Bound in Crystal

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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

In a desperate search for Troy, Ryu found him lying motionless on the ground. Dammit Troy! Wake up!” yelled Ryu. He glanced around and there was no sign of the Goddess. He checked his shoulder and it didn’t look good, it was as if some poison had infected him; slowly draining his divine energy. He turned back to see Avril approaching. “Have you seen Odeya?” asked Avril.

With his grief over Troy he ignored her plea for her friend that was nowhere in sight. Ryu wasted no time, he placed his hand on Troy’s wounded shoulder and one on his forearm. Avril watched him closely working his magic, one that she had never seen before. She glanced back at Troy, his shirt was ripped open and there was a strange marking on his chest.

“Avril? Is that your name?” Ryu asked.


“I need you to stay back, this spell will effect mortals so please if you want to live keep your distance” said Ryu. Avril obeyed his command and kept a safe distance from him. She had no choice but to trust him. She was in an unfamiliar world and needed more information in order to find Odeya, her fears were that the Goddess had taken her. It was clear that these people are not a threat. Ryu shut his eyes as he began to say the words to a spell.

I call upon the divine Guardians

The hidden shadow

Brutal Cerberus

The Spirit Storm

The fierce dragon

The unseen assassin

The Ancient Sea

Let your light bring life onto me.

Avril watched him closely as she wasn’t sure what he was doing. Troy awakens as she could tell that he was in unbearable pain. She stood lost and confused as she watched Ryu struggled to hold him down. Some rune markings appeared around them as Troy’s wounds began to heal which she never seen this before, a strange world with strange people made her fell unwelcome.

Ryu helped him off the ground, “Thank You Ryu! You saved my life”

“we need to get back to the Palace, you may need some rest”

“no! I need to find Odeya!” Avril yelled.

Troy took out a mini pocket bag, he opened it and dropped a red dust into the palm of his hand. He throws it into the air and formed a red crystal doorway but looked more like a portal.

“Wait a minute, what is that? I am new to this magic and what about Odeya? Are you just going to leave without knowing where she is?

“Look! The Goddess is only looking for Guardians and your friend is not one of them so it will be safer to look for your friend in the Palace” said Ryu.

“Are you sure about this?” Avril asked.

“Trust us!” said Ryu.

“You will meet Aronzo, King of Argos! I am sure he will help” said Troy.

“Come! It’s like stepping into a large mirror” said Ryu.

“alright!” said Avril.

Avril followed Ryu into the doorway, as she passed though and it felt like stepping out of a huge bubble. As soon as Avril entered, she was captivated by the massive hall. Many soldiers stood around a large shiny black table. The walls were pure black and thin silver pillars made it look like something a massive war room. The design was unique as if it was build by the Gods.

“I thought this place was empty, what is going on? why are they soldiers here?” asked Troy.

“we going to war, we going to destory Nishikido’s army!”

“you do realize you going to War, against an original guardian, you know he cannot be defeated” said Troy.

“enough! who is this beautiful young lady?”

“this is Avril, she claims to be the Empress of Arydress” said Troy.

“I am the Empress!” Avril yelled.

“Avril! This is Aronzo, ruler of Argos and a dragon shifter” said Troy.

“it is a pleaser to meet you young Empress, welcome to my Palace, this is the war room were battles are planned” said Aronzo.

Avril paid no attention to them and walked towards the table. She glanced at a map of an unfamiliar world. Everything was strange to her but there was so much to learn. “is this a map of Delos?” Avril asked.

“Troy! Take the Empress to the guest room, return when she is settled” said Aronzo.

“you need your rest, going against Persephone won’t be an easy task” said Ryu.

“very well, I could use a bit of rest” said Avril.

“Tell the servants to send some food up to her room” said Aronzo.

Avril never thought she could trust the two strangers but she did not have a choice. She followed Troy and Ryu out of the room, not a word was spoken and when she reached her room, she just wanted to clear her mind before she started searching for Odeya. They reached some stairs leading into a large passageway with many doors. Troy took her to the end, the last door. “Well! This will be your room for the night and I hope you find it comfy. It’s also the warmest room in the Palace. It does get a bit cold at night” said Troy.

“Thank You!” said Avril.

“Get some rest, we will meet in the morning” said Troy.

“Oh! Almost forgot. I will send the servant with a tray of food. Also some handmaidens” said Troy.

“That will be nice” said Avril.

“I will leave you now, if you need anything let the handmaidens know but I will be back to check on you” said Troy.

“wait! what was Persephone after?” Avril asked.

“I have been hunted by the Goddess for years. She is taking unwilling Guardians to join her army but I am not the only one she is targeting, she has taken many. Ryu is here to make sure she doesn’t success in capturing me. I possess a rare power which is linked to the Daughter of War” said Troy.

“Daughter of war? I would like to know more” said Avril.

“Later, get some rest” said Troy.

Troy closed the doors behind him when he left. He paused for a moment while he held onto the door handle. He let go slowly then glanced at Ryu waiting above the stairs. If it wasn’t for Ryu he would be Persephone’s slave. He walked back up the stairs, he was grateful to Ryu but deep inside of him sensed that something wasn’t right.

“You need more training pretty boy!” said Ryu. Troy stood silent, all Guardians feared Erylo poison but it seems like there is a new horror Guardians will face. The Goddess had grown too powerful.

“So about Avril, is it true? What will you do now?” said Ryu.

“We will deal with it in the morning. I will go and speak with my father now” said Troy.


“Aronzo! So would you mind telling me what is going on here?” asked Troy.

“does Nishikido know you planning to attack?” Troy asked.

“he is unaware, we managed to make plans in secret, the ships are ready to set sail in a few days maybe sooner if everything goes well” said Aronzo.

“you need to end this now, there is another war we must face, the war to stop darkness” said Troy.

“the Gods will protect us”

“no! this is different, the Gods will fail and Chaos will awaken” said Troy.

“enough Troy, I say we go to war, Nishikido’s time as ruler will end” said Aronzo.

“You making a big mistake” said Troy.

Troy realized that Aronzo was serious about war and that there was no way to stop him now. “I hope you know what you are doing, I will not be a part of this. You are on your own! This war will not end well” said Troy.

“You should be worried about Avril. The Empress of Arydress has finally come to Delos just as the Oracle predicted” said Aronzo.

“If what you say is true then I will take my rightful place as Emperor of Arydress.


Avril was not one that could be confined in one room, being an Empress she was also preoccupied with her Royal duties. After her meal that was brought to her by a servant an hour ago, she decided to leave the room and explore the Palace.

She walked up the stairs hoping no one was aware of her presence. In the far end on the passage was an opened door. She could feel the cool breeze as she walked closer towards an opened door and stepped out. She could hear the eagles circling above. The garden was filled with red flowers which reminded her of her Palace. Red pillars in a row and in the front was a large gold wall with some words written in black. The structure looked like a large passageway. The dried leaves rustled in the wind as she walked towards the wall. To her relief the writings were not Greek, she could read the words on the golden wall.

The Fall of Pallas & Divine Light

This is the untold story of Pallas

Titan of Warcraft

Pallas was handsome and he was the only Titan with pure white hair. He also fought with honor and strength; unlike Ares; and he never lost a battle.

The Greeks believed that Pallas sided with Cronus in the Great War but those were stories told by mortals, not the Gods. The secrets were hidden and he refused to side with Cronus or Zeus. He decided to leave the Greek world and follow Enualios but he was intercepted by Athena. He fought valiantly and defeated the Goddess but although Pallas was a powerful war Titan he could not slay Athena so he showed her mercy. There was no honor in killing a Goddess. He gave her the honor as his heir to rule his kingdom. He also gave her a gift, a sword and a shield to protect her in battle.

An act of kindness coming from the war Titan came as a shock to the Goddess. Pallas walked away never to return.

“Thought I might find you here. I see you are interested in Pallas!” Aronzo stood beside her, he glanced at the wall. “I heard some rumours that Pallas has taken mortal form and his here in Delos”

“I’m new to all this” said Avril.

“there are many Gods that live here, the most famous is the Goddess Artemis, she works heard to keep the peace”

“I know that Goddess, Odeya talks about her when she was young” said Avril.

“maybe if you lucky you would meet the Goddess! I need to get bank, got a war to deal with, will see you in the morning before I hear out to battle” he said.

Avril wasn’t sure if he was speaking the truth. She was a long way from home and with Odeya missing it had her feel even worse but she stood calm and ready to take on any challenge. Aronzo reminded her of Atreus, a strong warrior bound by duty to protect the Empress at all cost. The history of Arydress was lost long before she was born, the soldiers were the only ones left from the first dynasty but Atreus being immortal has no memory of the first Emperor of Arydress. Avril did spend time searching for lost evidence of their existence or something that will lead back to the first rulers but there was not a single clue. She would love to know the names and what magic they possessed.

As Aronzo walked back in via the Palace doors, Avril turned towards the open fields. She suddenly had a feeling of being watched. She felt a shiver which sent chills though her body. She stood for a while, thinking of the Titan Pallas. She took an interest Titans and not just Pallas, she needed to dig deeper and find out more about the Titans and Delos.

She returned to her room in the Palace and closed the doors behind. It was the first time Avril was free from her Royal duties and it was something to look forward to after she found Odeya.

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