Bound in Crystal

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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Dizziness rushed through her head as the black liquid dissolved into the sand. She felt lightheaded but she could feel some cold liquid rushed up onto her body. Her hands sank into the sand, forced herself up and glanced at the sea trying to recognize her surroundings. The moonlight was enchanting, the tiny gold pebbles lay in the sand glowed brightly like orbs. She picked up a pebble, it glowed brighter in her hand and she wondered if it was pure gold. The huge waves crashed onto the shore which almost looked silver. Then the memories of Hades came flooding in, she glanced around in search for Avril but she was alone on the sandy shore. “Avril!” she yelled. The only sound that came was from the crashing waves. She dusted the sand out from her hair and looked around again for her friend. Her boots sank into the soft sand as she made her way to a mystic forest that was in front of her.

She could sense powerful magic nearby and each step she took the ground glowed from her footsteps. Every tree she passed had beautiful red leaves and tiny magic orbs which helped her to see in the dark, they looked more like glowworms, they floated around the trees. Rows of flowers and thick grass covered the ground. She looked up into the night sky covered with stars. She could hear the leaves rustling from the rush of wind, she felt a warm energy that flowed through her body but she realized that this could not be Eradonis, something was different. It was some other mysterious world but everything around her was so familiar like a lost memory or something from a past.

She gently touched the bark of a tree and hoping to get a vision, but nothing happened. She couldn’t get the thoughts of Hades out from her mind, “why have you brought me here? What is your purpose Hades? Can you hear me?” yelled Odeya. The frustration was building up in her mind. She had no magic, no weapons and was totally lost. Further, without her magic she could not track Avril. She had no clue where she was and there was no one in sight to help. Venturing alone in the forest, she came across a blue stone pathway. Upon reaching the end, there stood a silver gate which had the sun in the middle and a moon on either side of the gate. As she stepped closer the gates opened and she bravely walked in.

A cloaked figure stood near a small pool of silver liquid, he turned his head slightly when he sensed her presents. His black cloak had a sliver dragon design on the back of it. “Hades?” she asked. Odeya kept her distance as she could not tell if he was friend or foe so she slowly backed away. She tripped on a rock but before she could fall the cloaked figure caught her, he moved with incredible speed and before she could say anything she started to feel light-headed then sleepy as if it was all a dream.


The mysterious figure carried her to the crystal pool and placed her in it, allowing her body to float. He took out his dagger and cut his palm, with his blood he draw his rune markings on the outer stone of the pool. Although she looked beautiful under the moonlight his intentions was not evil. He brushed her lips with his blood and said words in a different language:

I, Haruto! Call upon the royal line of Guardians

To seal this spell of Lust and desire.

Let her Godly beauty shine upon the one that seeks her desire.

Unbreakable lust and power surface within her to restore the royal line.

Here my words Guardians!

He let three drops of his blood drip into her mouth to seal the spell. “Afypnizo”

He leaned in closer to her ear. “Forgive me!” he whispered.

She remind motionless as he caressed her soft cheek then vanished into a shadow mist.


Awakened by the morning sun, she rolled over onto her back.

“Finally! The dead awaken!” said Avril in an angry tone.

She turned to glance at Avril, she rested her back against a tree, Odeya sat up still bewildered at her surroundings and stared at Avril with weary eyes.

“Avril! How did you find me and was there another person with me? Something does not feel right, I am not sure if I had a vision or was it a dream?” asked Odeya.

“You were alone when I found you, I searched for you and there you were! So where do you suppose we are?” Avril asked.

“I have no clue why Hades has brought us here and this place is creepy and enchanted and I would like to leave this place” she said.

“There was something that Hades mentioned, something to do with my past life, I had a glimpse of the underworld” said Odeya.

“That’s very creepy but now I know who sent the assassins, I must return!” said Avril.

“Hades must be watching our every move” said Odeya.

“Well let’s find a way out of this mess” said Avril.

They explored the mystic forest for signs or some way to return home, this world was completely different from Eradonis and she wasn’t sure if this world was hostile.

“I wonder how big is this place? We need to keep searching for a village or someone that might help us” said Avril. “I’m sure we’ll find something we just have to keep searching” said Odeya.

“I’m just eager to get home” said Avril.

A mystic person materialized in a ray of golden light in front of them, she looked like she was ready for war, and she wore a beautiful gold dress armor. Her beautiful gold dress made her look like a Goddess or was she Odeya wondered.

“Odeya! Please! Don’t be afraid! I meant you no harm. I am the Goddess Athena and I have came to warm you of the dangers that are around you”

“Athena!” said Odeya.

She stood tall, not like mortals, Odeya could feel her divine presents but felt like it wasn’t as strong like when she was in the presents of Hades. Why had the Goddess taken a mortal form? she wanted to ask Athena a million questions but felt like it wasn’t the best time and place.

“What is this threat you come to warn us about?” Odeya asked.

“I have seen into your future and it does not look good. Everyone that you love will die, killed by Erebus. The Lord of Darkness is truly your darkest enemy” said Athena.

The sound of his name brought a coldness that surfaced within her and it was a thousand times worse then Hades. “I will tell you but I will keep this short” said Athena.

“I managed to intervene Hades plan and pulled you out before you were taken to the underworld. You are in a world called Delos, created by the Gods” said Athena.

“Delos?” I thought this place was a myth” said Odeya.

“If this place was a myth then you wouldn’t be standing here!” said Athena.

“Good point” said Avril.

“Zeus and I were in the mortal realm when the darkness was released, there was no warning. I made it out but Zeus wasn’t so lucky. Although I made it safely back to Olympus, the darkness somehow effected my divine essences which weakened me” said Athena.

“Zeus is still trapped in the darkness?” Odeya asked.

“Yes! The darkness is powerful not even the Olympians can withstand the power of Erebus” said Athena.

“We need Zeus back that is why I gifted you with the power of visions to help you on your journey but each vision you have weakens me, this is my choice. Apollo is doing his best to keep me alive so Odeya! My sister please! You are our only hope to bring Zeus home to Olympus” said Athena.

“how would I accomplish such a task on my own?” asked Odeya.

“you will learn more as you journey, I have faith in you!” said Athena.

“what does Hades want from me?”

“I have limited time I am sorry Odeya but I will tell you more if we meet again” said Athena.

“please wait, how do I get my magic back from Hades?” Odeya asked.

“are strong enough to face Hades? Afraid I cannot help you, his too powerful but I know you will figure out a way. I must leave we will meet again ”

“be strong my little sister!” said Athena.

The Goddess vanished in a ray of golden light. Odeya wished she had more time with the Goddess Athena, she had so many questions that needed to be answered.

“Are you sure that was Athena and not another one of Hades’ tricks?” asked Avril.

“I am never sure but according to my research about Greek Gods, Athena is one of Zeus’s favorites she will never side with Hades” said Odeya.

“I hope you are right!” said Avril.


“We should keep moving” said Odeya.

“Are you sure you are okay? You look as if you could rip somebody’s head out!”

“You don’t need to worry about me Avril, I will be fine!” said Odeya.

Athena’s words lingered in her head but she dared not stop. They travelled farther north for any signs of civilization, the forest was similar to the Aradeya forest but this was thousand times more captivating. Although the women were fascinated by their surrounding, they grew wary to the unfamiliar world which they knew very little of. Athena hadn’t explained much about Delos.

The forest seemed to be endless, the thick trees blocked out the sun and they were not familiar with the glowing fruit and dared not to eat them. They figured it could be some old folk’s tale but there is a warning about eating unknown fruit. The wind was strong but wasn’t cold like the wind in Eradonis. Every tree that they came across had the same blood red leaves.

Not a word was spoken as they emerged out of the forest into a large open field. Gigantic rocks took up most of the space. “What’s this? Some-kind of black sand? Is it volcanic?” asked Avril.

Odeya picked up the black sand and slowly dropped it. “some-kind out mystic power hidden within the sand. Let’s turn back, I have a bad feeling about this” said Odeya.

They both turn heading back into the forest but they were blocked by an energy shield that separated the forest from the large opened field.

“I knew something was not right about this place!” said Odeya.

“Can you break through the shield?” Avril asked.

“Afraid not! Been thinking I don’t think Hades took away my magic. I have the feeling he did something or altered my magic so I cannot summon it” said Odeya.

“you will figure it out, you are brilliant with magic” said Avril.

Odeya’s touched the shiny black rock hoping to get a vision but Athena’s words haunted her once again, every vision she gets weakens the Goddess and she didn’t want that to happen. Odeya held onto the rock but still no visions.

The women continued to search for a way out, Odeya’s heavy boots sank into the soft sand and she could feel the heat coming from the sand. There was no lava or steam rising but that didn’t stop the women from exploring further into the open field.

Something caught her attention, a shiner red crystal orb sticking out from the sand.

“Have you seen anything like this before? It looks like the one from Helios’s Palace” said Odeya.

“Your curiosity will get us killed!” said Avril.

“Why do I have the feeling this is linked to Helios” said Odeya.

The red orb began to melt into her hand, the red liquid dripped onto the sand and slowly took the shape of a large red crystal tree. Odeya recognized the shape of an olive tree which was a symbol of Athena. Large white pillars formed from the liquid, black vines crept around the white pillars. A raised platform was created with a few stairs leading to the olive tree.

“Well I certainly wasn’t expecting that” said Odeya.

“This is truly a strange world” said Avril.

“What are you doing on the training ground?”

Both woman turn towards the strange men, judging by their appearance they looked like warriors. They looked calm and Odeya felt that she could trust these warriors.

Odeya smiled at the warriors as she stepped forward towards them. “forgive us. I am Odeya! it was the Goddess Athena that brough us to this world but we are lost and hoping to find our way home and this is my childhood friend Avril, Empress of Arydress. It is nice to meet you young warriors” said Odeya.

They stood silent for a moment. “it is an honour to meet such a beautiful young Empress. I am Ryu! Son of Nishikido and this my sweet Empress is Troy! Prince of Arydress” he said.

The news astonished the woman. Avril wasn’t sure to belive them, she struggled to keep her Throne. “another adversary! When will this end?” Avril asked.

“enough of this! After we done there we will take you to King of Argos” said Troy.

“Right! Let’s get started!” said Ryo.

“Would you mind telling me what’s going on?” asked Avril.

“Summoning a Fire Guardian” said Ryo.

As Ryu made a circle around them with his blade he said some words for a spell:

Blood of a Guardian

I summon thee

Let your radiant light shine

On the darkest sea

The circle formed a dark blue flame and beautiful child materialized in the circle of fire. Her wings were blood red which matched the colour of her hair. The short dress she wore was gold and she had no shoes which revealed a sun tattoo on her left ankle. Her eyes were like a golden sun which gave her an unusual beauty like one of a Goddess hidden in a mortal form.

Odeya frozen when she saw the sun tattoo, It was another mystery waiting to be solved but at the right time. Very curiously Odeya watched the two strange warriors.

“Harmonia! It’s good to see you” said Ryu.

“Ryu! Troy! I am glad you summoned me! Delos will suffer the same fate as in the human world, Erebus is growing stronger each passing day. You won’t be able to stop the darkness but you can slow it before Delos is completely covered in darkness” said Harmonia.

“That doesn’t sound good! Why are the Gods not helping? Surely Apollo will defend this world. It was build by the Gods?” asked Troy.

“Gods? They are losing this battle but only the chosen few will end the darkness. A journey will start at the Dragon Temple”

“Well! How much time do we have?” Ryu asked.

Something startled her, the air around them began to thin and it was becoming hard to breath. Crystal dust raised in the air which made it difficult to see. Ryu started to get close to Harmonia, to protect her from the unknown threat.

“I sense a Goddess!” said Harmonia.

“Persephone! You should leave now!” said Ryu.

The young Guardian vanished in a swill of fire. She was much too young for battle. All young Guardians are highly protected until they complete their training.

Ryu made sure she was completely safe but when he turned to join Troy a massive wall made out of sand blocked his path which separated them. He wondered how the Goddess had gotten so powerful. Ryu was immune to the Persephone’s power but the Goddess could always find a way to break a powerful Guardian such as Ryu and Troy.

“Troy!” Ryu yelled.

He needed to find Troy before things turned ugly. Everything happened so fast he could barely think of a plan to get himself out of this situation.


Troy swiftly took out his daggers holding it in a defective position ready to attack the Goddess if she came close. There was no sign of Ryu or the women he met.

Besides fearing the original Guardian, Persephone was a thousand times more dangerous.

Troy knew about the rumors that spread throughout Delos about the Goddess that captures Guardians and turns them into lethal Assassins, she can harness darkness to corrupt their divine energy and create her army. An encounter with the Goddess will be his doom to an eternal life of torture and slavery. He needed to get away and fast before the Goddess could get her hands on him.

Every second that passed brought panic, for a Guardian so young, fighting the Goddess will be a losing battle. Troy searched for Ryu tried to pick up a trail or something leading to him. He stopped the moment when he heard a growl behind him but before he could turn around a large beast pounced onto him. He crashed into the stone pillar, before Troy could regain control of himself the beast’s fangs sank deep into his shoulder. The bite felt like acid as he grunted in pain. He stabbed the beast in the eye and rammed it to the ground. Troy struggled to pick himself up as the beast bounced up again but Troy held his dagger and stabbed it straight in the heart killing it instantly. He then dropped the dagger when the pain became too unbearable, poison spread rapidly in his blood stream. It was something he had never experienced before. Guardians have rapid healing ability but his wounds were deep and were not healing. He held onto his bleeding shoulder and realized that something wasn’t right. Weakness overcame his body and he fell back onto the ground.

“Now there is a rare sight; to see a Guardian fall!” said Persephone.

Troy rolled over onto his back, he knew he was in serious trouble when he saw the Goddess. Powerless to flight back as she kneed beside him, he slowly slipped into an unconscious state. “you perfect for a young Guardian” She ripped opened his shirt and placed her right hand onto his bare chest. Utters words for a dark spell:

Let your divine light burn in the deaths of Tartarus

Bring forth your inner beast

Grant me your divine power and desire

Willingly into me

A shadow dragon appeared in the air, the sky echo with its fierce roar as it slowly faded away which meant her spell worked. She had broken the barrier of his divine power.

“Now you will be mine!” said Persephone.

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