Bound in Crystal

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Chapter 13

Chapter 13

After three hours in the cold, the red moon shines upon the night sky, Avril remembered something that Odeya told her about Greek fire. It known to be aggressive fire, even water could not put out the flames. Avril found a stone and began to engrave the writing onto the icy floor.

Let the burning firestorm

Rage within me

She had to wait for the moonlight to shine upon the writing and to her relief the Greek letters began to glow red. A circle of blue flames formed around her. The air around her became warm but something dark grabbed her attraction. A dragon egg appeared floating above a red mist, behind the egg a dark figure materialized. His gold eyes reminded her of the Gods but he looked more like a mysterious warrior. He held onto a katana, ready to attack if she came close.

“what are you?” Avril asked.

A useless effort to get an answer from him. she figured in order to claim the dragon egg she must fight but she won’t successed without a weapon.

“you thing this is fair? Avril asked. His remained still waiting for her to make a move. Avril cleared her mind, he had the look of a mystic warrior but there was something calm about him.

“no! I don’t need to fight you! I already know what needs to be done” said Avril.

“not everything is about battles and war” said Avril.

Avril stepped forward and before he could drew his blade, she placed her hand on his bare chest. “Guardian!” he said. Light brighten the darkness, red mist swilled around them but when the mist vanished, his appearance changed revealing a handsome Japanese God.

“I am the Dragon Lord, Ryujin” he said.

“I was certainly not expecting to meet a God” said Avril.

“only royal blood of a Guardian could free me from Yamato’s prison. You will be rewarded for your brave effect” said Ryujin.

“the priestess not only sent me to claim the dragon egg, it was to free the dragon Lord but why would she not tell me?” Avril asked.

“Yamato could be watching so she moved the dragon egg here so that the chosen could claim the dragon and free me at the same time. It was the only option she had” said Ryujin.

“there is more to your story?” Avril asked.

“there is something I must finish, I was imprisoned before completing the task. We will meet again, Guardian!” said Ryujin.

“you are free to claim your dragon, remember you have the blood of a Guardian, the rest is up too you” said Ryujin.

“wait! what is the name of the daughter of war?” Avril asked.

“you already know her” said Ryujin.

Ryujin gifted her with rare daggers. The dagger was curved with a black stone. An rare design that no man could craft. “this weapon is crafted by Amatsu, Yamato’s Father. He existed long before the Japanese culture was born” said Ryujin. She watched him vanished in a swilling fire. There floated the dragon egg, she placed the daggers into her belt and stepped closer. She held onto the large egg, it was heavy but that didn’t bother her. She waited for the egg to crack opened but nothing happened. “blood of a Guardian!” she whispered. Avril let go of the egg and the red mist swilled around it once again. “okay! I hope this works” said Avril. She took out a single dagger and sliced the palm of her hand and let the blood drip down onto the egg. Light sweep thought the cracks revealed a baby dragon. She held the baby dragon in the palm of her hand, it climbed up onto her hand and her rune marked glowed a bright red. She felt a powerful connection forming. The dragon’s claws sank deep into her flesh, she dropped to her knees from the pain. The dragon’s grip was strong but somehow it’s power and strength that made her stronger. The baby dragon finally loosed it’s grip and wound heals in no time, all traces of blood vanished. Still kneeing on the floor, Avril glanced at the dragon, it’s dark red eyes stared back at her. The reddish-black scales made it look fierce.

She held out her hand. “you are strong for a baby dragon” said Avril. It gave a soft roar, Avril felt a deeper connection with the dragon. A mist appeared around covering everything from sight, it brought a chill in the air. As the mist slowly vanished she and the baby dragon find themselves back in the hall. New rune markings appeared on both hands:

θεϊκό αίμα του φύλακα

Divine Blood of the Guardian

“so its true” Both Avril and the dragon turned towards the sound of the voice. A woman stood at the entrance, she had unusual clothes, black pants with leather boots, her top had a beautiful design. She looked like the Goddess of War, her long hair flowed passed her shoulders with tiny hair plats. “I was with the Dragon Priestess when I heard the news, an Empress of Arydress was here so I had to see it for myself”

“is there something that I don’t know about” asked Avril.

“I’m Zephyra, Dragon Guardian and trainer” she said.

“Arydress was once called the Dragon Empire many eons ago” said Zephyra.

Avril wasn’t sure whether to trust the woman.

“Neaera awaits your return” said Zephyra.

“who is Neaera again?” asked Avril.

“Queen of Rhodes, daughter of the sun. Helios is her father, the Titan” said Zephyra.

“come! They await!” said Zephyra.

Avril and the baby dragon follow Zephyra back into the temple. She spotted Odysseus leaning on one of the pillar, munching on an apple but he seemed deep in though. “father!” said Avril. Odysseus looked up at his daughter, although it was only a few hours but he sensed a major change in her. The baby dragon cuddled itself around her neck. “well! how does it feel to be a Guardian? I knew you could figure it out!” said Odysseus.

“welcome to our family of Guardians, sister!” said Troy.

“right! Secrets to reveal” said Neaera.

Neaera walked towards her as a red crystal scroll materialized in her hands and handed it over to Avril. She took the scroll but hesitated to open it. “this scroll was found deep in the crystal Temple” said Neaera.

She gave Avril the scroll but hesitantly said. “you need to know the past in order to work in the future but this is only the short vision of the story” said Neaera. The scroll felt light in her hands, she looked at her father and he nodded. Avril broke the seal and read it’s contents:

The Sons of Apollo

Before the time of the war. Adeia, an original Dragon Guardian once friend to the powerful Emperor of Villadon. She traveled across the boundary with him through the shadow gate into Eradonis. She slowly adapted to the mysterious world and started exploring different kingdoms. Arydress was her favorite, she loved the atmosphere and decided to make a home in Arydress. She spend many years in Arydress until she met a young man called Elpidius, he was tall, handsome and was every woman’s dream. Elpidius was Emperor of Arydress. He fall deeply in love with her so it was not long when the people rejoiced for a Royal wedding. After many years she give him a son, an heir to the throne. They named him Hyllos but when the boy was ten years old he went missing. Elpidius went to search for his son but only thing returned was Elpidius dead body. The pain in her heart could not be filled… until she met Apollo, he was the Greek Sun God.

Apollo loved her so he took mortal form, she had given him a son and named him Abreas but he wasn’t considered the heir to Arydress. Years after twins were born, Keteus and Siculus. He realized that with his brothers by his side he could seize control over Arydress.

All three brothers had grow into strong Demi Gods. Abreas tough his brothers to fight. The twins had sworn they loyal to Abreas. Soon after two years Abreas lead his brothers in a brutal attack against Arydress.

Victory was theirs when the Emperor bowed to Abreas.

The Words of Abreas

“to those that refuse to bow will suffer a faith worse then death”

“this cannot be! Wait a minute that will make me…

“you are the descendant of Apollo and Guardian blood flows through your veins” said Neaera.

“Do you need more proof?” Zephyra.

Avril glanced that the dragons next to her, she knew so little about dragons. “you have no idea how powerful you are and this baby dragon are proof that you are a Guardian!” she said.

“look deeper into the scroll you will see the Royal Blood line of Arydress” said Neaera. Her finger touched the crystal paper, the Royal Family Tree appeared, the first thing she saw was her name at the bottom of scroll, she glanced at all the rulers before her. “well?” asked Neaera.

“hold on a second!” said Odysseus.

“what is it Odysseus?” Neaera asked.

“Apollo!” said Odysseus.

“what do you mean?” Avril asked.

“I have a ability to sense Gods near or far” said Odysseus.

A sudden rush of air and a swilling light cashed in into the skyroof landing firmly on the ground. A golden light flooded the entire hall and as the light faded revealed a mysterious person. He looked young, he had tan skin. His dark hair hung just below his eyes. Avril froze when he turned his attraction towards her, she looked into his gemlike eyes. “Apollo!” said Odysseus. He smiled, Avril could see his dimples and although he looked friendly Avril grow wary about his presence. There was some powerful energy within her ready to bust. There was a sun pendant around his neck and a sun tattoo on his left shoulder.

“don’t be afraid Avril” he said in a gentle tone.

“I am Apollo, the Greek God of Archery and the creator is Delos, the Realm of Gods” he said.

“urm! I… I am honored to meet you!” said Avril.

“so this is the famous God of Delos” said Troy.

He turned towards Troy and placed his hand on his shoulder. “you have broken the sacred law of Delos and when the time comes you will pay the price” said Apollo.

“what is he talking about?” Avril asked.

“nothing to worry about” said Troy.

Troy knew what he was taking about and he had accepted his fate years ago. Avril then stepped forward to protect her brother but Apollo placed his hand on her chest. It felt like someone had just stopped her beating heart. She felt a powerful energy that pushed down into her heart. Fire racked her entire body breaking through the barriers that was once sealed by Apollo. She wanted to scream but nothing came out. Her knees buckled but Apollo caught her under her shoulders and lifted her up into his arm and she held on tight around his neck. Although he let go of her chest Avril could still feel the energy working through her entire body. “please! Make it stop!” said Avril. Apollo walked towards the glass bench and placed her down gently. Odysseus and Troy rushed to her side in no time. Apollo stepped away to give them some space and stood near Neaera. “are you sure she is ready for this power?” asked Neaera.

“time will tell, the curse is removed, she is free!” said Apollo.

Apollo kneed down at the baby dragon. “what should we call you?” said Apollo.

The baby dragon gave a soft roar and spread it’s little wings. “Ozaiyo! That’s what we will call you!” said Apollo.

“I think the dragon likes his name!” said Neaera.

“Ozaiyo! take care of Avril for me! keep her safe” said Apollo.

Apollo petted the dragon on it’s head and it reacted by rubbing its head into the palms of his hand. “leaving so soon, you never stick around” said Neaera.

“still no sign of Zeus and Hyperion” said Apollo.

“and my father?” Neaera asked.

“no one has seen Helios in a while, we are losing the battle” said Apollo.

“will we meet again?” asked Neaera.

“depends” said Apollo.

“with Helios gone it will be difficult to protect this realm” said Apollo.

“I should leave, the rest is up to you!” said Apollo. He disappeared in a swilling gold light. Avril was slowly recovered, her father help her to her feet. It wasn’t weakness that made her dizzy, it was the intense power within her. Her body slowly returned to a normal state. “are you okay sister?” Troy asked.

“I will be fine” said Avril.

As soon as Troy made contact with Avril he felt a sudden power shift within him. He dropped to his knees screamed in pain while he held onto his forearm where the rune markings appeared glowing a bright red. “Troy!” said Odysseus.

“what’s going on?” asked Avril. He dropped to the floor, the pain filled every cell in his body. It became unbearable to handle. Odysseus held onto his son, he couldn’t bear to see his son suffer. “Neaera! Get the Priestess now!” yelled Odysseus.

Avril traumatized by the scene, was she the cause of all this? She wondered. Troy slipped into darkness. She could see black lines on his forearm around the rune markings. “what could this mean?” Avril asked.

“I don’t’ know, this is new to me” said Odysseus.

It’s wasn’t long when the Neaera returned with the Priestess. Every one stepped back to give her some room. Avril just found her family and didn’t want to lose her brother, not now, not ever. She watched the Priestess study the rune markings on his forearm. With the tip of her finger she draws his rune markings out and formed a circle around them. The Priestess studied it closely looking for a hidden message or a sign.

“there is the problem!” said the priestess.

“what is it?” Avril asked.

“looks like Troy is hiding some dark secret”

“why would my son be hiding secrets?” Odysseus.

“give me time to work on his rune markings” said the Priestess.

Odysseus looked at his son with sorrow and disbelief, what was he hiding and why would he not trust his father to keep a secret. Thoughts plagued his mind. “Odysseus! please help me get his onto the stone table” said the Priestess.

Odysseus and Neaera lifted him onto the stone table while Avril stayed back, she still felt that she was the cause. “afraid I need you’ll to leave, you can get some rest. I will send for you in the morning and will answer all your questions” said the Priestess.

“come Avril. Trust the Priestess. She knows what she is doing” said Odysseus.

“you think I could rest when Troy is still…”

“Avril! Everything will be fine now come with me, you need some rest” said Odysseus. Avril gently picked up her dragon and followed her father all the way to the lower levels of the Temple to the sleeping quarters which Dragon Guardians come after a long day of training. Some rooms were occupied, she was curious to see what Guardians were behind the closed doors or were their more dragons in the Temple. Avril entered her room, it wasn’t spacious or comfy for an Empress but even Royalty must adapt in case of war. Odysseus closed the door leaving Avril alone once again. she did enjoy the peace. “well I guess it’s just you and me!” said Avril.

Avril placed the baby dragon on the soft bed, it curled up next to the pillow. Avril was so amazed, wondered how big do they grow. She couldn’t wait to share the news with Odeya when she finds her.


Avril awakened in the morning, the dragon curled up next to her. Her first thoughts were Troy and if he recovered or not. She sat up on the bed and looked around, she didn’t realized how much she missed home and being a descendant of Apollo was a lot to handle in one day.

There was a knock on the door and before Avril could answer Zephyra walked in knowing she was awake. “how is Troy?” Avril asked.

“I wouldn’t know, I was in my room” said Zephyra.

“and my father?” asked Avril.

“I do not know!” said Zephyra.

“surely Apollo knew about this!” said Avril.

“I know Apollo is a God but he and the other Gods have their hands full” said Zephyra.

There was another knock on the door and was hoping to was her father bringing news of Troy but Neaera entered.

“Neaera! Please tell me if Troy recovered?” Avril asked.

“I have some news. Their was a massive power shift in his divine energy that all Guardians have that is what caused the intense pain” said Neaera.

“a power shift? I don’t understand. I’m new to this magic” said Avril.

“it’s extremely rare to Guardians. A power shift is a gift by Enualios, he is the creator of the Divine Guardians but the Guardians suffers extreme pain for days. It’s sad for them to go through it but their power strengthens until the power shift ends” said Neaera.

“you triggered it the moment you held onto Troy” said Neaera.

“I would like to see him” said Avril.

“it’s best you stay clear, it’s not something to watch. The Priestess orders no one enters the room” said Neaera.

“Odysseus mentioned that you looking for Odeya. We can help you find her so get dressed will met at the main entrance in one hour” said Neaera.

“Thank You!” said Avril.


Odeya slowly sipped on the wine as she admired the view of the city. She was dressed in a beautiful black dress and leather boots, half her hair was pined into a beautiful style and she looked more like a Queen.

She felt strong hands on her shoulders but she knew it was Nishikido. He slowly moved her hair and kissed her neck. She moaned in pleasure, she turned to face him. “you look beautiful” said Nishikido.

Odeya glanced at him, he was wearing a full black cloak but the front remind opened which revealed his strange clothes. She could see the print of a red dragon on his black shirt which she just wanted to rip off all his clothes to reveal his nakedness. A dangerous craving, just one look will drag her to the edge of destruction of pure lust. Nishikido’s style of dressing was not something from Eradonis but it fascinated her.

“I will meet you at the dining hall” said Nishikido. She came back to her senses at the sound of his voice. The rush of heat slowly faded when he walked way. All memory of her life had faded. Her life now belonged to Nishikido and she had willingly agreed to something that she didn’t have the power to say no. Nishikido had planed to take Odeya with him back to this home, a place that he was born and make her an Empress. She wasn’t sure if it was love or lust, she couldn’t spend a day without him.


Nishikido walked through the passageway and down some stairs into the red mist which lead into a massive dinning hall. Four long rows of tables but only one was filled with divine foods. A raging fire in the centre, he could smell the burning wood which reminded him of the time he spend his first days in Delos. Although he hated Delos there were some good memories. He paused for a moment to look at the raging fire, he had forgotten how his world looked and the people he loved vanished from memory. He tried to recall the memory of his son but his mind was blank. He was so eager to get back home before anyone tried to stop him from leaving and he knew that as soon as he left Delos this kingdom will be destroyed and left in ruins but not Apollo or Amphitrite can stop him. He had no love for Amphitrite, he was been used and tortured by her presence and could not wait to get away.

Odeya walked into the dinning hall, she spotted Nishikido stared into the raging fire. His mind was so lost in though he didn’t hear Odeya enter. She stepped closer to Nishikido and hugged him from behind bringing him out of his daze. She brought comfort to his bleeding heart. He lead Odeya to the end table were she took a seat. “I’m not that hungry” said Odeya.

“although I hate this place I will surely miss the food” said Nishikido.

A young man burst though the door and took a seat. “Good morning Nishikido! How was your night with his beautiful Guardian?” he asked.

“Cylos! That is none of your concern” said Nishikido.

He filled his plate what all his favorite and took a seat next to Odeya. “it’s nice to meet you young Guardian!” said Cylos. Without saying another word she slowly sipped on the wine.

“so Nishikido! Are you going to tell her or shall I spill the truth” said Cylos.

“now is not the time” said Nishikido.

“what truth?” Odeya asked.

“time running out or all will be lost” said Cylos.

“would you please tell me what is going on” Odeya yelled.

“Odeya! promise I will tell you everything once we get to Villadon” said Nishikido.

“I will leave you’ll two alone, the portal will be ready in an hour” said Cylos.

He took his plate and left the dinning hall. Odeya glanced at Nishikido but he remind silent. With one glance at his handsome face all thoughts faded into darkness and lust took over but as time will pass, she will have more control over her body. Odeya didn’t wait for him and dug into a chuck of roast lamb and savored the taste in her mouth. The meat mixed with a creamy sauce was so soft it melted as she bit it. As she took the next bite a sudden warmed filled her body, it felt like a divine presence were near her. She looked up at Nishikido but he continued to eat in silence, he gave no indication of the divine presents that she felt near by. He then noticed the change in her facial expression. “what is the matter?” asked Nishikido. She looked up at him again, then scanned the room but it was only the two of them in the dining hall. “it’s nothing” said Odeya. She looked back down on her plate and all the feeling died. What was it she wondered, she managed to finish her meal and tried to forget and gulped the wine down. “think I will go back to my room, call me when you ready” said Odeya.

Odeya didn’t wait for an answer and walked out of the dining room. Nishikido sat back on his chair, the portal will only be opened in an hour’s time which was a delay. He needed to leave before things turn ugly.


Neaera and Zephyra found Odeya’s location, it was the Palace of Nishikido. Avril watched as Zephyra searched for a light blue scroll. The Library was small and crammed with books. They were tightly pack together in the shelves. There was very little space to move around. It will take days to search for the exact scroll but it seems like Zephyra knew what she was looking for and where everything was kept. The smell of ancient scrolls filled her senses, the entire floor had a map of Delos. Zephyra climbed the ladder to reach for a old blue map and quickly climbed down. “this is the map of Nishikido’s Palace, it will pin the exact location of Odeya in the Palace” said Zephyra. She gently blow on the printed map and it changed from blue to gold.

She took out a shimming blue dagger from her left boot. “okay! Give you your hand, it will only hurt for a second” said Zephyra. Avril hesitates. “why do you need my blood to find Odeya?” asked Avril.

“you and Odeya have the blood of a Guardian. Your blood can location another Guardian, something like that but I will tell you more about that after we find Odeya” said Zephyra.

Avril held out her hand and Zephyra slowly slice down on her palm. She squeezed her eyes from the pain. Her blood dropped onto the map, Zephyra’s hands hovered over the map. A glow outlined the map of the Palace and a black dot formed. “she is in a room if I’m correct but we may need Ryu’s help to gain access to the Palace” said Zephyra.

“Ryu?” asked Avril.

“yes, the son of Nishikido, an elite Guardian” said Zephyra.

“I have met Ryu” said Avril.

“Ryu is a wonderful Guardian”

“I’m sure he is” said Avril.

“Ozaiyo cannot come with us! Now let’s go rescue your friend” said Zephyra.

Avril followed her into a huge courtyard and Zephyra cast a low pitch whistle. A water ring appeared in the sky and two dragon appeared through it and leads on the ground. The dragons were huge, their blue scales shimmered in the sunlight. Zephyra wastes no time and climbed on the dragon’s back. “well what are you waiting for?” asked Zephyra. A gasp of air filled her lungs and then she climbed onto the dragons back. The dragons spread their wings and took off into the sky. She felt a sudden rush of air on her face, the dragon was fast. She took in the sights of the beautiful city as the dragon flies across. When the dragons reached the endless sea, the dragons dived straight into the water, Avril held onto the dragon. They were totally submerged into the sea, it felt like the dragons were gliding through the water. After a minute the dragons surfaced, the first thing Avril seen was the colossal gold statue of the Helios. Avril marveled at the sight, it was beautiful. Even the colossal Palace was breathtaking. They quickly land onto a large platform hoping that Nishikido could not sense their peasants. They climb down and the dragons take flight, disappearing into the clouds.

“that red gate is one of the many entrances to the Palace but it will only opened to Royalty or if Nishikido grants entrance” said Zephyra.

“well this is where I summon Ryu!” said Zephyra.

Zephyra stepped away from the gate and closed her eyes. “Ryu! I summon you!

Ryu appeared with a gust of wind that swilled around him. “I am a Guardian, I live for this! Said Ryu.


“Ah! Avril! We meet again” said Ryu.

“I see you two already met” said Zephyra.

A battle horn sound in the far distanced which could only mean one thing, War. All three turned towards the sea, thousands of war ships arrived. “no! Zephyra! Remember the prophecy? I just found out that Odeya is the daughter of war! It has began!” said Ryu.

“Odeya? that can’t be possible!” Avril asked.

“darkness has returned!” said Ryu. All of they had glanced at the ships, there was no escape.

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