Bound in Crystal

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Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Troy sat waiting for Avril, he knew that she was his sister but other things plagued his mind and he also had to break the horrible news to his sister. A powerful and ancient curse of Arydress. One that Avril knew nothing about. He never knew Arydress or the people in Eradonis and wondered what world would it be or how would he deal with their lifestyle. He had been in Delos his whole life. He needed to learn much about the land and it’s people in order to rule. Avril won’t just give up the Throne without a fight but he plan to take it by force even thought she will hate him for it. There was no prove of the curse to back him up. Her time in this world will soon end if she continued to rule.

The door creek opened, Avril walked in and Odysseus followed behind. Troy could sense a change in her knowing that she had her family back but didn’t know what was in store for her. Avril was fascinated with the portal gate. An oval shaped gate with silver Greek markings around them. The red water rippled every five seconds and could see her reflection in the shiny red liquid.

“are you all set?” Troy asked.

“yes!” said Avril.

Odysseus lead his daughter through the portal, Troy followed behind them. She felt an energy pushed down on her chest, a dizzy feeling in her head. When she emerged from the portal she found herself at the entrance of a city and two of then standing next to her. “welcome to the city of Rhodes” said Odysseus.

“Rhodes?” Avril asked.

“yes, the dragon temple is in Rhodes” said Odysseus.

“the city of Helios, he is a Titan and no one has clamed to see the God in Delos. He is like mystery novel!” said Troy.

“be careful Troy! The Gods must be listening” said Odysseus.

They walk to the silver gates which towered and the guards opened it. Crossed the massive gold bridge which lead into the mystic city. The buildings were tall and breathtaking beautiful, huge pillars that reached the sky, rows of blue and red flowers that attached to the massive pillars. There was no markets like back in Eradonis, the magic shops had large glass windows. The city seems to be ever growing and changing and was far more superior then Eradonis.

In the far distance she could see the colossus Temple with a black dragon statue. It’s massive wings were spread out. The design was beautiful, she then noticed tiny water spheres with crystal dust within it which floated in the air. “Ah! I sense Artemis is near” said Odysseus.

“Artemis? You mean the Goddess of the Wild? How can you tell?” Avril asked.

“one of my many gifts” said Odysseus.

“will it be possible to meet the Goddess?” asked Avril.

“afraid not! This world is build by the Gods but they rarely show themselves. Only a few people are lucky just to get a glimpse of them. The Gods do their rounds to make sure there is no upraising in these lands” said Odysseus.

“so Avril! How does it feel like to be the daughter of the legendary Greek hero?” Troy asked.

“that was many eons ago, that’s way back in ancient times, I barely remember. I was a hero, not any more” said Odysseus.

“Odysseus was the son of Laertes and Anticlea in ancient times. King of the Island Ithaca. He was known for his eloquent, ingenious and very resourceful manner” said Troy.

“what happened to Ithaca?” Avril asked.

“enough Troy! Leave the past behind!” said Odysseus.

“don’t worry Avril! We will talk more when our father is not around” Troy whispered.

He cackled, Avril paused for a moment, she never notice before but Troy was far more advanced, he grow up in Delos, a modern world that Avril was completely new to and even the city was truly a marvel. Their style of clothes was very unusual to her. It was take years for Avril to adapt to this world.

“you may think Delos is a perfect world but there are some dark energy lurking around” said Troy.

“I’m sure the Gods won’t let this world fall, it’s too important and it’s home!” said Odysseus.

As they make their way through the crowded streets, she noticed that the people were preparing for some celebration. Blue and red ribbons and all around, the smell of food filled the air. “this reminds me of the Spring Feast in Arydress. The Empire must be crumbling without me” said Avril. Troy frowned when she mentioned Arydress, he longed to see it but there will be a terrible price to pay, it wasn’t something he could just shake off. They followed a path of crystal stone which lead to the Dragon Temple. Avril could see a light red liquid that flowed beneath the stones. As they make their way Avril remain silent when her thoughts drifted to Odeya once again. She hated been separated from her friend.

They reached the colossal Temple, she looked up at the arch doorway, she never seen anything like this before. Two statues on either side of the colossal door. Their wings were blood red, like the ones the child had when Ryu summoned her. Their hands held above that held a fire sphere but liked more like pure energy. The temple pillars were spread out, never thought a Temple could be so huge. Back in Eradonis, it will take a life time to build something so huge. As they walked up the stairs two guards materialized which blocked entry into the Temple.

“state your business here!” said one of the guards.

“I Odysseus request access to this Dragon Temple! the Royal Guardian will claim what is rightfully hers” said Odysseus.

“rightfully mine?” asked Avril.

“shhh… don’t speak” said Troy.

“I am afraid I cannot grant you access”

“why not?” asked Troy.

“the Queen of Rhodes requested that no one enters the Temple without her permission”

“Neaera!” said Odysseus.

“well that’s just great!” said Troy.

“we just wait” said Odysseus.

“this is more serious then I imaged if Neaera is here in this Temple then things are about to get nasty” said Troy.

“the prophecy?” Odysseus asked.

“yes but I don’t know if Neaera knows we out here” said Troy.

“I never tried this before so I hope it works” said Troy.

Daughter of the Sun

Come, here my plea

Let your radian light shine upon me

In this darkest hour

Grant me my request

“did it work?” Odysseus asked.

“give it some time” said Troy.

It wasn’t long when the doors to the temple open and Neaera stepped out. Her gold dress shimmered in the sunlight, her beautiful red hair had tiny plaits which was an unusual style but Troy could see a sadness in her deep hazel eyes.

“quick get in” said Neaera. Odysseus was puzzled by her reaction but all three followed her back into the Temple and the doors closed behind them. “Neaera! What are you doing here?” Troy asked.

“the High Priestess had summoned me to this Temple. She told me that something dark has entered Delos but sensed its not coming from the darkness” said Neaera.

“well! that’s something new!” said Troy.

“we not sure if it’s Erebus or something far worse the Erebus” said Neaera.

“that doesn’t make sense!” said Troy.

“we missing something before darkness was born” said Neaera.

Troy could hear fear in her voice, he knew she wasn’t talking about Erebus but that God that could wipe Delos in a matter of minutes the moment he enters this realm and re-clam what he had lost. What could possibly be more deadly then Erebus, he wondered.

“Chaos” said Neaera.

“it makes sense, darkness was born from Chaos and if the Guardian line is not restored then souls will be destroyed!”

“we can’t let that happen”

“Chaos is an unexplained force, not even the Titans can control it”

“well! lets not waste time” said Troy.

Avril glanced at her with wary eyes, she was clueless in their conversation.

“Avril! We finally meet. The Dragon Priestess awaits you. You must claim your birthright” said Neaera.

“that is what we are here for, are you ready to claim your first dragon?” asked Odysseus.

“Dragon? No one told me anything about a dragon” said Avril.

“don’t run away from your destiny, embrace it” said Odysseus.

“will this solve the problem for Odeya. She is out there alone” yelled Avril.

“we said we will help you find her, that I promise you” said Troy.

“alright! ” said Avril.

“follow me!” said Neaera.

Avril paused for a second, she had agreed to something that didn’t quite fit right. “I know it’s a lot to take in but you are not just Royalty, you and your brother are Dragon Guardians so better get uses to it, it’s in your blood” said Neaera.

“please Avril! we don’t have much time” said Troy.

“when I return, I want to know everything” said Avril.

She followed Neaera down a narrow passageway which lead into a large chamber. Avril felt the temperature raised as soon as she stepped in. The chamber was dark, the fire torches were dimly lit which gave very little light to the chamber. Avril walked across the gold marble floor to get a better look, the first thing she saw was the drawing of the Royal shield of Arydress.

“I know what you thinking, the Royal shield is also a symbol of Delos but that’s another story” said Neaera.

“why can’t you tell me now!” said Avril.

“one thing at a time” said Neaera.

“I will meet you back at the entrance of the temple” said Neaera.

“wait! you can’t leave me down here alone” said Avril.

“the magic will only reveal itself to a Dragon Guardian” said Neaera.

“you have to earn your dragon in a series of task given by Ryujin”

“who is Ryujin?” Avril asked.

“Lord of Dragons” said Neaera.

“now go! Earn your place amongst the Guardians” said Neaera.

Avril now alone in the large chamber. She walked down the stairs, onto the bottom platform. A round pedestal stood in the middle, a dragon egg floated above it. She tried to hold onto the egg but there was a shield around it.

“I guess this won’t be easy” she said to herself. Five staircases leading to five different closed door. “choose your path Guardian!” She scanned the room but there was no one, could it be the voice of Ryujin, thoughts of the God lingered in her mind. Avril decided to climb the stairs that lead to the Blood Dragon. She sees some written words above the door:

Daughter of War

Goddess of Mythical Beast

Creator of Dragons

“well I hope this is not too difficult” she whispered. Avril opened the door, she could see a beautiful green meadow. Avril was too stunned, she never came across magic so powerful and enchanting. “I can do this” said Avril. She stepped through the door into the enchanted field. The air felt refreshing and cool, this was all new to her and didn’t know where to began. “a little help please” she yelled. A red stone path appeared showing her the direction to take but she was wary to follow it. Off the path there was a colossal statue of a Goddess holding a baby dragon in the palm of her hands. Avril had two options, follow the stone path or stray from the path.

Avril watched the eagles circle the sky, near the statue so she made a choice. Now determine to make the journey towards the colossal statue, loving the excitement she pushed forward. She walked across the soft grass towards the statue, upon reaching she stood near the cliff overlooking the sea. She could near the waves crushing on the rocks below. While she enjoyed the sea breeze for a moment a lord roar echoed across the sky but that did not terrify her. She embraced her destiny as a Guardian not an Empress. She looked up towards the sky, beautiful but fearsome dragon flew passed her. The wings were massive which caused a gust of wind but she stood strong.

The dragon circled around Avril quickly held out her hand for protection when it released a powerful blue flame. Avril felt the heat all around her but had no effect on her. She thought the blues will incinerate her, then the unthinkable happened. The blue flames that touched her skin, formed rune markings on both hands. When the flames slowly vanished around her she realized that there was only one thing left to do, to ride the wild but divine beast. “wild dragon!” Avril yelled.

Avril stepped closer towards the edge of the cliff and waited for the right moment to jump but she had to get the timing right or fail and she would fall to her death.

“I can do this” she whispered. The dragon returned for another pass but this time it flew low, Avril managed to duck it’s fierce jaws. As the dragon flew passed her, she quickly turned and chased after the dragon. She took the huge jump towards the dragon and grabbed onto it’s tail, holding on but struggling to climb up onto it’s back. Avril sensed the dragon’s fury so she placed her hands on the dragon’s back. Taking in the dragon’s strength and power. “here me Dragon, divine beast. Grant me your power, let me in!” Avril yelled.

Avril struggled to hold onto the dragon, “what must I do, please guide me!” Avril yelled. She felt that she was losing control and had to think of another way to claim the dragon. It let a furious roar and turned it’s direction towards a large temple but it didn’t look Greek, there was no white pillars. To her relief the dragon leaded onto a circled platform but there was no doors for her to enter the Temple. She quickly jumped down from the dragon’s back. “that was amazing” said Avril. A daring move when she faced the massive dragon hoping it won’t attack. “calm yourself!” said Avril. She lifted her hand up towards the dragon in respect for the divine beast. The dragon then lowered it’s head, Avril gently petted the fearsome beast. Then it vanished in a shadow mist. “that went well I guess” said Avril. The dragon left her stranded or was it another task to complete but there wasn’t a clue on how to claim the dragon. She tried to call the dragon back but nothing happened. The day was slowly slipping way, she had to wood or anything to start a fire. This was not going so well as she hope. Riding the dragon was only the first step but now she felt clueless and worse of all she could freeze to death if she doesn’t find something to keep warm. A small scroll appeared floating above the floor, a red mist swilled around it. She hold onto it, she could feel the heat of fire coming from the mist. Wasting no time she broke the seal, the words were written in gold:

Survive this night, Guardian.

Ryujin and the Daughter of War will rewarded you.

The Blood Moon will be your salvation

Use it’s magic wisely

Let your inner Dragon awaken your Guardian power within.

Precious minutes wasted as Avril tried to make sense of the words. “what is the name of the daughter of war?” Avril whispered. She watched the last moments of the sunset and realized that this could be trouble. With no help she slowly eased down to sit, rested her back on the stone wall. She read the words again but she was clueless when it came to magic. Odeya could have figured it out in no time.

“why did I agree to this!” she whispered.

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