Restoration: Twilight of the Gods(Book 3)

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Five hundred years after the events of 'Restoration: Cursed Memories,' and right before the events of 'Restoration.' Desires ever so deep inside, that pleasureful dream coming to an end. A being from the past returning to the world of the living once again. Hatred ever so deep inside, desires burning evermore bright. Clashing against those sealed memories. Treading through the deepest of sorrow once again. The Bringer of Demise descending upon the Nine Worlds, bringing death in the wake of her despair. Even so, perhaps this time, things can go differently. "Am I truly fated to fight for all eternity...?" "A hero am I? Heh...far from it actually..." "My one desire to leave here forever..." “If you think this hell, this is simply the beginning!” Emotions clashing, events coming together, hatred at its peak. Two beings evermore similar, desires one and the same. This time, her enemies will learn what will happen when a demon is pushed too far. ———————————————————————— Final installment of trilogy. Wattpad/Inkitt

Fantasy / Adventure
Edge Valmond
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Chapter 1: Awakening the Chaos(Part 1)

Five hundred years after the battle with Ultima. Cyra continuing to dream. Never a day of sadness. Living her dream with, Valor, Maria, and Argent. Unaware of the passing time as well as her eternal slumber with the beast. Still, it is nice, to live such desires, even if it is but an illusion.



The breeze appearing gentle this day. The sounds of birds chirping far and wide, and the warm sunlight making it for a wonderful day to simply relax. At the time, Cyra is sitting out on a porch in a recliner chair, taking in the gentle wind. The maiden hearing footsteps approaching, looking to her side, seeing Valor coming into view.

“You seem in a rather pleasant mood,” Valor holding his hand over his forehead.

The god looking on, seeing the sky endlessly stretching onward. How nice it is, to simply enjoy such a day. Even more so than that, to enjoy it with another. Embracing that gentle breeze, feeling the warmth of the sun shining down.

“Well, I am glad that Maria is finally accepting Argent,” Cyra pleasantly speaks.

“Yeah, she probably just felt like he was taking you away from her. It’s normal behavior,” Valor smiling at Cyra.

It is hard to say how much time exactly have gone by. Though it is nice, to finally have a family. To share in such, to embrace these desires. A dream in which can never be a reality, but certainly it can seem ever so real. To continue on in such an illusion, experiencing these blissful desires.

“Indeed, and she has gotten used to you as well,” Cyra agreeing, returning a smile in kind.

Valor positioning his arms in a thinking posture. It is another wonderful day, and he can only take a guess on where everyone will enjoy the day. Maria and Argent has such different tastes in what they enjoy, and certainly Cyra will be happy to go anywhere together.

“We should take them out somewhere. Maybe the beach?” Valor questions.

Cyra thinking for a moment. Indeed this does sound like a plausible idea, but there are several factors to take into account. Some days it is a hassle dealing with both kids, other days it is nice and quite easy to manage. Once a parent always a parent one can say. No matter how much time passes by.

“Hmm...the beach does sound like a wonderful idea around this time of the year,” Cyra confirms.


The wind gently blowing that day, within that grassy field, where that single tree continues to strongly stand. Oh how sorrowful it is, to wonder how things could have been. Valor standing underneath the tree, looking at Lævateinn. Those eyes still expressing such sorrow, regret even. The deity faintly smiling, continuing to wonder how she is.

“It has been five hundred years, Cyra. I wonder...are you still happy?”

“Ccccyyyrrraaaa!!!!” Valor screaming out, seeing their claws clashing.

A void surrounding Cyra and Ultima, binding them in place. Ultima finding himself unable to resist, horror expressing from his eyes. The maiden continuing onward, her resolve holding strong. To not relent, Cyra pushing towards one final hope.

“Wh—What is this?!” Ultima frantically speaks.

“ is time we rest eternally...where you will never harm anyone ever again. I have no more regrets. I can do this with ease now...”

A pure white light shining, binding them within a void. Valor slowly moving forward. The god trying to push forward, if there is anything he can do, he will try. His entire being screaming out, that old friend reaching for Cyra. The gods and the leviathan looking on, unable to do anything. Despite the feelings of animosity the deities have towards her, even this is a fate she does not deserve. Still, there is no other choice, and their power is so weak at the moment. Levi crying out, trying to convince her to stop.

Cyra looking back to Valor, faintly smiling. That old friend continuing to try, even when it is hopeless. That is the old friend she fell in love with. That happy-go-lucky child at heart. Indeed he cannot do everything, but he does try.

“Hey, Val...this is going to be the last time we see each other. Those times we spent together...what I wouldn’t give to see how it would have turned out in the end...”


The god ceasing his movements, his eyes trembling. Knowing all too well what she wishes for. Valor shaking away such emotions, the deity continuing to push onward. Seeing her fading away further and further into the blackness deep inside of her. That dreadful night playing within his mind.

“L—Let me go you damn woman!” Ultima yelling.

Cyra looking towards Ultima, her eyes are calm upon him. The maiden feeling no more regret, perhaps sorrow, yes, but definitely no more regret.

“We will forever clash in an endless slumber, Reed. This is your punishment.”

“You were truly the strongest demon to ever live. Even more...a demon with such a compassionate heart. You may have had your faults, but even through those faults. That grief you endured, you never gave up...” he gently speaks.

His smile soon turning to that of sorrow. Remembering how he fails so long ago. His one chance to bring her home. That one chance to make things right, and in the heat of the moment, he fails. That day haunting him as bad as the night they parted ever so long ago. The god hanging his head low, his fists shaking in frustration. No matter how much he may wish to change the past, he cannot do so. Right now, the deity feeling lost, and without the guidance of his old friend, he continues to wander.

“Right now, I don’t know what to do...Hades, he is trying to tear down the peace you worked so very hard to attain. Some god I am would have fought him head on. I can really use some advice now...”

The god looking towards Lævateinn, hearing the crying of the weapon. Valor knowing the weapon’s grief, but he also knows the weapon wishing for his own well being, for him to move on. Lævateinn knowing Cyra well enough, and as such, it will continue to look over Valor, helping him in any way it can.

"Sigh, look at your weapon now. You’d probably kill me for letting it rust. Just give me some time to polish it up...” a faint smile coming to his face.

The weapon calming with those words. A good polishing is of necessity, and certainly it might help ease Valor’s mind a bit. For years the weapon grieves, but it knows when to let go. Unlike Valor who continues to hold on. Perhaps this hope the weapon can learn from the god.

—Heavenly Realm—


From end to end, statues of the gods stretching across the room. The windows wide open, letting in the warm sunlight. The gentle breeze doing little good to alleviate the worries within. Odin sitting upon his throne, his eyes clearly expressing stress within them. The Godfather slowly inhaling and exhaling, trying to gather his nerves.

“Lord Odin, it’s Hades again. We cannot keep holding him back. We need a deciding factor,” Ares positioning his arms in a thinking posture.

Odin thinking deeply for a solution. If there is any that can turn the tide of this war, then there is one. As it stands now, Valor is incapable of performance, so there needs to be another that might be able to withstand the Dark Lord.

“You’re right...we need ‘her,’ she will be our best chance to turn this war around,” trouble expressing from Odin’s tone.

Freya’s eyes slightly widening. Knowing all too well of who Odin is implying. Such causing disgust within the goddess. Wondering how Odin can fall so low, how he can go so far as to defile her soul. After all she has done to give them this chance.

“You don’t mean, Cyra? Isn’t this a bit too cruel Lord Odin?” Freya questions.

Freya slightly looking away. Despite Cyra being an abomination, she cannot bring herself to feel animosity towards the maiden. In the short time they have known each other, it has been a rather pleasant experience. Even more so than this, the goddess knowing the level of the bond Valor shares with Cyra.

“I agree, she had fought to give us this future. Even more, Valor will be very enraged if we bring her into another war,” uneasiness coming over Chronos as he folds his arms.

Odin thinking for a moment. Knowing well that awakening her serves multiple risks, these are chances he will have to take. Even if it means turning against a truce ever so long ago. Given the current situation at hand, it is appearing to be the better decision to make.

“Desperate times calls for desperate measures. We must awaken her,” Odin confidently looking on.

Hearing of such, Freya feeling even more disgust. In times of war, indeed support is of necessity, but going so far, she can only wonder if there is any line Odin will not cross. Artemis positioning her arms in a thinking posture. While the awakening of Cyra covers one issue, there is no doubt the other one to deal with.

“And what of Ultima?” Artemis questions.

Odin positioning his hand upon his chin, thinking deeply on a solution. Indeed removing Cyra will come with some complications. Releasing Ultima in this madness will no doubt mean the end of days once again. Finding a solution to remove her, while keeping Ultima in a state of slumber, it might be possible.

“I might be able to remove her from there without awakening Ultima, though we would need to lock her memories,” Odin explains.

To put a lock on her memories to keep the beast sealed. It is horrible Freya thinks. This will no doubt make her no more than a weapon. The goddess looking at Odin, seeing what The Godfather wishes for. To have a soldier that will not question his commands.

“Lock her memories? How will that work?” Ares questions in some interest.

“Her memories are keeping it dormant in an endless dream state. So long as she has it, the dream will continue. I was thinking we bind her memories to Ultima. That way only that beast will remain there,” Odin explains.

This solves one issue. After all, if her memories resides with Ultima, then this no doubt will keep the dream state going, and ultimately free her from that prison. Still, this resolves one problem, and there is still another which requires an answer.

“Though, with her memories gone, what about her battle abilities? Will they not go as well?” Freya looking towards Odin, trying to calm her nerves.

Odin glancing to Freya, knowing well that his actions are hard for her to follow. While he himself have some regret in this, there are boundaries in which he must defile. Even so, he will expect her to try and understand the vision he holds.

“No, her memories may be locked, but she should have formed neurological pathways. In short, she should be able to call upon her power, even without her memories,” Odin explaining.

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