Bound in Crystal

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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Odeya awakened in a strange room in a circle of thin crystal water. She slowly picked herself from the cold floor and scanned her surrounding. Alone in the empty room wondering how did you end up here. Persephone was the last word she heard from Ryu the rest was all a blank.

She walked across to an opened door leading into a huge hall. There stood a gold statue of a beautiful maiden, some writing on the trident she was holding. She looked closer, she recognized it as Greek but she could not understand the meaning.


The trident she was holding had silver stones but they looked more like gems, it was a beautiful sight. Water flowed from her left hand but it did not touch the floor.

The dark blue pillars towered to the water roof, a thin layer of crystal water swilled downwards around the pillars and disappeared when it touched the floor. Odeya was amazed at the sight. As she walked closer her heavy boots sank as if she was walking in water.

“Where am I?”

She turned her attention towards the wall, clear water stretched across it. A blue curved pattern outlined the water. There was powerful magic that held the water back.

A beautiful mermaid drew herself near, Odeya placed her hands on the magical water and the mermaid mimicked her. She felt some strong energy pass through her body, it felt like the power of oceans but not the raging seas, this was the calmness of the sea. “Ancient sea magic” she whispered.

Odeya watched the mermaid swim away, mystified by this place she glanced back towards the statue, the Greek words became fuzzy then her eye sight returned to normal and the Greek letters changed.


She wondered if the Mermaid had transferred some-kind of ancient mystical power to her. She glanced at the statue again, Amphitrite was the Goddess of Ancient Seas, the wife of Poseidon. Behind the colossal statue a watery stairs that lead into the upper floor. She became to be wary wondered if the Goddess could sensed her. Common sense remind her that she does not belong here. Wariness plagued her mind, she walked towards the water stairs and ran her finger into the water. The water from her finger dripped down, the droplets moved back into the staircase. She used her hand to grab some water and dropped it onto the floor, it splattered but the water returned to the stair. “Magical” she whispered.

Odeya cautiously climbed the watery stairs, she was relieved when she reached the top, when her foot touched the solid floor. She looked up and saw five doors in front of her. Symbols appeared on the five doors as she stared at them. One was the Greek symbol Omega.

She needed to find a way out of this Palace and the only way to do that was to push forward. She ran her finger on the engraved symbol on the first door near the stairs. The solid black door opened. She plucked up the courage and pushed it. She slowly stepped into a massive room. It was airy, a cool breeze blowing from the opened balcony. She still couldn’t sense any the presence of any other being in the room so she walked on the shiny blue marble floor across to open the double doors in front of her. It was the baths but it wasn’t the way out of the Palace so she closed the heavy doors. “Hello! Is anyone here?” said Odeya.

She listened to any sound that might indicate a person but the room was silent. She decided to explore further out of the room but a strange feeling that drew her to the balcony. “Sunrise” she whispered. As she stepped out into the balcony she gasped in shock when she saw a man lying on the soft chair. A surprising thought crossed her mind, how could she not sense him in the room. She glanced at him but he was asleep. He had black pants that sat low on his hips, this captured her curious mind.

She noticed a silver dragon tattoo on his left shoulder which went half across his bare chest. There were also rune markings on his hands all the way down to his forearms and some on his bare chest. His hair was black as the night sky which reminded her of a certain person from her childhood or was it a lost memory.

He was truly handsome and had a muscular body. Odeya had a strong temptation to touch him but she fought the urge. She slowly stepped to the edge of the balcony without waking him. She could see clouds below. It was something like a dream.

“How do I get out of this place” she whispered to herself while she enjoyed the cool breeze for a moment.

Turning towards the man, she stood frozen when his eye met hers. She didn’t hear him when he stood up. When she came back to her senses she bolted towards the exit but hit some-kind of barrier or shield and she fell violently into the floor. She forced herself up only to find him approaching. His stormy grey eyes staring back at her.

“Fylakas!” he whispered.

A strange feeling rushed through her blood. “Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you” he said. His voice was calm; which was a relief for her. “I’m lost and looking for a way out! I just want to get home, just point me to the exit and I will leave”

“I am afraid you cannot leave” he said.

“Why?” she asked.

He stood still for a moment and gazed upon her beauty but could see the worry in her beautiful eyes, he grabbed the opportunity to claim her before others do, she was a gift. Everything about her was perfect and he wanted her, to be inside her, her soft skin against his bare chest and the feel of her firm breast.

“I don’t want any trouble” she said in a soft voice.

Her sweet voice made him want her even more, he wanted to kiss her beautiful lips. A darkness burning within him, he loved being in control and to take want he wanted no matter what the cost but he could sense panic in her heart, he didn’t want to scare her so he lightened the mood.

“I am Nishikido! Guardian of Villadon and you are in Delos, the Greek world, home to the Demi Gods, nymphs, elementals and many more including a few mortals” he said in a deep voice. “Guardian of what?” asked Odeya in confusion.

“Guardians that battle darkness” he said.

“I see you not from Delos” said Nishikido.


“That is way beyond, tell me; how did you end up here?” he asked.

Odeya looked down in panic, she remember Arydress but it still felt like a hazy dream.

“May I ask your name?”


He was dangerously close to her, her back rested on the wall while his hands on either side of her blocked her path. She could smell his scent, she looked into him lusty eyes realized what he really wanted.

Her soft hand pressed against his bare chest and she tried to push him back but he stood without moving, he was a rock “Nishikido… please don’t!” she said. That didn’t stop him, his finger tips stroked her hand and her markings surfaced, glowing. “What is this? He asked. “I don’t remember how I got them” said Odeya.

“Rune markings on you but I sense you are more then just a Guardian. A gift or is it your curse?” said Nishikido.

“I don’t understand” said Odeya.

“I should have know” said Nishikido.

He could see the confusion on her face, she was so damn beautiful any man will desire her that is why he had to make his move fast but he couldn’t take her in this Palace, he needed to return home so he grabbed hold of her shoulders before Odeya could protest. He pulled her closer, her hand pressed against his chest. Unable to move or thing, he was much too strong for her to fight back.

She suddenly felt light, as if she was floating, everything darkened, and she shut her eyes. Seconds later Nishikido let her go, he titled her head towards his. “Sweet Goddess!”

“where are we? How did we get here?” she asked.

“this is my home, one of my rare gifts to teleport” he said.

He gently put his arms around her and kissed her luscious lips urging her to open while he had her pinned against the wall. Waves of pleasure through her entire body.

Her soft moans forced him deeper into a passionate kiss, loving the taste of her sweetness. Odeya evenally broke the kiss, rested her hands on his bare chest.

“you are going to bind yourself to me and I know you want it badly, I can feel it” he said. The word binding sent shivers but she knew that it wasn’t a lie. A deep burning desire that surfaced within her. His hands rested on her hips and pulled her closer once again, she could not fight the urge to resist when he began to loosened her belt. “soon you will be mine” he said. She stood frozen when his hands caressed her bare skin which electrified her senses.

He carried her to his bed and climbed over her, she was frozen is place, there was no stopping him. Her fear mixed with a burning desire. He captured her lips once again but was interrupted by a loud knock on the door which surprised Odeya.

“ignore them! they will go away soon” said Nishikido.

A while later…

Suddenly there was knocking on the door. The knocking grew louder, almost pounding at the door. Nishikido paused then glanced towards the door as if he could sense something was wrong. “Just my luck!” said Nishikido.

He slid off the bed and quickly got dressed. Odeya sat up as he wrapped a silk gown around her. He gently kissed her again. “Forgive me, I promise this won’t take long” said Nishikido.

Nishikido left the room without saying a word closing the doors behind him which just killed her aroused feeling. Odeya alone in the room, flopped back onto the bed with a feeling of being abandoned. She slid her hands on her cheeks fighting the tears. Emotions clouded her mind, she wanted him so badly it hurt deep inside.

She sat up again and scanned the room. It was large and the floor was black marble which made the room look dark. “What is wrong with me” she yelled.

She let out a breath of air and climbed off the bed and walked straight to the double doors, slowly opened it. She tried to step out but her path was blocked by an invisible shield. “oh great, now I’m trapped!” she closed the doors and headed towards the large open balcony, she was astonished to see the breathtaking view of the city, the massive buildings towered to the sky mixed with modern and ancient design with crystal pillars. “Amazing!” she whispered.

She was truly captivated by the city and the sun’s rays gave it a shiny look. She looked down, although there was a thin layer of clouds but she could not see the bottom.


Odeya looked back, there stood a young woman holding a tray of food, judging by her look; Odeya could see she was a servant. “The name is Nelova and Nishikido asked me to send up some food” she said.

“Am I Nishikido’s captive?” she asked.

“Captive? Oh no! The shield is for your own protection” she said.

“Protection from what?” asked Odeya.

She placed the tray onto the table “Well to be honest I’m not really a servant I’m just here to help Nishikido. Cylos and I are highly trained assassins but Delos is not our home. We are from Villadon. Home to the Guardians” said Nelova.

“I want to know more about Villadon and Nishikido” said Odeya.

“Maybe I can show you around the Palace” said Nelova.

“that would be nice”

“I would give you some time alone, I’m sure he will be back soon” said Nelova.

Once alone she started to explore the room and tried to remember something before she met Nishikido. She yawned as if she hadn’t slept in days but worse of all the fuzzy feelings in her head returned. Her memory slipping away every minute until everything was a blur. She turned back to admire the breathtaking view just to clear her mind.


“Why are you here?”

“Hello Father!”

“I came her e to tell you that the deal is off!” she said.

“Iysandria, if you weren’t my Daughter I will kill you with my bare hands”

“I know you have a heart, you are a Guardian!” said Iysandria.

Iysandria wanted the dagger of Helios but Nishikido, her father has protected it for centuries in Delos so he made a deal with her. He desired an Ancient Guardian Scroll which was kept hidden in the Palace of Helios and only Iysandria could gain access to the Palace ruled by a Demi God.

Iysandria realized that her father’s plot was to return to his home world and then all protection from her father will vanish.


“You of all people should know not to stand in my way” he said.

Iysandria stormed out of the room slammed the door behind her. Her father was the most powerful and dangerous ruler in Delos, he crushed the enemies that dare to cross him. He ruled by fear so he could have better control over the land but he longed to return to the place he was born. There was another way to return home so Nishikido took countless woman to his bed in order to find a specific Guardian, one that can break his curse so he could return home without using the power of the Scroll.

Nishikido was eager to get back to Odeya but Iysandria his daughter was difficult to talk to about anything. He had to find a way to deal with her before things turned ugly. He needed to cool down before he could get back to Odeya, thoughts of her filled his empty heart. He left the room and bypassed the several doors, down some stairs leading into a large weapon room, it was packed with weapons all from different origins. Rows of katana swords floated above the square pedestals.

He scanned the room for the dagger of Helios. There, at the far end of the room, stood a statue of a weeping maiden holding out her hands, her palms faced up and the dagger floated above her hands, a red shield around it for protection from enemy hands.

Without hesitation his hand penetrated the shield and he held on to the dagger. He could feel the shield pushing back as he slowly brought it out of the shield. He looked at the dagger, the blade was gold but the sun symbol was black. Three tiny spikes in the middle. He felt the blade’s power but it had little effect on him. It was the only blade that can kill a God. He wrapped the dagger in a silk cloth so that it was not exposed when he left the room, if it ended up in the wrongs hands it will be the end of the Gods and he could not let that happen. He swiftly left the room and quickly climbed the stairs to his daughter’s room. “You are back!” she asked in surprise.

“I will give you the dagger but on one condition…”

“I know, you don’t have to tell me” said Iysandria.

“I am offering to take you and Ryu to Villadon, then you will know why I needed to leave Delos. I have been repeatedly trying to explain the truth but Ryu refuse to listen. I will show you my world. Come with me!” said Nishikido.

“After all these years now you choose to show mercy for us!” Iysandria yelled.

“You and Ryu will be protected in Villadon, you have my word” said Nishikido.

As soon as her father left the room she bust out in tears. Nishikido hadn’t been there as a father, Ryu and Iysandria spend their days alone. After 200 years Nishikido finally accepted them into his life but it wasn’t enough to make up for the days lost.


Nishikido walked into his room, he froze when he saw rune markings in a circle around the bed were Odeya lay in a peaceful sleep. There was a small red scroll next to her, he could see the royal seal of Villadon.

He knew that she was not the one that drew the markings which could only mean one thing. Someone that he wasn’t seen for centuries had appeared in the room, it brought back a painful memory he wished to vanish from his mind. Nishikido broke the seal and it read:


Original Guardian of Villadon

Its time for your return

Our would is crumbling without its ruler

You need to restore the Royal Bloodline

Odeya, a young Guardian is the one you been looking for

You must claim her before its too late.

The scroll crumbled into dust, “Haruto!” he yelled. He dropped to his knees besides the bed were she remained asleep. After years of searching he finally found the Guardian with a little help from Haruto, his youngest son. Despite his son’s words he couldn’t just take her by force so he needed to ease into it slowly. Wasted no time slowly climbed under the sheets. He wrapped his arms around her pulled her closer. She wiggled a bit but she remained asleep, for the first time he felt free. She brought happiness to his bleeding heart, he never felt this way before. He could smell the sweet lavender in her hair. He slowly drifted off to sleep next to her, wrapped in a tight embrace.

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