Bound in Crystal

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Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Ryu scans the ships for any signs of darkness lurking near the ships or could be Neaera effected by Erebus’s power.

“I sense nothing but I believe that Erebus is already here, he maybe a powerful God but if the Guardians come as one we could defeat him” said Ryu.

“you finally accepted destiny?” asked Zephyra.

“yes! I will get Odeya out she needs to be protected things will about to get unpleasant if we not careful” said Ryu.

“well! what are we waiting for?” said Zephyra.

“be prepared when I return, lets hope Nishikido will fight to protect Odeya if the Legends are true” said Ryu.

“ofcouse the Legends are true, no doubt about that” said Zephyra.

“okay I have no clue what’s really going on but can you please get Odeya out of the mess” said Avril.

Avril turned towards Zephyra for answers, a feeling within her that this will not end well.


Ryu enters the dinning hall without being noticed by the Royal Guards, they were too busy preparing themselves for battle. Nishikido was no where in sight but he didn’t want to stick around to find out.

He used his shadow ability to seek passed the guards straight into Odeya’s room. Ryu found her on the balcony staring out towards the ships in the distance, he could see the panic in her face. “Odeya!” said Ryu.

“what is going on? are you one of Nishikido’s guards?” Odeya asked.

“no! it’s Ryu! Don’t you remember me?” he asked.

“afraid not!” said Odeya.

Ryu looked at her surprised which changed things for him. He wasn’t prepared for this and unaware of her memory loss which made things a lot worse.

“I’m not sure what Persephone did or how you ended up with Nishikido but right now I need you to trust me. Please Odeya just take my hand and I will explain the truth” said Ryu. Odeya reacted to him as if destiny demanded her to obey, urging her to take his hand.

“we have met before, am I right?” Odeya asked.

“yes! the training field and Troy was there, do you remember?” Ryu asked.

Odeya looked down towards the floor and tried to recall the memory but it was blank. Ryu had limited time, he need her to trust him before it’s too late.

Odeya felt something dark that surfaced within her as if someone or something drew near, a familiar presents something from her past but this was something more powerful or worse. Some unknown dark energy swilled around Ryu which slammed to him to the floor.

“I can sense your fear Guardian!”

Odeya stood frozen when the darkness took shape and faced her. “the guardian line does not concern me. I come to claim what is rightful mine. Your unborn child will burn in unholy fire”

“what are you talking about?” asked Odeya.

She glanced at Ryu and knew she was in trouble even if he was beginning to recover. She had no magic to protect herself. “stop! Don’t came any closer!” yelled Odeya.

Odeya now realized what he meant, she was with a child, she wasn’t sure if Nishikido was aware but needed to escape him.

When her instincts kicked in she fall to her knees and placed her hands only the cold flour. She yelled out a spell that she remembered when she was a child taught by Haniel only cast in desperate need for protection.

I call upon the Ancients

I surrender myself to your mercy

Hear my plea Ancient Ones

Let your light liberate me

From my enemy

It created a powerful barrier of a shield wall of lightning energy. This separated them as Ryu slowly recovered. “Ryu!” yelled Odeya.

Although he was still too weak he had to summon energy from within to teleport himself and Odeya to the roof, he knew Erebus will show himself the moment he sensed Odeya and he will not stop until the heir of Villadon is killed. Upon reaching the roof, Guardians surrounded them and prevented them from escaping.

Ryu was in extreme pain but he had to calm the situation with these Guardians. These were not the Guardians that lived in Delos, these were the Guardians from Villadon which can be thousand time for fierce. There training methods are far more extreme and they start at a very young age. It was the first time Ryu was in the presents of these powerful Guardians.

“Ryu! I am Shayan, leader of the Storm Guardians. I am here to bring Odeya back to Villadon were she belongs. It has been confirmed that she carrying the hair to Valladon”

“no! its too soon” said Ryu.

“what is going?” asked Avril.

“Varaiyo! Odeya yelled.

A dark shadow appears in the sky darken the sun, a massive a dragon swopped down at a speed, leading on the roof. Odeya climbed onto it’s back and the dragon takes off. “Odeya! wait!” yelled Ryu.

Ryu quickly summed his dragon and chased after her. As he controls his dragon he noticed that another shadow dragon, he could barely see the rider. Odeya also noticed but she wasn’t sure if it was friend or foe. Things turned worse when an arrow missed her by inches. When she turned back in panic she realized that Ryu and his dragon had been hit. As she turned her dragon around to save him, another arrow struck her on her shoulder. She pulled out the arrow but the pain was unbearable and lost her grip on her dragon. When she hit the water a memory of Ryu and Jin came flooding back. She allowed her body to float as a tear rolled down her cheek when she could hear Jin’s call to her. She remembered the betrayal of Yamato, the pain in her heart knowing that Jin was still Yamato’s prisoner. After all these years of not knowing her past was finally revealed. She swims toward the bank, laid on the soft soil still heartbroken but could not let grief consume her.

“Jin! I will find you. This will be my promise” she whispered.

She rose from the ground, in the far distance she could hear the city been invaded but that was her concern anymore how that she had some of her memory back. She sensed that Ryu is hurt so she goes in search for him and hoped she was on the right path.

She let her senses to guide her towards Ryu. Odeya hoped that each step her took brought her closer. It was not long when she spotted the dragon and rushed towards it as she gasped in shock to find Ryu pinned down by the large dragon. She dropped to her knees in an instant, Ryu groaned in pain when she tried to lift the dragon’s wing and free him but it was no use. The dragon was much to heavy but it wasn’t the weight of the dragon that crushed him, it was the Erylo poison that caused his divine energy to weaken. Odeya called out for help but the only sound came from Ryu groaning in pain. She knew he was going to die and could do nothing to ease his suffering. “Ryu! Can you here me, I remember! I remember you! You are a Guardian so please fight this poison. I need you to live!” Odeya whispered.

Ryu aware of her presences and without opening his eyes, he slowly lifted his hand and touched her face with his tip of his fingers. “blood sky Greek! You carry the hair of Villadon, keep him safe” Ryu mumbled. His hand fall to the ground as he slipped into darkness. “No!” Odeya yelled. “Guardians should die in battle and not like this!” Odeya whispered.

She wouldn’t bare the thought of Ryu’s death. She was still kneeing beside the lifeless dragon, her finger tips touched the rough scales. A vision appeared but this was more clear memory of Jin and Ryu.

In this vision Odeya could see another vision of herself with young Jin and Ryu.

“No one has ever claimed the shadow dragon. You both will never win” said Odeya.

“we will see about this, beautiful Goddess!” said Ryu.

“Jin! Please come back in one piece” said Odeya.

“we got this!” said Jin.

The Goddess vanished allowing young Jin and Ryu to focus on the Dragon. The clouds above seem to darken into a shadow figure of a large dragon, bringing ash and a blazing heat into a shadow smoke. A shadow dragon was one of the largest created by the Goddess. A beast so deadly not even the Guardians could claim it.

The dragon used the shadow smoke to hide and before Jin could shield himself, it’s massive tale hit him straight into his chest. He grunted when he hit the ground. Jin cough up blood, he lay on the ground for a few seconds to allow his body to heal but aware of the dragon hidden in the shadow mist. There was no sign of Ryu. To his left he could see red eyes emerged from the mist like a stalking prey. He quickly rolled over to avid the crushing blow from his massive jaw. He stabbed his katana into the ground and held onto it when the dragon released it’s blue flames. Jin could feel the heat all around him, a blade crafted by the Gods saved him from the fiery inferno. If he had let go of his katana it will be his end but he was not ready to give up the fight. Blue flames from a dragon is a thousand times worse then Greek fire.

Then he could hear Ryu changing towards the dragon screaming like a wild beast. The dragon snapped at him but Ryu managed to dodge it’s attack. Jin jumped onto the dragon’s back and grabbed onto the it’s neck. Ryu managed to mount the dragon before it took off into the sky while they straggle to hold on. They had to claim the dragon before they fall to their deaths. “do it now!” yelled Jin. As the dragon flew higher then air began to thin and it felt hearer to breath. “Ryu! Now!” yelled Jin. Ryu could see that Jin was losing his grip so he quickly grabbed his dagger and pieced the dragon, drawing blood then he cut the palm of his hand. Ryu slammed his palm into the wound on the dragon. Its loud roared was a sign of a claim.

The vision ended but Odeya sadden by the memory of Ryu and it was his first claim of a dragon many thousands of years ago. Ryu was a friend good to Jin, they used to spend a lot of time hunting and they also trained together. A heartbreaking moment to lose Ryu but she could not let the grief consume her. She needed to save Jin.

“you were a good friend to me and Jin. I will avenge your death!” said Odeya. Ryu’s lifeless body turned into a shadow form and disappeared into the ground. Erylo poison was Persephone’s claim on him. She picked up a silver pendent that he left behind, there was an arrow and a sun symbol. She was sure if it was linked to Helios or Apollo and why would he have this pendent in his possession.

Another powerful vision appeared in her mind. Odeya could see a Jin walking towards a large glass window. It was the view of Delos but this was a different city, one that Odeya hadn’t explored yet.

“I was forced to love Persephone! I couldn’t escape because she had taken something from me, my honor as a Guardian and forever bound to her” said Jin.

“you can see me? this is a vision, how is this possible?” Odeya asked.

“I’m a Spyrit Guardian, I entwine the vision to make it more clear so I could speck with you. I have longed to hold you in my arms again, to feel your soft skin, to kiss your sweet lips” said Jin.

“it’s really you?” Odeya asked.

“I’m not really here, I am still Yamato’s prisoner. I cannot escape these crystal chains. Yamato is using my blood and power to feed an ancient beast. The chains that are wrapped around which tightens around me drawing my blood, it drips down into a black liquid below. I heal and my power restored but the cycle continues” said Jin.

“where is this prison? I will not give up the fight until you are free” said Odeya.

“I do not know! The son of Nishikido the one you carry will lead you to the Black Rose. Yamato kept me hidden but I have faith in you. I know you can find me” said Jin.

“I won’t give up the search!” said Odeya.

“it was faith to meet Nishikido. I have accepted this!” he said.

Odeya looked up at his handsome face and gave him a smile. Her memory lose has delayed her in her quest to find the black rose but she needed to free Jin before she could think about going on a journey without Jin.

“just before I was taken, I created a shadow clone to protect my sister from Yamato. I fought him but It wasn’t enough. The storm katana I used to strike him, shattered into pieces” said Jin.

“white storm katana! Was the blade re-forged?” Odeya asked.

“yes! I believe you already had it in your possession” said Jin.

“afraid my time is up! I will wait for the day you come to free me from this torture” said Jin.

“this is not goodbye, I will see you again” said Odeya. There was no tears when he faded into a shadow mist, the moment was enough for her. Odeya fade from her vision but somehow she sensed that Jin was linked to the Black Rose.

“the dragon temple! That’s where I need to go!” said Odeya.

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