The Golden Shell - Part 1 - The story of the Magical World

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Is the shell real

They were too shocked when they saw that. They were wondering if the shell was real as they never saw such a shell. They took it put it in their bag. Soon, they saw that it was already dark. “Honey, come here it’s already late and we have to leave.” Said Mrs. Brown. “Ok, mom, we’re coming.” Replied, Jack, and Rosy. They ran to their parents, While their father said, “Maybe we should stay here tonight because it is already late at night and by the time we reach home it would be midnight.” “True honey, but where do you think we can stay.” Asked Mrs. Brown. “My office mate said that the nearby, ‘Hotel Seashore Classic’ would be a very nice place to stay as well as to have a good meal.” Replied Mr. Brown. The children immediately agreed as it would be a new experience for them. “Ok, no problem, cause good grief, I got an extra set of clothes for everyone." Said, Mrs. Brown. They went to the hotel and booked two rooms, one for Mrs. Brown and Rosy, while the other is for Mr. Brown and Jack. They went to the room, took a short, refreshing bath, and went to the buffet on the third floor, and had a hearty meal. "Mmm... the meal was delicious." Said, Jack. "True!" Said, Rosy. They went back to their rooms and slept happily. After a long sleep, they woke up in the morning, brushed their teeth, took a hot bath, and were ready to set off. "Mom, can we visit the library downstairs? Pleeeeeeas!" Asked, Jack and Rosy with very pleading puppy eyes. "Ok, fine you can visit the library. But, make sure that you are on time because it takes a long time to reach home." Said, Mrs. Brown. "Ok, mom. Thank you so much." Said, Jack, and Rosy. They went down the stairs and went into the library. They were searching for a very interesting and book with a very thrilling, mysterious, horror, and adventurous book. They searched so hard but did not get the book they were looking for. Suddenly, a piece of a brown edged chrome-yellow colored piece of sheet fell on Jack's head. He took the paper and read, 'open the book, the history of the magical world.' They were wondering suspiciously. They took the book from the rack and found it interesting as they read the summary behind the book. They went to their parents and asked them to buy the book for them. Their parents thought for a minute and soon agreed as it was a book to read. Mr. Brown agreed and paid the amount to the bookseller. Jack and Rosy were so happy that they jumped from top to bottom. Soon, they took their luggage and sat inside the car. Mr. Brown set off the car to their home.

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