Bound in Crystal

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Odeya awakened on a bed, her eyes were still hazy. It took a moment to adjust to the light. As she rolled over onto her side, to her surprise she felt soft silk sheets. She paused for a moment to take in the unfamiliar surrounds. “Haniel!” she yelled.

She forced herself out of the bed but the moment she stood, her legs felt like jelly and collapsed onto the floor. How long was she out for? She wondered.

She held onto the bed and slowly picked herself up. As she gained strength, the first thing she noticed was that she was no longer wearing her black dress. It was a short Greek style dress with a thin double gold belt around her waist. Was it a gift from the Gods? Her boots were removed and she could see a silver sun tattoo on her right ankle. What was his intention for marking her? All these questions in her mind made her wary. Still holding onto the bed she glanced around the massive room. Sliver and gold pillars in a semi circle around the bed. She hadn’t seen gold sheets before and a sweet smell in the air, one that Odeya did not recognized. The walls were full of artwork that stretched across the entire walls. The most beautiful work she had even seen, the scenes looked like the Titans fighting for control.

Could it be the war with Zeus? But Odeya didn’t recognize the God in any of the paintings. This was a war of a different era, one that wasn’t in any of the ancient books that she had studied. She stepped closer to one of the painting, there was ancient Greek writings at the bottom. She wished she could stay and decipher the writings but she was in a foreign place.

“Hello!” she yelled.

The room was eerily quiet, she had to find a way out but she didn’t know were to start, there must be a thousand rooms and she was not sure if this palace was safe. She slowly climbed down a few steps, there stood a crystal round table filled with mouth-watering food. Was this another gift from the Gods or it could be poisoned? The smells of the roast pork drew her close, her fingers touched the sticky sauce and she tasted it, hoping that it was not poisoned. She paused for a second, there was no pain or dizziness which was a relief. Her stomach growled as if she hadn’t eaten for days. Odeya broke off a chuck of meat, her fingers sank into the soft meat with each bite she took.

The sticky sauce dripped down her chin but she didn’t care and it had a spicy honey taste which she hadn’t come across in Eradonis. A discovery she intend to find out about but where would she start. It felt like she hadn’t eaten for days and the food was just so heavenly she could not stop eating.

Every bite was like heaven in her mouth but some how this was all very familiar to her as if this meal was something she had in her past. She glanced at a jar filled with a blue liquid which was a rare sight, she dare to taste it. She wiped her sticky hands and reached for the glass jar. A strong feeling of deja-vu. It felt like she had been here before and shared a meal with someone but she could not figure this place out or why she was brought here.

She sipped the blue liquid and she loved the taste, it felt sweet and chilled in her mouth. A refreshing drink clamed her mind as if it was Ambrosia, food for the Gods. This was a strange place that she knew nothing about but she had to find a way back home.


After the divine meal she enjoyed, she could not rest until she found a way out and she thought she heard a sound coming from behind the black door.

She bravely walked towards the double doors, she slowly opened it wondering what was awaiting behind the door. There was silence at first but there stood the little girl at the end of the passageway, the girl’s smile brighten her heart. She turned around and headed for an opened door. “Wait!” said Odeya. She decided to follow her and passed through a thin black liquid layer; she nervously took a small breath, discovering that the air below was fresh and sweet smelling. The little girl disappeared into the shadows.

She used her intuitive ability to sense for any traps but found none, she breathed a sigh of relief. Odeya slowly walked down a narrow passageway. The walls were gold with strange looking symbols and marking. She cautiously moved towards the light which lead her into a large chamber. She walked in and noticed her reflection on the shiny floor. The walls covered in paintings, one of which showed a Goddess fighting some shadow. One showed the Goddess sitting in a throne but the painting was damaged, she could not see her face. The last painting was not very clear but she could see that the Goddess is wearing a mask and holding a black shiny box. She walked closer to eight statues in the room, all in a circle holding two swords in each hand which they held in an x formation. Each blade touched the other which formed a link. It looked more like a lost Tomb but were was the coffin she wondered.

Odeya realized that they were guarding a box that was floating in the centre of the circled statues and the source of the light was coming from it. A chill ran down her spine but she had to know what was in it. The box was pure black. She could not take her eyes off this mysterious box. It was as if she was drawn to it. She sensed an enchantment as she walked around the statues. Each statue faced a small pool of thin black liquid and she could see a gold orb at the bottom of the pool. She scooped up the black liquid into her hand and it formed a black orb. It was freezing she could not hold it must longer and dropped it to the ground and it shattered like glass and inside the orb was crystal dust.

“What am I doing? said Odeya

Odeya looked at the dust as it glowed and covered the entire floor. The dust covered the eight statues, slowly easting away on the stone of the statues.

“That was too easy!” said Odeya.

She walked towards the box and placed her hand on it but nothing happened. She tried everything to open it but nothing worked. She turned it around and found strange markings on it. Odeya decided take it with her so she packed it away into her bag hoping that she could figure out how to open it later. The light inside the box began to fade and the room became dark. The middle pool slowly started to glow brightening the room. She walked towards on the centre pool and found that it was another orb that was glowing. She reached for it and she held it in her hand.

The orb floats, slowly melting and forming a thin sheet like glass. Odeya looked closely, words form in black which she reads it aloud:

A Journey To The Unknown Land

A World Beyond

Where It All Began


The Fabled Black Rose Will Be A Gift For Only The Strongest

Odeya held the soft glass paper in her hand and the red ink forms a map. “This cannot be true! Does the Black rose really exist?” said Odeya.

Two Bo staffs appeared opposite each other, floating above the pool, a martial arts weapon rarely found in Eradonis. Odeya used her telekinesis to grab the staffs. A rush of energy invaded her body, a light momentarily penetrated every cell of her body as fear disappeared like morning dew and a calmness surrounded her. Its power made her skin tingle as the markings on her hands appear again glowing red. She examined the runes on her hand and staff wondered what they meant. As she pondered the meaning of her discovery, Odeya heard footsteps, too loud and distinct to be mistaken for anything else.

She rolled up the enchanted map and placed it into her black bag. “She’s in here!” she heard someone shout.

Odeya froze, there was only one way out of the chamber but a dark haired man blocked her path, he stood tall dressed like an assassin but he looked more like the God of War. He was huge and getting past him will be a mission. “you have entered a forbidden tomb and you have something what does not belong to you!” he said in a deep voice.

“Tomb? You the Guardian of this box or this tomb?”

What was the force that drew her to this ancient box; was there some dark magic that the assassin was guarding she wondered and somehow all this was linked to Helios.

“Do you think I will return the box without a fight!” said Odeya. He took that as a challenge and stepped forward allowing another group of assassins to enter the room and surround her. “So you are the leader of the pack?” Her words angered him even more. He pointed his sword at her chest. “Let me guess” said Odeya. “You are Helios’s personal assassin. So the Titan does know I’m here; this changes things” she said. “You are protecting this ancient box and not the map”

“Map?” he said in confusion. Odeya knocked his blade away from her chest but he slashed viciously at her and blood dripped from her face. Five more warriors surround her although she was outnumbered she managed to block their every attack.

Her skill matched their speed and agility but he was not impressed. A fury energy surrounded them, it was his hatred building deep inside him, she knew he would not let her escape. He knocked her down with a force but before he could strike her again she rolled over avoiding his further attack.

The red mist returned swirling around then and she found herself back at the entrance of the Aradeyin Temple. “Thank God!” said Odeya.

She puzzled for a moment to search for her pet but she was no were to be seen, so she wasted no time and ran to the door of the Temple and there was Kitara waiting for her. Another rare gift from her mother, a pure-white mare as if the Gods created this beautiful horse.

She mounted her horse but become distressed the moment she saw the assassin materialized from the mist and she lost her weapon in panic.

She urged her horse to a gallop as they headed toward the dense forest. Fortunately, Kitara knew the way home so she freed her hands, reaching deep within to draw upon her magical energy casting a powerful fire bolt towards the Assassin hoping to slow him down but her aim was not steady and she missed him by inches. He continued his charge, determined to cripple his target.

It was difficult riding fast through a forest, avoided the thick trees that blocked her path and an eerie mist grew thick as she rode deeper into the forest. She looked back in an attempt to summon another fire bolt but she seem to have lost him. The enemy plagued her mind and she had forgotten that this forest had powerful lightning traps. As she crossed its path which was unavoidable.

The energy force was so strong it knocked her violently onto the ground leaving her stunned. Her horse disappeared into the think forest. She screamed as pain shoot thought her body, she layed on the cold ground weaken, a voice from within telling her to run. Odeya held onto a tree to force herself up but the mist was so think she could barely see her enemy so she closed her eyes to cast a spell.

Reveal my enemy

Footsteps so silent

Let light show me

My enemy’s path

The spell revealed that he was moving swiftly through the forest, straight towards her. In a panic she grabbed her dagger. The assassin, burning with rage came closer to unleash a blow to her head, to finish her faster but she gathered her remaining strength, fighting through the pain, rolled backwards to briefly escape a head-crushing death.

Deep breaths filled her lungs. Still weak from the lightning energy, she knew magic was her strength, so she cast an ancient red vine spell. The vines came from beneath the soft ground and swarmed all around the Assassin. She took the opportunity to disarm her attacker after he defeated her last-ditch effort and she drove her blade into him; missed his heart by a very small margin, she could sense danger as the assassin unleashed a growl, insane with rage, it sounded like he was suffocating on his own hatred. Feeling the blood and heat on her face as she saw her attacker’s last actions were written on his face.

Heavy rain poured which brought a cold chill on her skin as she slowly backed away from him. Something deep inside her stopped her from ending his life. Somehow she felt she knew him and that he was not an ordinary Assassin. She quickly turned away from him to make her escape without looking back. At a safe distance from the Assassin she began to locate Kitara.

Her bare feet sank into the soft mushy ground. She felt the coldness on her feet with each step she took. She was a distance from the assassin which gave her time to catch her breath. The heavy rain spattered onto her skin, making her shiver once more. Her wet hair sticking onto her face as she moved.

She came across a river, she hadn’t been to these parts before. The assassin clearly had pushed her deep into the forest. Odeya stood on the edge of the river, shivering to the bone. She saw Kitara moving slowly through the forest.

She wanted to go to her but the moment her foot touched the water, she froze, the water was unbearable icy for her to cross but she had to get to Kitara, so she pressed on.

The water level reached her waist which made it difficult to cross, deep breaths filled her lungs, frozen from the icy water. She grabbed onto a rock forcing herself forward.

As she emerged from the river, onto a grassy bank, an arrow struck a tree above her. Astonished he was still alive.

Odeya got to her feet in no time and ran towards the horse, her fear returned when he began his pursuit once again.

The assassin aimed another arrow, which struck her left shoulder, the pain shot through her body but that didn’t stop her. She looked back for the assassin but he vanished. She scanned around for him but there was no trace of him anywhere. She screamed when she pulled the arrow out but it burned her skin. “poison!” she said.

She dropped the arrow in fear, this was an unknown poison. This could change things for her and she only had her dagger to defend herself. With her magic bag that contained the ancient box was safely around her back, she looked for Kitara; but she had disappeared again and she was hoping that the assassin hadn’t killed her. Odeya became desperate in her search so she closed her eyes and listen to the sounds of the forest. She was hoping to locate the assassin and Kitara. In the far distance she found her horse but still no sign of the assassin. Something was terribly wrong, how could he shield himself from her magic, no ordinary assassin could do that, there was something deeper within him.

Then to her left the assassin appeared with rage and hatred which took her by surprise. He swung his blade but Odeya blocked his attack with just her dagger but she didn’t have the strength to push back.

“You should have killed me when you had the chance!” he said.

“Wait! Why is this box so important?” she asked. “Surrender now and I will let you live” he said. She looked into his cold eyes and knew that even if she returned the box he would still kill her. She will fight till her last breath. “Not going to happen” she said.

“Then you will die today” he said. She gripped the dagger and sliced him across his chest. Blood spilled onto the ground, a loud roar escaped his lungs and he slashed at her without mercy but Odeya dodged his every attack but she wasn’t fast enough. The assassin sword left a deep slash across her face resulting in blood and sweat dripping from her face. She let out a loud cry but that didn’t stop the assassin. The cuts on her hand, face and a blood stained dress proved that he was determined to end her life in this fight and no mercy was shown from him.

The assassin, angered by her resistance, combined his hatred into a hard hit, as she smashed into the ground, the assassin pined her down with an invisible force. “This ends now!” he grunted. He gripped onto the bag and tossed it aside. “No!” Odeya yelled.

Before Odeya could defend herself, his blade pieced straight into her heart. Her cries of pain did not affect him, without mercy he ripped his blade out.


Her rune markings appeared glowing silver, in a state of shock he glanced at the young woman. Her markings then appeared in the air which created a shield around them.

She slipped into an unconscious state but he sensed that she was still alive which only meant one thing. Her fighting skill matched his but he needed to know for sure so he dipped his finger into her blood and tasted it. “No! You are… Odeya!”

His heart sank, he had been looking for her for thousands of years and finally found her. In the mitts of despair, he took his blade and pieced the ground, created a fire circle for protection. He locked his forearm with her, as the shadow energy spiralled around their forearms but he seem to be effected by this energy, he dropped to his knees but did not dare to let go. He finally found his little sister and will give his own life just to save her. A terrible thing he did and will not forgive himself but he couldn’t have known she was his sister. The shadow energy filled every inch of her body, her beautiful silver hair turned pitched black. A shadow energy ripped through his entire mortal body causing him to bleed but he was not willing to let go. He had to endure the pain even if it kills him. He was transferring his divine power into her and it also healed her wounds but it weakened him and he finally let go. It took every ounce of his strength to ensure that she could live. He fell back and the shield around them vanished, Odeya recovered but remind in a semi-sleep state. He could feel his divine light had faded as he lay on the cold ground.

“Ichiro!” he called out.

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