The Golden Shell - Part 1 - The story of the Magical World

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Jack and Rosy were twins. They were twelve years old. They both were so brave, intelligent, kind, and very creative. They were so polite and good-hearted. They used to collect or save memories or things that they get and have while they go to different places. They would always want to learn more about things and especially love to travel to a variety of places and tours. One bright morning, Jack and Rosy’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Brown decided to visit the beach with their children, Jack and Rosy. After breakfast, Mrs. Brown called out for Jack and Rosy, “Jack... Rosy... get ready quickly, we are going to the beach.” When they heard this they were very, very excited and were planning to do many fun activities and things. They were planning to play with the beach ball, collect many different kinds of shells, and build a very big sandcastle. After planning their enjoyment on the beach, they got ready quickly and packed two bags with a big box for collecting the shells, two sets of extra dresses, a beach ball, things required for building a sandcastle, and two bottles of water. They both were closing the zip of the bag, when Mrs. Brown called out, “Sweeties are you both ready?′ “Yes, mom, we’re coming!” They took their bags and ran down the stairs and went to the living room. They saw that their parents were sitting on the sofa with their bags ready and waiting for them. “Good, now everyone’s here, it’s already late, we better set off right now.” Said, Mr. Brown. They locked all the doors and windows and sat inside the car. Once everyone got settled, Mr.Brown set on the driver seat and started the car. They all set off from their home. They all played word games and Atlas while they were going to the beach. After a long journey, they reached the beach, and Mr.Brown parked their car in the parking. Everyone got out of the car and took a deep breath of the fresh salty water. Jack and Rosy were so excited that they did not have any time to waste. They both ran towards the fine, wet sand. They started playing with the water, splashing on each other. They enjoyed swimming on the beach. After some time Mrs. Brown gave them some chocolate ice cream and they had a nice cold dessert on that hot summer day! They built an enormous sandcastle with plenty of rooms, doors, and windows on it. They enjoyed sculpturing the castle and dividing sections. They took plenty of pictures standing beside the castle and the tender coconut trees. They never felt any tiredness, and they were enjoying so happily. They took their beach ball and played with two more children who joined them on the beach. Then, they took their big box and started collecting quality beautiful shells and oysters. There were many different shells of a variety of colors and shapes. Soon, the big box was full of shells. They felt very hard to close the box. Somehow they put some weight on it and closed it. Suddenly, they heard a very weird zipping sound. It was from nowhere but their stomach. Looks like they felt hungry. “Mom, we are too hungry!” Shouted Rosy and Jack tiredly. “Oh dear, I never felt the time running, sorry dears, give me a minute, let me set up the mat.” Said Mrs.Brown. Soon, she took the mat and spread it on the ground, then, she took an assortment of foods from the basket and kept it on the mat. Jack and Rosy sat on the mat hurriedly and ate very fastly as if they did not eat for a year or so. They quickly ate their lunch and went back to the shore to play tennis. While they were playing tennis, something sharp poked Rosy’s leg. “Ouchhhh... It’s too painful.” Moaned Rosy. “Oh, dear, are you all right?” Asked Jack. “I’m fine its all right.” Replied Rosy. They looked down to see what poked her leg. They saw something golden, shining deep under the fine sand. They dug the sand and saw that it was a beautiful shell with different shades of golden. They also saw that the letters M&W were written on the shell with some crystals.

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