The Golden Shell - Part 1 - The story of the Magical World

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The children who can save the Magical World

"Ahh... My dear kids, you're finally here. I was waiting for you for such a long time. But, you're finally here." Said King Dalvin. " "Sorry to interrupt, but may I know that who you are... Sir?" Asked Jack. "Oh... Sorry dears, I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Dalvin... King Dalvin. I belong to this Magical World and I'm the leader and the King to the people who live here." "Oh... bless me, your majesty." Said, Rosy. "Your blessed my child." Said, King Dalvin. "Sir... were you the one who sent us the letters and the package?" Asked, Jack. " Yes, child, I was the one who sent you the mails. Because I want you to come to this world and save us." Replied, King Dalvin. "But sir, how do you think that we can save this work and why do you have so much belief and confidence in us?" Asked Rosy. "I'll tell you everything, my kids.

' You both are born to be the children who would save the lives of people. Especially, the Magical world. The god of magic has inserted special powers inside you both as you were assigned to do your job which is to protect the whole solar system from evil. '

I think now you understood who you are. But now, we don't have much time because evil is taking over the world. " Said, King Dalvin.

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