Bound in Crystal

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Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Odeya awakened, rolled over to her side facing Nishikido. He was still asleep, it didn’t surprise her that he was sleeping next to her. She glanced at the dragon tattoo on his right arm, she ran her finger down the tattoo and a smile crossed her face. “Nishikido” she whispered. He remained asleep but something deep inside her began to surface, like a beast escaping its cage. Urging her into the darkness of seduction, something that she could not control.

She pulled the sheets off him and she gasp in shock, he was totally naked. Odeya lost all control, she slipped off her silk gown and dropped it onto the floor.

She slowly climbed on top of him, her hands on his bare chest she lowered herself. Her lips met his, she gently slid her tongue into his mouth awakening him with a kiss. He opened his eyes but that didn’t stop her. He allowed her to take control, they break out into a passionate kiss but then he could feel the beast slowly taking over as his kiss became forceful.

He breaks the kiss and with one swift movement he whips her down onto her back and climbs on top of her, “Now… I am in control!” he said in a low seductive voice. He rested himself between her legs and looked down at her luscious body. “beautiful!” he whispered. She gave him a gentle smile, it was an invitation allowing him to take control. His rough hands caressed her firm breast. He learns down nibbling away at her sensitive nibble, sucking, rolling his tongue which brought pleasure, she trembled beneath him. He wanted to take his time to enjoy her luscious body but time was not on his side. He bite into her soft skin, drawing blood from her, she moaned in pleasure. With her blood he draws a symbol on her chest and said some words that Odeya could not understand:

Egó o ídios Déste

Ópos Párte aftí i gynaíka

Aíma tha gínei éna

I agápi as eínai mártyrás mou

I Bind Myself

As I Take This Woman

Blood Will Become One

Let Love Be My Witness

“that is unusual! She said.

“surrender your body to me!” he said.

He didn’t wait for an answer and slowly enters her. The markings around the bed began to glow red. Nishikido wasn’t gentle when it came to sex and Odeya screamed out as he forced deeper with each powerful trust. He growled in satisfaction. He grabbed onto her hip with his strong hands and rammed in and out of her like a beast and it’s pray. Odeya grabbed onto his shoulders sank her nails into his flesh as he forced deeper with each powerful thrust.


Odeya awaken the next morning only to find the bed empty, she reached for her silk gown, covered her naked body. Being with Nishikido had clouded her mind and filled it with lust. She stepped out onto the balcony, the moonlight looked enchanting. There was no sign of Nishikido. She wondered if he left her stranded but realized that this is his home. She sat on a comfy chair waiting for his return, she didn’t hear the servants enter and place the tray on the table. Only then she realized how hungry she was. “Hope you like soup”

She turned knowing it was Nishikido. “Where have you been?” asked Odeya.

“Just taking care of some stuff”

“Please sit with me!”

“How can I refuse such a beautiful woman” he said.

She has broken his eternal curse and had claimed the most beautiful Guardian for himself and he was not willing to let her go.

The servant brought a bowl of soup for him and he took a seat. “I can take my own bowl thank you!” said Odeya. She never liked soup but when she tasted it, it was heavenly in her month and she wished for more. “Who made this?” asked Odeya.

“My personal chefs” said Nishikido.

“Personal chefs? Are you Royalty?” Odeya asked.

“Yes, you are in my Palace, I rule the Silver City but it’s called Naxos, it’s in Delos”

“I would like to know more about Delos” said Odeya.

“Delos is separated by two main kingdoms. I rule the northern part which is Naxos and the city of Rhodes is ruled by Neaera”

“Oh! So you are Royalty” she said.

“The other kingdoms are Argos, Athens, Patras, Volos and Sparta” he said.


“Argos is ruled by Aronzo, he is a dragon shifter. Athens is ruled by Cilissa. Patras is ruled by Arisbe. Volos is ruled by Isagoras and Sparta is ruled by Leicritus” he said.

“I don’t think I will remember those names” said Odeya.

“But you were not born in Delos” said Odeya.

“Villadon” said Nishikido.

Odeya empted the entire bowl while listening to him and rested back in her chair. “Come! The servants brought some fresh clothes for you, it’s the door to your left. I can give you some time alone” he said.

She let out a breath in a sign of relief, she barely knew him and she was in a world that she knew very little about. He was there with her. His smile calmed her mind knowing he was strong enough to protect her. “I see you are brave enough to trust me” he said.

“I… I know you won’t hurt me” said Odeya.

She walked back into the room, grabbed the bathrobe and entered the baths. The room had a scent of sweet lilies, the water baths had white stones floating above it. A thin layer of blue mist floating about the water. There was no crystals, nothing fancy, just a small room with only one huge bath. She slowly removed her clothes and stepped into the water, it was a perfect temperature. She tipped her head back wetting her hair. She gently rubbed the sand stone on her entire body with it slowly melting away from the heat of the water leaving her skin soft. She closed her eyes; the only sound was that of the water. Her body relaxed, slow breaths and waves of tranquilly enveloped her. She enjoyed the peace until she heard Nishikido enter. “Mind if I join you?” asked Nishikido. He didn’t wait for an answer and removed his bath robe and stepped in. “I never asked you before but why were you in Amphitrite’s Palace?” she asked. She could see the sadness in his eyes, “it’s a story that I wouldn’t want to share with anyone” he said. Odeya looked down at the shiny peal water, he moved closer to her. “I will share my story when the time is right!” said Nishikido.

“tell me about the dragon tattoo”

“Ah! you are a curious young Goddess” said Nishikido.

Her hand slid down his bare chest. She felt the hunger once again, growing deep within her. Odeya wasn’t sure but something has driven her into madness of lust. One that she could not resist.

Nishikido lifted her out of the water and carried her back onto his bed. She felt the cool sheets on her naked body, her hair still drenched but that didn’t matter to her she just wanted to feel him inside her again and again. She noticed that he was much more aggressive but she did not care. She had fallen for this mysterious stranger.

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