The Golden Shell - Part 1 - The story of the Magical World

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How is the Magical World in Danger

" But, sir how is the magical world in danger and who is taking over it. And, how can we stop him? " Asked Jack. " Levid Black is taking over the world. He was a normal person like any other. But, soon he got so greedy for powers and turned to be evil. His actual name was Alexander but renamed himself Levid, Levid Black. The word Levid comes from Devil which is jumbled. He absorbed the powers of other whiches and wizards. Twelve years backLevid was so powerful and destroyed the whole world. But at that time Queen Stella captured Levid and trapped him underground and used powerful spells and trapped him. Now, twelve years later he found a way, used all his powers, and released himself. Now, he became very weak so he started to absorb magic powers again." Replied, King Davin.

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