. I know you can do this, and you will make a great Alpha one day.” I smiled and hugged him again.


I woke up early to shower and get prepared for my first Alpha meeting. I wore a white blouse with a blazer over it, some black leggings and ankle boots. To add more professionalism I put some glasses. I let my hair my hair loose, when it dries it will just be straight. I look like a professional lawyer. I walked down stairs and my dad handed me a glass of juice.

“Don’t you look professional.” He laughed. Actually laughed at me.

“Hey,” I said trying to shove him but that was impossible. “Don’t laugh at me, I don’t laugh at you when you complain about wearing suits.” I pointed at him but he kept laughing.

“Ugh, never mind I have to go. I’m taking the R8!”

“Of course you are, don’t crash it.”

“What an insult.” I said clutching my chest, he rolled his eyes and I laughed.

“Good luck!” He shouted.

I got in the car and drove off, the pack is twenty minutes away so I should arrive just in time. Saphira why are you so quiet? Are you nervous? No response, weird I guess just nervous.

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