The Lost White Rose

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Chapter 9

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I ran upstairs as fast as I could, but as I was going to reach the top Grayson’s strong arms wrapped around my stomach and pushed me back into him. I felt the sparks around my whole body and my back arched on instinct. He then kept one arm held tightly around my body and the other roughly gripped my wet hair moving my head to the side. Grayson then marked me once more and a rush of warmth spread all over my body. I felt nothing but euphoric bliss.

“Aaah!” I gripped his arm as I finished cumming. I fell limp in his arms and he scooped me up and took me to my bedroom.

He proceeded to put me down on my bed gently and then stood up to take off his clothes. He took off his shirt and goddess his muscles were huge, the tattoo on his right complimented his body. While he was taking off the rest of his clothes I couldn’t help but gasp. His length was big, too big, this was my first time. That was thicker than my wrist, I looked back up to him and his eyes never left mine, his chest wouldn’t stop vibrating from how much he was growling lowly and holding back.

He got on the bed caging me below him, he kissed me with such hunger and intensity. I went to wrap my arms around him and kissed him back. We were both fighting for dominance but he dipped his fingers between my thighs going into me and taking me by surprise, it hurt a little but after that I only felt so much euphoric bliss.

“Aahhhh,” I tightened my hold on him as my instincts took over and I grinded my hips to his fingers.

His kisses trailed down to my neck kissing and sucking while he pumped his fingers in me, then he trailed down and sucking on my breasts, making me moan in response.

“More.” It was all I could say, I needed him.

“Be patient tesoro,” He said getting off the bed, grabbing me by the ankles and tugging me to the edge of the bed. He kneeled, kissing up my thighs. He was torturing me and I was a wiggling mess. I growled in frustration and he just chuckled. He then devoured me, sucking and licking, goddess it felt so good.

“Uh uh uh uh! Don’t sto.. stoppp!” I gripped his hair, grinding on his face. He growled and gripped my backside lifting me higher and continuing his assault on me. My head fell back to the mattress and I gripped the sheets.

“Gray… Grayson! I’m go…going to cu-”

“Cum for me Alaïa.”

“Nnggghh!” My body listened to him like it was his. I rode my orgasm out and Grayson wouldn’t stop sucking and licking. Once he was finished he got up and licked his lips while positioning himself at my entrance and goddess I was nervous because this was my first time, I didn’t want to tell him neither because I know he would stop.

“Fuck Alaïa, you make me crazy. I want to fuck you until the only thing you remember is the name you will yell out.” He groaned while rubbing himself against my entrance.

“Gray, please.” I was out of patience and the heat was returning, I needed him now. He slowly pushed in and we both moaned. I wrapped my legs around him, caging him in.

“Fuck!” He threw his head back. “Alaïa you’re so tight.” He groaned. He pushed in more and then he halted, looking me dead in the eye. “Alaïa, fuck. Let me go.”

“Noo.” I moaned out, going up and down. “Alaiaa, goddess, stop! This is not how your first time is supposed to go, it should be enjoyable, not painful. I can’t hurt you, so please let me go.” His words only made me want him more.

“I want thisss soo badd,” I panted breathlessly. “And if you won’t do it, I will.” So I slowly pushed him in taking inches at a time. He was stretching me to the max. He was groaning, tightening his hands on my hips and breathing heavily.

“Let go Gray,” I told him looking into his eyes. “Do it” I said confidently. And that’s exactly what he did, he slammed into me making me yell in pleasure.

“You wanted this Alaïa,” he said grabbing my face with one hand and making me look at him, while he was pounding into me. “You wanted me to fuck you like this.”

“Uh, Uh, yesss,” Was the only way I can respond back.

I thought the pleasure from being marked was the best but this was more, it was intense. He flipped me onto my stomach and lifted my hips slamming into me. He was picking up the speed and I felt my muscles tighten. He lifted me up to his chest and at this angle his cock hit a spot that sent me over the edge.

“I can feel you,” he growled lowly. “Let go.” He thrusted into me faster, kissing my jaw. “Gray!” I moaned as my orgasm hit, he marked me again which only intensified my orgasm.

“Fuccckkk” Grayson roared, as he stilled finishing in me. We were both panting and I felt limp in his embrace. He lowered us down to the bed and started moving in me again.

That’s how we spent the next four days. We couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves, it was my heat and him reacting to it. We spent four days cooped in my house. We would have sex, eat, shower and sleep. It was like a never ending loop, we would practically stay naked all day everyday for four days. I haven’t talked to him about my situation and well he hasn’t talked either. I was glad he gave me an herb tea after our first time to not conceive during my heat because I’m not ready for a pup… and I don’t think he is either. I don’t even know where our relationship stands.

Today is the fifth day he’s been here and my heat seems to be gone because I don’t feel it at all. I feel like an irresponsible Alpha for not checking up on my pack but I got mind linked by one of my pack members and she said that they’ve been fine to not worry. It makes my cheeks heat up knowing that they know what’s been going on in here. I mean Grayson did make quite the entrance.

I try to get up from my bed but Grayson pulls me back into him, and he snuggles his head to my neck.

“Where are you going, tesoro.” He says in a husky voice and goddess I haven’t gotten used to it. “I can smell you.” He said as he tightened his arms around me. “And I can feel you…Gray.” He chuckled and let go rolling onto his back. He looked so handsome with his messy hair and a stubble that has grown a little since he’s been here.

“I like the new nickname…tesoro.” He added as he put his hands behind his head, making his arms flex. I smirked at him and began to climb on him, his eyes flashed gold and I knew I had won. I went for a kiss but instead I left him hanging, getting up quickly to go to the shower before we never left the bed…Again.

“I’ll get you back tesoro, just wait.” He called out from the room. I turned on the water so it can heat up, I looked myself in the mirror and I felt different, I felt confident and new. Like I left my old life behind again, and it felt good. The steam clouded the bathroom and I went in, the water felt so nice on my sore muscles. I didn’t know I could bend into so many angles and positions. I tilted my head back and I felt someone bite down on my nipple, I let out a shriek only to open my eyes and find a pair of golden eyes staring back at me.

“Grayson, you scared me.” I said and as I went to grab my shampoo he grabbed my hand pulling me into him.

“You started something I’m going to finish, Alaïa.” He said tauntingly.

“Sure you are.” I said rolling my eyes pulling away, but he had other plans. He grabbed me by my thighs and lifted me to his waist. I wrapped my legs around him and put my arms around his neck, “You were saying…Alaïa.” He said smirking. The way my name rolled off his tongue did things to me. He squeezed my ass once, twice. “I love this ass.” With that he lowered me onto his waiting cock and goddess I haven’t gotten used to this.

“Aghh,” My head fell back, enjoying the pleasure he gave me. I held onto him as he pounded into me rapidly, goddess this man has stamina. His hair was stuck to his forehead, his face scrunching up in pleasure, it made me lose control right away.

“Grayy” I sighed. “Fasterr!” I clinged to him as he picked up his pace grunting as he slammed my hips down to meet his.

“Alaïaaa fuck I’m going to-”

“Cumming!!” I yelled, arching my back letting the orgasm take over.

“Fuuucckk!” He groaned giving me a few more strokes while finishing in me. My body trembled against his, while his head was nestled in my chest as he was left breathing heavily.

After showering Grayson went down stairs to make breakfast and I gathered all my bed sheets to take them to wash, because goddess knows they needed to wash. I went downstairs and put them in the washing machine, I then joined Grayson in the kitchen. I have to tell him now, then he will understand why I did those things to him in the beginning.

“Gray,” I said getting his attention immediately. “ I have to tell you something.” Worry went through the bond. “Are you ok, tesoro.” He cupped my face and I gave him a smile. “I’m fine, I just have to tell you why I did those things in the beginning.” He tensed but then nodded.

I told him everything. From when I didn’t know I was a wolf, to meeting my dad by coincidence, and what my mother did.. Leaving my dad, because she was scared. I told him everything and he understood everything.

“I thought you were doing this purposely to be honest, because I felt your pain while we were apart, your thoughts and feelings. And well we’re taught as pups to block things from others. I’m sorry for assuming.” He said rubbing his neck nervously.

“It’s ok, it’s all in the past.” I said hugging him tightly, I’ve been with him for five days and I’m so attached to him already. He hugged me back putting his head on top of mine and we stayed there enjoying each others embrace.

He pulled apart to look at me and he smiled, goddess his smile was contagious. I smiled back feeling happier than ever. I thank the moon goddess for him because I’ve needed him my whole life.

“So, when do we leave.” He asked.

“What do you mean?” I asked confused, leave where?

“To our pack, you’re my Luna so we have to go to my pack.” I pulled away from him. I can’t go.

“I can’t go Grayson, I just got my dad back.” I can feel it already the happiness I felt seconds ago leaving.

“Alaïa you can visit-”

“No,” I cut him off. I can tell he was getting angry by the way his wolf tried to surface but he pulled him back.

“I’m going to be Alpha of this pack and I can’t abandon my father.” He ran his hand through his face. “What about us Alaïa, I just got you.” He said desperately. Tears pricked my eyes because it hurt, I couldn’t lose him again. “I can’t lose you too.” He mumbled.

“Gray.” I said my voice cracking, tears started falling down my face. I tried reaching for his arm but he turned and walked out the door. I couldn’t feel him, which meant he blocked me out. I sat down in the kitchen floor crying when I heard Grayson’s wolf howl in pain in the distance, a sob made its way out of me when I heard him.

“I’m sorry Gray, I’m sorry I don’t know how to do this.” The tears didn’t stop that night.

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