The Golden Shell - Part 1 - The story of the Magical World

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They won against Levid Black

" Now we understood sir, we are ready to defeat Levid Black and save the people." Said, Jack " I'm even ready to sacrifice my life to save the lives of the other people. " Said, Rosy bravely. " Ok then, I'm glad that you both agreed to save us. Now we should go to the place where Levid is." Said, King Dalvin. King Dalvin took a compass from his pocket and directed them to reach the place where Levid is. Finally, they found the place. They went inside, it was too dark, scary and spooky. "Come out Levid Black. Where are you hiding? You're scared, aren't you?" Spoke out, Rosy bravely. " Who is that? " " I'm Jack and she is Rosy we've come to defeat you. " Said, Jack. "Haaa... Haaa... Haaa... Well, that was a nice joke, now, tell me the reason you've come here for." Said Levid. "Don't you understand if said once we've come here to defeat you? We are god gifted children." Said, Rosy. "Oh, so you're the one, now I would get more powers." Said, Levid Black. "You can't even touch us, don't you have some humanity, how could you kill people for power. Now, I'm going to kill you." Said, Rosy. "How dare you?" Shouted, Levid. "Dare you to touch my sister!" Said, Jack. "Hmm... So you guys won't understand if said by mouth, I've no other option other than attacking. 'Black Thunder' " Shouted, Levid. "Strong shield, Insafara." Said, Rosy. Now Levid did a very strong attack which made both of them very weak. Now Rosy and Jack got an idea to combine their powers. They combined their powers together and did a strong attack this made Levid Black into ashes and he was destroyed. Now the people were released and everyone was very happy. " Thank you, my children, now ask whatever you like." Asked, King Dalvin. "We just want to be at the same time when we came out of the house, cause we don't want our parents to be worried about us." Said, Jack, and Rosy. " Let your wish come true." Said King Dalvin.

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