The Golden Shell - Part 1 - The story of the Magical World

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The no-name letter

Jack and Rosy took the book from their bag and started reading it in their mind. It said,

' The History Of The Magical World'

The magical world is the world of happiness, diversity, and of course magic. Such a happy world is now in great danger. And, only the specially gifted wards can save the world and protect it from evil. But, now the world is already covered by evil. We still have some time and we are sure that we can get our world saved from evil

The entry to enter the Magical World is through the golden shell. Only the legendary wards can get the shell and enter into the world of magic.

That was the end, Jack and Rosy were so surprised and had many questions in their mind, the shell, the Magical World, and much more. They were so confused and thought it would just be a story. But how could the shell come into the story? This made them think more. By the time they were confused, Mrs. Brown called out. "Children, are you going to be here inside the car? We reached home. Come out." "Oh, oh.. yes we're coming." Said, Jack, and Rosy. They got out of the car and ran to their room immediately. They were so bewildered. They thought they could forget this confusion if they could do some interesting crafts together. They soon took out their paints and did a very beautiful scenery painting. It looked so beautiful, they framed it and hung it on the wall in the living room. Soon, they felt very hungry and went to the dining hall. They had tasty fried noodles and Chinese dumplings. They were having a hearty meal, while they heard the doorbell ring. Mrs. Brown opened the door and saw that there was nobody outside. But, she saw two letters outside the door. It said, one for Jack and the other for Rosy. Mrs. Brown took the letter and gave it to them. They had their meal and went to their room and opened the letters. It said.

' Dear Jack and Rosy,

Today, we are in a situation in which we need to reveal the truth about you both that you are the god gifted child.

You both are gifted with godly magic powers. And now you are the only one who could save the magical world and the people in it.

Looking forward to your help.

Yours Truly,



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