Bound in Crystal

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Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Athena stood at the edge of the platform, overlooking the gardens below. Enjoyed her last moments as a Goddess. She did everything in her power to guide Odeya on the right path but with Persephone and Hades constantly trying to destroy Odeya, which made it difficult to protect her. It was an endless battle between the Gods and the last vision weaken her. A mystic figure approached the Goddess as she held out her hand to open up a portal. “you were not meant to die but this is my final gift, I brought you back using my last bit of divine energy. Ryu! This portal will take you to the Temple of Chaos” said Athena.

“Athena! No!” yelled Ryu.

“you are the key to awakening the Guardians of Chaos that was my reason why had had to bring you back” said Athena.

“how would I accomplish such a task?” he asked.

“They are asleep deep within the Labyrinth, you will find the entrance the last black door”

“will Odeya be safe?” he asked.

“the prophecy has been fulfilled, she carries the heir to Villadon but she is dying. Haniel is tracking her as we speck. She’s the only one that can save her”

“Erylo poison, Persephone has gone too far!”

“Ryu! The Guardian line must not fall!” said Athena.

He grabbed her before she could fall. Her divine light was slowly fading until her body disappeared into an explosion of light while shattered the walls around them. When Zeus had fallen it was Athena that help up Olympus but her death brought about its destruction. There was no one left to protect it now. He bellow a warcry, Athena was a loyal friend and to lose one of the greatest warrior Goddess.

When the last pillar crumbled he took it as a sign for him to leave. He jumped through the portal as the gold platform broke off. As he emerged he found himself standing in a large hall. Molten lava flowing in crystal pools. There was once rows of statues but half of them were destroyed by lava.

He walked towards the main statue of Enualios, a fierce War God and creator of the first Guardians known as Guardians of Chaos. This was long before the war between Yamato and Enualios. This had caused the fall of the Aveilein race. When Enualios lost the battle he sealed away the Guardians from Yamato but not all. Yamato took control of the Spyrits, another powerful Guardian race.

There were cracks of the walls as if it was about the break which could only meant one think, the magic that held back the lava is fading but Ryu was now a God thanks to Athena. He could use his magic to restore this place, that will also give him time to awaken them. That’s the reason why he was chosen to awaken the Guardians, a task he must not fail or everything will be lost.

He paused at the narrow passageway leading to the large black door, the entrance to the Labyrinth. “well! This is for you Odeya! I won’t let you down I promise!” he said to himself.

He began to descend.


As Odeya run through the mystic woods but she could feel her life drained, the poison destroying bit by bit at her mortal side. “Odeya!”

She stopped the moment her heard her name, she recognized the voice. “Odeya!”

When she looked back she was astonished to see Haniel standing at the entrance of a ruined temple.

“quick! Get inside no time to explain” said Haniel. She scanned her surrounding for any danger but sensed none. She rushed towards her with no regret, Odeya hugged her as tears roll down her cheer.

“Odeya! it’s so good to see you” said Haniel.

“what happened to you?” Odeya asked.

“Quick! We safer inside” said Haniel.

The ruined hall was a total mass, books torn apart lay rested on the cold floor. Broken swords and Shattered glass everywhere as if there was a battle here. “what is this place and where have you been? I want to know everything please” Odeya asked.

“I will explain. Here! Have some hot soup, you must be staving” said Haniel.

“Thank You!” said Odeya.

She took the silver bowl and made herself comfy on a broken stone pillar next to the fire. The soup was hot and steamy but it didn’t bring any joy after the chaos she just encountered. Her thoughts of Ryu devasted her, she lost a friend that was loyal to her. “I know about Ryu’s death but you need to be strong and focus on your duty as Guardian and don’t worry I put a protection spell so we are safe” said Haniel.

“I am effected with Erylo Poison” said Odeya.

“I found a cure for the deathly poison but I was attacked by Persephone and if it wasn’t for Athena I would be killed. The Goddess saved my life, she brought be to Delos so I could work on the cure” said Haniel.

“I’m sure that wasn’t easy but I’m glad you safe” said Odeya.

“here I have one ready, this will kill the poison. Drink every last drop” said Haniel.

“Thank You Haniel!” she said. Which she placed her empty bowl aside and took the bottle of while liquid. She wasted no time a gulped it, tasted like chilled spiced honey but loved it. She felt a slight freezy feeling within her blood and that was it. “did it work? Am I cured?” Odeya asked.

“yes my sweet child, I have tested it many times” said Haniel.

“this could have saved Ryu! If only I know about this sooner” said Odeya in tears.

“Ryu’s death was tragic but if I knew about it before he died I would have saved him” said Haniel.

Odeya looked at the empty bottle, troubled by the Ryu’s death. She remembered Athena’s words when she said the people around her will die. Going down a dark path and no end to her madness but seeing Haniel alive brought joy.

“how did you mange to find the cure?” Odeya asked.

“an ancient and powerful race known as the Nagas, their greatest trade is poisons. It wasn’t easy finding the kingdom” said Haniel.

“the Nagas! I heard a lot about them, would love to see the lands one day” said Odeya.

“your child will be born a Spyrit and when he becomes of age, he will lead you to Velago, an underwater city ruled by the Nagas” said Haniel.

“what will I do there?” Odeya asked.

“you need the five crystals and you journey has just began but you need to use this time to prepare yourself cos this is no ordinary task” said Haniel.

“that’s doesn’t sound easy” said Odeya.

“I know you in love with Jin but you are chosen to restore the Royal bloodline. You carry his child and when the time is right he will lead you to Velago, city of the Nagas” said Haniel.

“I never wanted this! I’m not ready for this” said Odeya.

“you will be fine, I have faith in you now get some rest you need it because we are going to fake your death, Nishikido has a plan. You trust him?”

“yes!” said Odeya.

Haniel gives her an ancient black scroll and Odeya gently breaks the seal.

The last of the Aveileyins

Odeya my sweet child, you are the last Aveileyin! Wish there was someway that we could meet. Erebus had put a curse on me and he is the only one that can remove this deadly curse but Haniel and I are working on a solation to break it. If our paths cross death will claim me but with the magic priestess at my side I know one day we will succeed.

This journey will not be easy, you have come so far be strong my sweet daughter. We will meet I have faith!

~ Arabella ~

Burn this scroll when you are ready, take in the smoke from the blue flames this will put you in a deep sleep and Nishikido will take you to Villadon.

“my mother is alive!” she whispered.

“yes, give me more time and you will meet her soon” said Haniel.

“I know, your magic is powerful” said Odeya.

“have faith and be strong. I need to leave, this must be done alone. Burn the scroll when you are ready. Take in the smoke from the blue flames this will put you in a deep sleep, Nishikido will take you to Villadon” said Haniel.

“will we meet in Villadon?” Odeya asked.

“yes! Farewell Odeya” said Haniel.

When the priestess left leaving Odeya alone, she wasn’t sure if she was ready. Everything happened so fast, she just needed to clear her mind. She took a deep breath and dropped the scroll into the fire. The flames turned blue which realized a sweet small of rose. She felt light-headed then drifted off to sleep.

Nishikido materialized and carried the sleeping Odeya in his arms. When he teleported in front of the portal leading to Villadon this attracted the attention of Erabus.

“come Erabus! Come claim you beautiful Odeya” said Nishikido.

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