Selene Hant And The Outcast

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13 year old Selene Hant is outcasted because of her parentage. Can her mother finally give in and care for her? Or will she leave her to fend for?

Fantasy / Action
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How it all begun

Hi my name is Selene Hant and this is how my life turned upside down.
I used to live in Manhattan with my dad, step-mum and step-brothers Mike, Luke and Alex. We had a 4 bedroom house with a decent kitchen and living room. But the downside is there was only one working bathroom. And having to share it with 5 other people is hard.
I liked it better when it was just me and my dad. Life was easier but he then had to go get married to Lacy and give me 3 step-brothers and a step-mum.
I never knew my mum but I asked as many questions as I could about her. Though there was no point. Every time I tried he would just say, “You don’t need to know anything about her except that she left you on my doorstep after you were born. With a letter saying that you were a mistake and that she never wanted to see me again.” It broke my heart every time he said that. My own mum thought I was mistake and that she never wanted to see my dad again. I could tell that hurt him as well even though he is married to Lacy.

Right that’s enough about my family. It’s time for you to find out about how and why my life turned upside down. And it all started at The Light and Dark Academy for Troubled Kids.

Me and my class was going on a school trip to the Empire State Building. Even though I lived in Manhattan I never got to see it. I was considered a trouble maker and whenever I go anywhere near there the guards start to get all offensive. This time they couldn’t stop me. But I still got warning looks. Saying that if I misbehaved I would be back in the police station. Yes, I’ve been in a police station and yes I have been in there multiple times. But that’s not the point. The point is the guards on patrol are called Max Mangled and Lily Long. They both hate me. You might say hate is a strong word but it isn’t strong enough. When me and the rest of the class were inside the lobby I started feeling sick and the person standing next to me (my best friend) could tell I wasn’t well. “Hey Selene are you okay?”

“No- yes I’m- no- I don’t know. All of a sudden I just feel queasy.”

“Maybe it was the nasty look those guards gave you. If that was me I would be pooping my pants.”

“Of course you would be Hazel,” and at that we both started giggling. But we should of known better to start giggling when we weren’t anywhere near the tattletale, Mary. Everyone hated her she was the worst tattletale ever. Whenever someone is talking she’ll tell, someone isn’t paying attention she’ll tell. She’s a nightmare. And the worst part about today, me and Hazel are partnered up with Mary and one of her sheep, Lottie. I could tell this was going to be a bad day already. The Empire State was very impressive. It is 102 stories high and is one of the tallest buildings in the world. OuR tour guide, Liz Henx, took us to the elevator and pressed the top button. The elevator squeaked and bumpily made its way upward. I hated heights. I wasn’t scared of spiders or rats. I’m only scared of heights. As we ascended my hand wondered towards (who I thought was Hazel) Austin Peblin’s hand. The popular kid in my year. Also, my crush. As I brushed my hand against his I felt him grip it and hold it steadily. I turned towards ‘Hazel’ and was face to face with Austin. Our noses almost touching I turned away and yanked my hand back. As much as I liked him I could never be caught holding hands with him or our noses almost touching. And it’s not just Mary and Lottie I would have to worry about. There was Mike. Mike was the same age as me and he was almost as bad at being a tattletale than Mary. And having Mike live with me only complicates things. My dad loves Mike. Probably even more than he loves me. So let’s just say I’ve got to play it safe. I then turned towards the real Hazel and I could tell she was holding back a smile. She saw. She saw me holding hands with Austin. Austin ,the most popular kid in school, was holding hands with me and didn’t pull away when we held hands. He didn’t pull away! I felt like screaming. My head was exploding with joy. But then the celebration inside my head soon died down into terror. The elevator creaked and stopped. In the middle of the last 2 floors. I went into full panic mode I fell to the floor and started having flashbacks. I was standing on the roof and was about to jump when a voice in my head screamed no. It wasn’t my voice but it sounded familiar like it was calling me home. I didn’t care. Whoever voice that belonged to, they were to late. I was going to jump and no one was going to stop me. I was hurting to much. I had already tried running away but it didn’t help the pain. I needed to leave this place. This planet. If there was a heaven or hell I would be in one of them if you needed me. I did it. Blood pounded in my ears. My head rushed as I toppled off the building. The ground coming at me faster and faster. I hoped it would be the end. How wrong I was. When I was out of the flashback my dad, Step-mum and Hazel Aust- wait a minute. Why was Austin here here with my family; also why does he look concerned! I tried to calm down but I started panicking. I looked around I wasn’t in the Empire State Building anymore but wherever I was they should paint the walls to a nice warm white instead of the sick-green walls. I then realised where I was. I was back in the hospital. This was the last place I wanted to be. The last time I was here I had just had an operation that ‘saved my life’. I mean it did but it also made me angry and depressed again. Which is what they’re not supposed to do. I tried to sit up but my head throbbed painfully. Austin put his hand in my head and gently pushed my back down. “Help me up,” I croaked. Hazel and Austin grabbed an arm each and pulled me up. “Thanks.” My voice was soar from talking already but my head exploded from questions I couldn’t help myself. “What happened?”

“When the elevator stopped you blacked out and started shaking violently. I tried to calm you like I usually do but it didn’t work this time. Luckily we got out of there fairly quickly because know one knew what to do.” As Hazel rambled on I remembered the warm feeling I had in my left hand. “When we finally got out of there me, you and Austin went in an ambulance helicopter. They needed me to come along as to I was the only keeping you from going into a full on body shut down. Austin came because he wouldn’t let go of your hand and you wouldn’t let go either.” As she said that last sentence me and Austin turned bright red. Looks like I didn’t need to worry about Mary, Lottie or Mike. I had Hazel to spread all my secrets especially in front of my family. As much as I loved her she was not good at keeping secrets. My dad went to hold my hand but I pulled away. I was angry. The only reason I had that blackout was because of him. No not his fault. Lucy’s fault. She had to marry my dad. Almost making me take my life. I’ll never forgive her. “Thank you Hazel.” I said, “And Austin, thank you.” they nodded in appreciation. “Well this is awkward.” said my dad. “Wow I didn’t realise,” just then a phone rang. My dad answered it. I only caught fragments of his conversation. But one thing that he said almost made me fall off the bed - Austin caught me. “Artemis? What do you want?” Artemis? Who’s Artemis? “Now you care about her! After all this time you calling about her!” Wait a minute. Is he on the phone to my mum! “Okay, okay. She is awake now and sat up and talking.” Why is she calling about me? She hasn’t before. As my dad came closer and closer to me, my heart raced I was scared but excited. I was mad but happy. He handed me the phone. My hands shook. “Hello?” I whispered.

“Selene? Is that you?” said a voice. It was familiar but I don’t know how. “Yes it is. Who are you?” I carried on. “I’m Artemis.” She paused. “Your mum.” my heart skipped a beat; it really was her. “Are you ok? Are you hurt? Where are you?”

“I’m okay and no I’m not hurt and I am at the hospital at the moment.” Why does she care anyway.

“Okay I’m on my way.” As I tried to answer to tell her that she doesn’t have to I heard the click of the call ending. My mum was coming to see me. I was so happy. My dad gave me a concerning look. “Well, what did she say?”

“She said that she’s coming here,” I whispered. There was an another moments silence. “ I have a question. Who’s coming?”

“My mum, Hazel. She’s coming here and seeing me for the first time.” Hazel jumped onto my bed and tried to kill me by strangling me in the tightest hug she could do. “Selene?”
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