Bound in Crystal

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

The next morning she felt a lot better knowing she was safe in the Palace. She started her day searching for Ichiro’s room, she was afraid but she needed to know his secrets. After two long hours by using her gifts Odeya finally found his room. She placed her hand onto the door to sense if he was there or not.

She glanced around hoping that no one will see her enter his room. Seeing that she was safe, she slowly turned the handle and walked in. The moment she walked onto his room, it was like a distant memory that surfaced but felt like a warm feeling that passed through her.

She didn’t let that distract her. She needed to find information about Ichiro and leave before he returns.

The curtains were closed and that only allowed little light to seep into the room. She slowly closed the door and began to search for anything that looked suspicious. In the far corner of the room she could see papers stacked on a table. Cautiously walked towards the table, they were all rare maps of Temples; ones that she hadn’t discovered in her research. Underneath all those maps was some writing words but it wasn’t in any ancient writings or Greek.

Asteria * Eos * Metis * Pallas * Selene * Prometheus * Rhea * Ophion * Lelantas * Astraeus * Atlas * Clymene * Themis * Mnemosyne * Perses * Styx * Coeus * Dione * Eurynome * Oceanus * Tethys * Crius * Iapetus * Hyperion * Cronus * Thea * Phoebe * Menoetius * Eurybia * Helios * Epimetheus

“These are maps of the Temples of Titans but why is he so interested in the Titans?” she whispered.

She grabbed the map of the Temple Helios. And placed it into her pocket bag hoping then Ichiro will not realize that it was missing. Before Odeya could explore any further she felt the tip of the blade on her back.

“What are you doing in my room? Leave now!” Ichiro yelled.

“Forgive me!” Odeya plead.

“You are invading my personal space now get out” Ichiro yelled.

“do I look like I care and why are you so interest in the Titans?” Odeya asked.

“You think I will show you mercy?”

“I know you hiding something and I will find out!”

“leave now!” he yelled.

He lowered his dagger, Odeya turned to face him but silence filled the air. She slowly had her way out but when the door slammed she felt rage which wasn’t a good sign for her.


Odeya entered her room, she rested her back on the door knowing that royal guards will come busting in at any moment. “Why am I doing this” Odeya whispered. Odeya fighting the tears, she lost all trust in herself the moment she stepped into Ichiro’s room. She needed to be more careful next time. When Odeya looked up, she noticed an arrow stuck in her pillow and a note attached on it. She tried not to let her fear take over again. A feeling like death had entered her room. She pulled the note from the arrow and opened it.

All Three Royal Blood Lines Will Be Wiped Out


Darkness will consume all in it’s part

“Don’t touch that arrow!”

“Atreus!” said Odeya. She didn’t hear him enter. He took out a silver cloth and wrapped it around the arrow, he carefully pulled it out. “What’s going on? Has Ichiro spoken to you?” Odeya asked.

“Ichiro? No!” said Atreus.

“I don’t have time to explain, I need to take this to the Siacodian Temple. If I am correct this arrow once belonged to an original Guardian but was stolen by Hades” said Atreus.

“Guardian! I heard that word more than once lately” said Odeya.

“Listen! I have to go but you will be safe here” said Atreus.

“Things at the Palace has gotten worse, there is some dark magic around that is linked to the assassins that attacked the Empress, but this needs to end now” said Atreus.

“Wait! Is Avril safe? Was the arrow meant for me or Avril?” Odeya asked.

“Everything will be okay, just trust me! I will find out the truth” said Atreus.

Atreus was always clam in dangerous situations, Odeya has watched him fight in the Arena and his fighting skills were brilliant which reminded her of the assassin she fought.

“There will be guards at your door so if anything happens, just scream” said Atreus.

“Be safe!” said Odeya.

She know that guards were right outside her door, one scream and they will come to her rescue. She glanced around the empty room, a feeling of being watched brought back all her fears. Odeya curled up on the bed, she didn’t even bother to remove her boots. She closed her eyes but with all that confusion she managed to slowly drift off to sleep.


The loud shattering of glass awakened Odeya from a restless sleep, she sat up on the bed and looked around the dark room. A window had blown open from the strong winds. Lightning flashed which brightened the room for a second then it darkened again. She swiftly got to her feet and went to the opened window, trying not to step on the broken glass. Odeya looked out the window, she could see the raging storm. The air was icy cold, at the same time the another windows blew open, the rain gushed through the opened windows. It was then that she realized that the guards should have entered her chambers when the glass shattered. The noise would have definitely alerted them. She rushed towards the doors opened it and stepped out. She gasped in shock. The guards were lying on the floor in a pool of blood. “Oh no! Avril!” yelled Odeya.

She raced to the Throne room and found the assassin holding a dagger at Avril’s throat. “Don’t come any closer or she dies”

Odeya held up her right hand facing her palm outwards to summon fire energy but nothing happened. “What happened to… “

“Your magic? Let me see, you are in my presence so your magic is suppressed” said the assassin.

“How is that possible?” asked Odeya.

Odeya didn’t know that another assassin had approached her from behind. He gripped onto her, his hands held tightly around her, she could barely move within his grasp. “I want to taste your blood, the blood of a Guardian!” he whispered to Odeya. Before she realized what is happening, she felt a sharp pain on her neck, as he draws blood and he took in her power. Her blood dripped from her neck, she could feel a darkness in her that surfaced. His cold hand slid down the top of her dress and cupped her breast. “why you doing this? please stop!” said Odeya.

The assassin suddenly seemed stronger. “Let’s play a game shall we? If you can guess my true identity then I will reward you with a kiss and if you fail then my hell hounds will enjoy ripping your beautiful body apart” he said. Avril stood in shock when she saw the massive hell hound materialized in a black liquid, she could not move an inch as the other assassin still had the dagger to her throat. “Hmmm, two strong woman, I like that, so let’s begin shall we?”

“Now! Who am I?” he asked.

There was a long pause when Odeya finally broke the silence. “Hades!” she yelled.

“Ah! You smart, little one” he said.

Before she could react he whipped her around and slid his tongue into her mouth. She could taste her own blood as he kissed her, a flesh of memory of the underworld but it was only a glimpse. She couldn’t do a thing to stop him, he was in control.

He ended the kiss with a smirk across his face. She could tell he enjoyed every minute of it. She looked up towards his face, his eyes were like blackish red lava. His cold eyes staring back at her, he was huge. She could see the blood on his lips…

“Now for my next questions” said Hades.

“What do you call the black dust that flows deep in the underworld?”

“Why are you doing this?” asked Odeya.

“Answer the question” said Hades.

Odeya could not find the answer, she turned to face the hell hound, Hades seem to enjoy every minute of it. “Please stop this!” said Odeya.

“I don’t know the answer to your stupid question!” Odeya yelled.

The hell hound pounced on her, she fall violently to the ground but Hades waved his hand in the air in time to stop the creature from ripping her apart. It did not move, it just pinned her down.

“I have another idea, one that you will surely enjoy” said Hades. The hell hound then walked back to Hades. She slowly rose from the floor and faced him.

“Let’s see if you can fight the temptation” said Hades. A ring of black dust formed around Odeya opening up a portal. She started to panic when her feet slowly sank into the black liquid. The assassin that was holding Avril lets go and she goes to Odeya’s rescue, she tried to pull Odeya out of the pool of black liquid but it consumed them both.

“My plan is working” said Hades.

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