The Golden Shell - Part 1 - The story of the Magical World

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This story is the first part of the series The Golden Shell. This is a story mixed with Fantasy and Adventurous genre. Where Rosy and Jack are magic gifted children. They are born to save the world from evil. They do not know their hidden powers. They get to know that the Magical World is in Danger. They rush to save the world. When they discover their powers. Can Jack and Rosy save the world form evil Read the story to know more.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Characters and Contents

Part 1

Jack - the Adventurous Boy (the main character of the story. )

Rosy - the adventurous Girl (the main character of the story. Jack’s Sister.)

Mr. Brown ( Alex ) - Jack and Rosy’s father

Mrs. Brown ( Juli ) - Jack and Rosy’s mother

Levid Black - The villain

King Dalvin - The leader or the king of the Magical World


Ch - 1 - Introduction

Ch - 2 - Is the shell real?

Ch - 3 - The no-name letter

Ch - 4 - What can the ring do?

Ch - 5 - Flood in Elizabeth Library?

Ch - 6 - The Magical World

Ch - 7 - The children who can save the Magical World

Ch - 8 - How is the Magical World in Danger

Ch - 9 - They won against Levid Black

Ch - 10 - Back home again

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