The Golden Shell - Part 1 - The story of the Magical World

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Flood in Elizabeth Library?

Now, they understood that they had godly magic powers within them. Suddenly, they saw a map inside the box. They took the map and wondered what it was for. They turned over the map and saw the message written on it, it said, ' This is the main gate or the entryway to the Magical World from the Earth. ' They made up their mind to help those people. They thought that they could set off on their journey the next day. "Kids, what are you doing upstairs for so long? Come over, it's already late and you have to have your dinner." Called out, Mrs. Brown. "Coming mom." Said, Jack, and Rosy. They removed their rings kept them in the drawer and went to have their dinner. They had their favorite cottage cheese rolls and went to sleep. They slept and woke up the next day and set off their journey secretly. They took their backpacks and they were filled with all sort of emergency tools, the golden shell and especially the magical rings which gives them their extraordinary powers. They thought that it would be a long journey but they were only asked to go to the nearby Elizabeth Library. They went to the library and were confused about where to go next. They went inside the library, and when they opened the door they were pushed by gallons of water. they were confused about how so much water reached in there. A small river of water led them to a Banyan tree behind the library. They were confused about where it would lead them, but they knew that there would be some sort of need in it. They immediately took out their rings, wore it, thought of opening the magical way, and said, "Insafara!" Immediately, a doorway opened inside the tree. They stepped in.

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